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The phrasal Verb Page

by Dennis Oliver

a complete list of all phrasal verbs
currently in the collection

act up
act like
add up (2)
add up to
ask out

back down
back off
back up (4)
beg off
blow up (3)
bone up on
break down (2)
break in(to) (3)
break up (2)
bring (take) back
bring off
bring up (2)
brush up on
build up
burn down
burn up (2)
butt in
butter up

call off
call on
calm down
(not) care for
care for
catch on
catch up (with)
check in(to)
check off
check out (of)
check out
cheer up
chew out
chicken out
chip in
clam up
come across
come down with
come to (2)
count on
crack down (on)
cross out
cut back (on)

do in
do over
drag on
draw up
drop off
drop in (on)
drop by
drop out (of)
draw out

eat out
egg on
end up (2)

face up to
fall through
feel up to
figure out
fill in (2)
fill in for
fill out (2)
find out (about)

get across
get along (with)
get around (2)
get around to
get by
get in (2)
get on
get off (3)
get out of (2)
get over (2)
get rid of
get up
give up (2)
go out with
go with (2)
goof off
grow up

hand in
hand out
hang up
have to do with
hold up (3)

iron out

jack up (2)
jump all over

keep on (2)
kick out
knock out
knock oneself out

lay off
leave out
let down
let up
look back on
look down on
look forward to
look in on
look into
look like
look over
look up (2)
look up to
luck out

make fun of
make up (2)
make up (with)
make out
make for (2)
mark up
mark down
mix up

nod off

pan out
pass away
pass out (2)
pick out
pick up (4)
pick on
pitch in
pull off
pull over
put away
put off
put on (2)
put out
put up (2)
put up with
put back

rip off
round off
run into
run out of

set up
set back (2)
slip up
stand out
stand up (2)
show up (2)
stand for (2)

take after
take / bring back
take care of (2)
take off (3)
take up
tell someone off
tick off (2)
throw away
throw out (2)
throw up
try on
try out
tr out (for)
turn around (3)
turn in (3)
turn down (2)
turn off (2)
turn on (2)
turn up (2)

wait on (2)
wake up (2)
watch out for
wear out
work out (2)
wrap up (3)
write up
write down

zonk out