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Dave Sperling Presents The....

Simple Past and Past Progressive 1, by Dennis Oliver

American Language and Culture Program, Arizona State University

Special Instructions:
After answering *all* the questions, press the 'submit' button, and your answers will be automatically checked in seconds. Have fun while you learn!
1. When I saw Dave, he __________.
is working
was working

2. You had a good time at the party, __________ you?

3. __________ when the telephone rang?
Were you sleeping
Did you sleep
Were sleeping

4. Dave, when __________ the ESL Cafe on the Web?
were you begin
did you begin

5. You __________ me, did you?
weren't understanding
didn't understand

6. When __________ yesterday morning?
you got up
did you get up
were you getting up

7. While I __________ to work, I saw an accident.
was driving
did drive

8. __________ well on this quiz?
Did you
Were you
Did you do

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