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Business Buzzwords: Everything You Need to Know to Speak the Lingo of the 90's

2 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Elaine Svensson, Charles B. Wendel; Hardcover; Kanbrain, zero defections, teamnet, empowerment, core competency, reverse engineering. Don't know what they mean? Managers who aren't fluent with '90s jargon may be risking embarrassment or even career self-sabotage. This easy-to-look-up guide provides entries for more than 100 terms, with commentary and examples to explain their meaning and help readers judge their value.

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Business English for the 21st Century

Robert E. Barry, Pat Taylor Ellison; Paperback; Presented in an upbeat, contemporary style, this best-selling text focuses on those aspects of grammar needed to communicate effectively in any business situation. Arranged in 40 lesson- length chapters with worksheets, it focuses on dictionary study, punctuation, and word usage, and features an abundance of lively examples, scenarios, and exercises. The emphasis throughout is on those rules and recommendations that have direct application in the business community today and that no astute businessman or businesswoman can afford to ignore.

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Business English: A Complete Guide to Developing an Effective Business Writing Style

Andrea B. Geffner; Paperback; The newly updated edition of this valuable handbook presents instruction in all the essential English skills needed for effective business communication. Styles for memos, letters, and reports are covered. New sections show how to communicate clearly and effectively via electronic media. Includes exercises and practice correspondence.

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Business Writing at Its Best

Minerva H. Neiditz; Hardcover; With a fresh approach to business and technical writing, Neiditz covers topics normally dealt with separately: style, structure, logical thinking, persuasion, creative thinking, and international and intercultural communication. Provides a myriad of models of excellent memos, letters, proposals, and reports that are perfect for both business and technical writers; over 50 before-and-after examples with explanations of what leads to the improvement; and more.

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Business Writing for Busy People

Philip R. Theibert; Paperback; Covering not just letters but reports, proposals, memos, press releases and more, this book is the natural companion to the bestseller, Business Letters for Busy People. From how to organize everything the reader has to write to avoiding cliches and working with word processing programs, from how to write simple sentences that communicate to polishing the biggest reports, this book shows anyone how to write anything.

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Business Writing: What Works, What Won't

Wilma Davidson; Paperback; In a straightforward style, this book shows how to: stop procrastinating, divide tough writing assignments into manageable parts, organize the message, choose a layout that enhances readability and how to write with confidence, power and clarity. Size C. 24 line illustations/charts throughout.

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The Ama Style Guide for Business Writing

1 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

American Management Association; Hardcover; Encompassing all aspects of style, from the basic (such as punctuation) to the complex (such as how to format procedures manuals), this comprehensive resource will help businesspeople communicate with clarity and precision. Arranged aphabetically and copiously cross-referenced, the Guide provides guidelines on the full range of business communications.

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