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Words Used in cooking

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Bake - To cook in an oven.
Barbecue - To cook on a grill over a charcoal or seasoned wood fire usually with a tomato based sauce. Customarily outside.
Beat - Combine vigorously with the intent to force air into the mixture.
Blanch - Cook or dip quickly into very hot water to remove external material.
Blend - Mix together gently until the consistency is the same throughout.
Boil - Cook in hot water.
Braise - Cook over an open flame with the flame touching the food.
Bread - To dip or roll food in a liquid and then breadcrumbs until covered.
Brew - Verb used to describe the process of making a potable flavored mixture. (tea, beer)
Broil - To cook with the heat source above the food.
Brown- Cook only until there is a light brown color.
Chop - Cut into small pieces.
Combine - Mix together. (Usually used with dry ingredients)
Cube or dice - Cut into small squares.
Cut in - Mix together gently with the edge of the mixing tool.
Deep-fry - With enough oil to cover the food.
Fold in - Mix together gently with the flat of the mixing tool.
Form - Mold into a certain shape.
Fry - Cook in hot oil.
Grate - To use a grater to shred food. (Usually vegetables or cheese)
Knead - Work dough with the hands, constantly folding.
Marinade - The liquid used to marinate. Q.v.
Marinate - Soak (especially meat) in a spiced liquid. Usually but not always overnight.
Mince - Chop into small pieces. Smaller than cubed. Q.v.
Pan fry - With just enough oil to keep the food from sticking.
Pare - To remove the peel.
Pureé - Reduce to a watery consistency.
Roast - Cook in a covered pot either on the stove or in the oven.
Sauté - Cook in a small amount of oil until browned.
Scald - To pour hot water over something or dip it in the water.
Sear - To drop food (usually meat) in a very hot pan to seal in juices.
Separate (eggs) - Remove the egg yolk from the albumen.
Simmer - Cook over a low flame.
Steep - To let sit in hot water. (For example tea)
Stew - A very thick soup with a flour base.
Toast - Lightly brown.
Toss - To gently mix a salad.
Whip - Beat rapidly to force air into a mixture.
Whip up (something) - Informal term for preparing a quick meal.

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