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Vocabulary Quiz 3 by Dennis Oliver

American Language and Culture Program, Arizona State University

Special Instructions:
After answering *all* the questions, press the 'submit' button, and your answers will be automatically checked in seconds. Have fun while you learn!
1. "I'm beat!" means that I feel very _______.

2. "I'll be in touch" means that I'll _______ later.
contact you
meet you
visit you

3. "Uh-huh" is a very informal way of saying _______.
I don't know

4. If someone answers a question by saying, "Beats me," he/she means that _______.
he/she thinks the question is stupid
he/she doesn't understand you
he/she doesn't know the answer

5. People say, "Chin up!" when they want to _______ someone.

6. When someone says, "I see where you're coming from," his/her meaning is _______
"I know where you live."
"I understand your thinking/reasons."
"I can guess your nationality."

7. If you give your opinion on something and hear the response "Well, to each his own," the person you are speaking to _______.
doesn't agree, but is too polite to say so
thinks your idea is creative and original
wants you to explain in more detail

8. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" means that you _______ something that's given to you.
shouldn't appear too eager to accept
should be very suspicious of
shouldn't be too critical of

9. If someone "has a short fuse," he or she _______.
is easy to upset and make angry
can't concentrate for a very long period of time
never has a strong opinion about anything

10. If someone says he/she has had "one of those days," he/she means that the day has been _______.
so normal that it was boring
busy, unpredictable, and frustrating
full of unexpected (but pleasant) surprises

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