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Verb Tense Review
by Dennis Oliver

American Language and Culture Program, Arizona State University

Special Instructions:
After choosing the most logical verb tenses for *all* the sentences below, press the 'submit' button, and your answers will be automatically checked in seconds. Have fun while you learn!
1. Next August, Bob and Sue _______ for 10 years.
are married
have been married
will have been married
will marry

2. Listen! _______
Does the phone ring?
Is the phone ringing?
Has the phone been ringing?
Was the phone ringing?

3. No, I _______ that movie yet.
don't see
hadn't seen
am not seeing
haven't seen

4. He _______ to Chicago just a few months ago.
has moved
had moved
would move

5. Thanks a lot, but you _______ me a birthday present!
didn't have to give
hadn't given
must not have given
couldn't give

6. I wish I could help you, but I _______ his phone number.
didn't know
haven't known
couldn't know
don't know

7. When your plane _______ , please call me.
will arrive
will have arrived

8. _______ in the hospital since last Thursday.
He was
He's been
He'd been

9. No, _______ a good time at this party. Let's leave!
I'm not having
I don't have
I won't be having
I didn't have

10. What's wrong with Tony? _______ very stressed and nervous lately.
He's being
He'll have been
He must've been
He's been

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