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The Post-it on your Forehead Game

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My students love this game; i always use it as a stadby if things are lagging, or if we finish the lesson early.

You need a stack of small post-it notes. On each one (one for each student), write the name of a famous person or character. Get the students to sit in small groups (for a shorter game) or one big circle (for a longer and funnier game). Then go round and stick a post-it note to everyone's forehead. When they have finished laughing at the names on everyone else's heads, and the fact that their calssmates all now look silly, they have to guess the name on their own note using a 20 Questions format (yes/no questions, a yes answer gets you another question, a no answer means the next person starts asking).

Use a variety of names: Disney characters, famous politicians, movie & pop stars, international sports gods (i.e. Beckahm, Ronaldo) and religious figures are all good.
Hope yoru students enjoy it.

Si Brandon
Cheongju, Korea

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