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"Dave's ESL Cafe is probably the most famous Web-site in the world for people learning English"
The British Council, Hong Kong
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"Dave's ESL Cafe is one of the most popular ESL sites (possibly the most popular ESL site) on the World Wide Web. Its creator, Dave Sperling, is an outstanding example of an ESL professional who is using the Web in imaginative ways to enhance English language instruction for teachers and students."
Christine Meloni, Georgetown University
Wandering the Web, TESOL Matters

"Your site has one of the best designs that I have run across. It is easy to use for those of us that only have a basic knowledge of computers. It also helps to reunite old friends in this growing field that we have chosen. Hey, if I were a critic I'd give you and your site 'two thumbs up'."
W. Terry Alred
Dragon English Language School
Chaiyi, Taiwan

"Just got word from an English teacher recruiter/placement agency whom I'd given your site address to. He posted an ad a week ago and told me he'd gotten between 60 and 70 responses. Much better response than he'd gotten for a paid ad in the TESOL Placement Bulletin. Your site is trafficked! You're sitting on an assett of significant proportions."
Ron Forseth

"Let me say how much I appreciate your ESL Cafe--a truly unique and excellent service to the international TESL community. Your web site has been a frequent source of valuable information for my colleagues and me."
Michael J. Kealey
Visiting Assistant Professor
Andong National University, Korea

"Just a word of thanks for your comprehensive ESL pages. Very kind of you...and extremely helpful. I'm in the process of applying for ESL jobs and can't imagine what I would do without your ESL Cafe."
Mervyn A. Coetzee
University of Cape Town
South Africa

"Just sending a huge thank you and enormous admiration for having created such a useful and fun site! I'm continually amazed at how complete and exciting this site is for ESL professionals and their students alike. Keep up the great work!"
Aimee Stewart
Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Campus Morelos, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

"I was already indebted to you for making it possible for me to connect with fascinating people on three continents. But now through you I have a road map to a new city. This magical Cafe in conception and actuality is something else! You've created links for me in every direction. This is the best of what the new technology can offer the individual."
Ainslie Baldwin
San Antonio, Texas

"What I like most about your work is that you are able to pass feeling and your human touch through technology. It's not anything cold like a machine. It's a real lively person in a virtual world!"
Lucimara Mello

"Can't praise you enough for your wonderful web page. I'm teaching in Korea and you are like a life line to me keeping me in contact about what is going on in the wider world of teaching."
Elizabeth Miller

"I received over 150 responces in less than four days. In fact the response was a little overwhelming due to the fact that I had not realized the impact that you have had in the teaching community. "
George Martinez

"I tell all my friends teaching English here in Taipei about Dave's ESL Cafe. Now they've all rushed to get themselves a computer now. Guess PC companies owe you many times!"
Taipei, Taiwan

"I like your site soo much that I haven't slept much in the past couple of nights since I've discovered it!"
Michele Thibeau & Nelson Crepeault

"Wow! You are a god! I stumbled upon your ESL Cafe website by chance or perhaps by fate and I was amazed. This is by far one of the most gratifying experiences I have had with any teaching site on the entire web."
Dean Fusto
Northfield Mount Hermon School, USA

"I must tell you that it is one of the most attractive sites I have seen. Congratulations to everyone involved. Well Done!!"
James J. Asher
Originator of the Total Physical Response, known worldwide as TPR.

"Your site is spectacular!"

"Don't know how you get all the info but must say your site is the best I've met."
Nick Todd
British Council Malaysia

"Your site has been a tremendous resource for me and my teaching team. I have been giving your URL to my teachers and students."
Mike Gimbel
Havertown, Pennsylvania

I admire you for understanding how the users' mind works and building the web site accordingly."
Sandra Gunn

"Wow, Dave. That's amazing!!! Congratulations from Brazil."
Valdir Marques & Vera Edington

"You've got the best damned site on the web. And yes, that's a period at the end of the preceding sentence. Thanks for helping to bring the world closer in a peaceful way that promotes understanding and mutual respect. And no, I'm not selling anything."
Seth Davidson

"Dave, you have something unique here. Your site provides a creative and new wrinkle for ESL teaching and learning. You could sell it, but I hope you won't! "
Kyle Pennett

"Your ESL Pages are a blessing to us. Thank you!"
Dr. Larry A. Maxwell

"I can't say enough about how great having your cafe is. And to think after scores of visits, the waitress has yet to bring a bill by my table!"
Ron Forseth

"I've been a regular visitor for a couple of weeks. I'm a little worried about myself, though, because I feel as though I'm becoming Cafe-dependent!"
Serena Antalia
Montreal, Canada

"Once again you and your cafe has proven to be a life saver. keep up the outstanding work and the excellent service that you give us all."
W. Terry Alred
Dragon English Language School
Chai-yi, Taiwan

"I am checking your site every day. I have researched the ESL field for the last couple of months, and you cannot imagine how many other sites rate you as one of the best (if not the best) resource for ESL positions. So just in case you sometimes wonder why you do all this work, there are people such as myself who are out there, though silently, and appreciate your work."
Chris Mahoney
Riverside, California

"I used to be an atheist, but already I know that God exists because he showed me the way to your Cafe!"
Jidan Kong
Betti from Hungary

"I am a recruiter and I found your site to be the best ESL site for teachers, employers and recruiters. Thanks for your existence!"
Jidan Kong
Kong International Services, Korea

"Dave's ESL Cafe is very useful site to look for ESL teachers on the World Wide Web. We employed 4 English native speakers through the site."
Ms. Kim Mi-Young
Nova ELS Director, Seoul, Korea

"Thanks for an excellent ESL site - the best on the Internet."
Peter Turner
Washington DC

"I love your cafe. It's an extremely helpful and essential part of an ESL teacher's world."
Karen Hilgeman
Central MO State University, Warrensburg, Missouri

"Hey, I just wanted to thank you for creating and maintaining the most thorough and interactive ESL board on the net. "
Michelle Clampit

"Thumbs UP! Great job, you are an inspriation."
Tom Goetz

"I'm teaching inseparable phrasal verbs next week, and your site is invaluable."
Janine Reed
MATESL student, University of Illinois

"I'd like to tell you how much I appreciate the ESL HELP CENTER. It is without a doubt one of the best things on the net for ESL students and teachers alike. The idea is simply wonderful! It serves to prove that it's not the tools we have that count, but the way we use them. I'd like to thank you so very, very much. It has helped me a lot. Any words I may use to thank you sound void to me, maybe because I don't know the exact words in English or simply because there are no words that can translate exactly how much I appreciate it."
Paulo Marreca

"Just a little note to say thanks for you wonderful cafe. I have just started to study at Melbourne University to learn how to teach English as a Second Language and I have found you cafe informative, accesible and very colourful."
Melbourne, Australia

"Great site you have. I've been recruiting teachers for Japan for 12 years. Your site has brought more response than any other method. Thank you for providing it."
Robert Purcell

"Thank you for the "one and only" site. I used to think I could not live without my Sunday Times. Now I think I could not live without your site. "
S. Barret Dolph
Taipei, Taiwan

"I happened across the ESL cafe by chance a few weeks ago, and on a whim applied for a position that was advertised in Croatia. They've hired me, and I'll be off in about 5 weeks! I wanted to thank you for what you're doing and have passed along info about your website to other teachers I know in different parts of the world. I'm sure I would never have had this opportunity otherwise, so thanks again."
Seattle, WA, USA

"I just found your site today and was really happy! What a great resource! I am an ESL teacher in Qinhuangdao (near Beijing) China. I have been teaching since 1992 and have always found it difficult to find ideas and info on ESL related topics. I will be sure to give out your address to at least a hundred more teachers and friends."
Amy Halterman
Qinhuangdao, China

"I have never met you but I can't live without you!!"

Dave's ESL Cafe is maintained by the one and only Dave Sperling.
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