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"If" Sentences Quiz 1 by Dennis Oliver

American Language and Culture Program, Arizona State University

Special Instructions:
Read each situation and then complete the sentence about it. After completing *all* the sentences, press the 'submit' button, and your answers will be automatically checked in seconds. Have fun while you learn!
1. Situation: Kathy wants to go to the movies but doesn't have any money.

"If" sentence: If Kathy _____ some money, she would go to the movies.
were have
would have

2. Situation: Joe is sleepy and would like to take a nap, but he can't because he's in an important meeting.

"If" sentence: If Joe _____ in an important meeting, he would go home and take a nap.

3. Situation: Chuck isn't stupid, but he failed his midterm exam. Why? -- He didn't study for it.

"If" sentence: If Chuck _____ , he probably wouldn't have failed his midterm exam.
had studied
weren't stupid
might have studied

4. Situation: Jan wanted to go to Jim's party but she wasn't able to because she had to work.

"If" sentence: If Jan _____ to work, she would've gone to Jim's party.
didn't have
hadn't had

5. Situation: I'll try to give your message to Ted, but I'm not sure whether I'll see him or not.

"If" sentence: If I _____ Ted, I'll give him your message.
will see

6. Situation: I want to work outside today, but that won't be possible because it's raining.

"If" sentence: If it _____ raining, I'd work outside today.
hadn't been

7. Situation: Rex had to miss work today. Why? -- His wife and children were all sick with the flu.

"If" sentence: Rex _____ miss work today if his wife and children hadn't all been sick with the flu.
didn't have
wouldn't have had to
hadn't had to

8. Situation: I finished my work, but only because you helped me.

"If" sentence: I _____ my work if you hadn't helped me.
couldn't have finished
wasn't able to finish
hadn't been able to finish

9. Situation: It's possible for you to do this quiz because you have a computer and modem.

"If" sentence: It _____ possible for you to do this quiz if you didn't have a computer and modem.
hadn't been
wouldn't be

10. Situation: It wasn't possible to find this quiz on the WWW in 1994. It didn't exist at that time.

"If" sentence: It _____ to find this quiz on the WWW in 1994.
would've been impossible
wouldn't be possible
had been impossible

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