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      Here is what happened on Sunday - March 1st...
      It is day 60 of the year 2015, and there are 305 days left...

      Famous People Born On This Day In History...

      1810,Frederic Chopin, composer.
      1848,Augustus Saint-Gaudens, US sculptor, designed 1907 $20 gold piece.
      1917,Dinah Shore, chef, talk show hostess.
      1917,Robert Lowell
      1927,Harry Belafonte
      1944,Roger Daltry, lead singer for The Who?
      1954,Ron Howard, actor, director, producer.

      Events On This Day In History...

      1781,The Articles of Confederation adopted by Continental Congress.
      1784,E. Kidner opens the first cooking school, in Great Britain.
      1859,Present seal of San Francisco is adopted, 2nd for the city.
      1864,Patent issued for taking & projecting motion pictures to Louis Ducos du Hauron (he never did build such a machine, though).
      1867,Nebraska becomes a state.
      1879,Library of Hawaii founded.
      1927,Bank of Italy becomes a National Bank.

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