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Dennis Oliver's Phrasal Verbs: W


wait on (1. inseparable): serve (usually customers in a restaurant, shop, etc.)

"I want to make a complaint. The person who just waited on me was very impolite."

wait for (inseparable): wait until someone / something arrives or is finished with something else.

"When will Kenny be finished with work? I've been waiting for him for almost an hour!"

"I'm tired of waiting for the bus. I guess I'll take a taxi instead."

wake up (1. no object): stop sleeping.

"I usually wake up around 5:00 AM each day."

wake up (2. separable): rouse someone; cause someone to stop sleeping.

"I have an important meeting tomorrow and I'm afraid I won't hear my alarm. Will you wake me up at 6:00 AM?"

watch out for (inseparable): be careful of; beware of.

"There's a school at the end of this block. Watch out for children crossing the street."

"If you take that road, watch out for ice during the winter."

wear out (1. separable): wear something / use something until it can no longer be worn / be used.

"I need a new pencil sharpener. I wore this one out."

"I suppose I should get some new shoes. I've almost worn this pair out."

wear out (2. separable): cause to become exhausted; cause to become very tired.

"I had four different meetings today. They wore me out."

"I suppose I should get some new shoes. I've almost worn this pair out."

work out (1. no object): exercise (usually in a gym, etc.) to build muscles, body tone, etc.

"Instead of eating lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Sheila goes to the recreation center to work out."

work out (2. separable): solve a problem / resolve a difficult situation (usually by working together).

"I know we disagree on many points, but I believe we can work things out."

wrap up (1. no object): wear enough clothes to keep warm.

"It's really cold today. Be sure you wrap up when you leave the house."

wrap up (2. separable): finish something; bring something to a conclusion.

"We've been talking about the problem for nearly three hours.
I hope we'll be able to wrap the discussion up soon."

write down (separable): record something in writing.

"Could you tell me your e-mail address again? I want to write it down."

write up (separable): record; report in writing.

"You'll need to make a report on your business meetings. Be sure you write them up as soon as possible after you return from your trip."


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