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Dennis Oliver's Phrasal Verbs: M


make fun of (inseparable): make jokes about (usually unkindly).

"I agree that Bob looks ridiculous since he shaved his head, but don't make fun of him. You'll hurt his feelings."

make up (1. separable): invent / create (imaginary) information.

"Judy's story is hard to believe. I'm sure she made it up."

make up (2. separable): compensate for something missed or not done by doing extra or equivalent work.

"I'm sorry I missed the test. May I make it up?"

make up (with) (3. inseparable): re-establish a friendly relationship by admitting guilt.

"Jack and his girlfriend were very angry with each other, but last night they finally made up."

"Jack and his girlfriend were very angry with each other, but last night they finally made up with each other."

make out (separable): see / hear something well enough to understand what it means. (Note: often negative.)

"Ruth's writing is very small. I almost need a magnify glass to make it out."

"What were the last two examples that he gave? I couldn't make them out."

make for (1. inseparable): go to or toward.

"Her teen-aged children are always hungry. As soon as they arrive home from school, they make for the refrigerator."

make for (2. inseparable): result in; cause.

"Many hands make for light work. (If many people work together, there's less work for everyone.)"

mark up (separable): increase the price (for resale).

"Mrs. White's import shop is profitable because she buys things inexpensively and then marks them up."

mark down (separable): reduce the price (as an incentive to buy).

"These shoes were really a bargain! The store marked them down by 40%!"

mix up (separable): cause to become confused.

"I didn't complete the assignment because I didn't know how. The directions mixed me up."


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