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Posted By: Princeton English Academy <[email protected]>
Date: Wednesday, 29 January 2020, at 1:31 p.m.


A boutique, family-run English hagwon (private after-school academy) in Ulsan is currently seeking applicants for two full-time foreign teacher positions starting in March.
It's a one-year contract, with benefits detailed below.

This position begins SOON, so please have your paperwork already in order, or nearly so.

PRINCETON ENGLISH SCHOOL teaches small classes of students ages 8-16, and is somewhat alternative in its educational approach, which is not just limited to course books and exam scores.

Princeton's foreign employees teach a lot of debate and encourage students to cultivate their own opinions and express them in English. With the younger students, teachers are encouraged to use a wide variety of different approaches to learning, and to make the school a place where students can break out of more traditional education frameworks and be creative and expressive.

Princeton offers bright students, supportive colleagues and a good set of textbooks and course materials, with lots of room for a talented teacher to expand on them and tailor the class according to their personal style, with plenty of support from the directors and staff. They can be relied upon to be understanding and offer useful feedback as your teaching style evolves.

Because it requires teacher creativity and initiative, this is a position for someone who is passionate about education, and isn't just in it to pay the bills. But this school is a really positive, rewarding environment for the right sort of person, because it's a place where education, not business, is the bottom line.

If you are interested, please email your resume and cover letter to Director Leo Kim at [email protected]

1. Annual contract (can be renewed)
2. Salary: 2.1-2.2 million KRW monthly, depending on qualifications and experience (flexible)
3. 1 month's severance pay at the end of one-year contract
4. Paid holidays (10 days per year), plus national holidays (14-15 per year)
5. Shared medical insurance (50%)
6. Visa sponsorship
7. Free accommodation: spacious, furnished studio apartment, easy access to school and to central downtown area
8. One way trip airfare paid by employer

Leo Kim (Director)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 82-010-2583-0579 (Director's Number)

* SCHOOL TYPE: Private English Academy
* SCHOOL NAME: Princeton English School
* POSITION : Full-time English Instructor
* START DATE: March 2nd, 2020

Ulsan, South Korea (about 45 minutes from Busan by bus or car, less than 20 minutes by KTX. For more information about Ulsan, visit
Princeton English Academy has two locations in booming areas of the city. Ulsan is a great place for city life but without the hassle and expense of Seoul. It also has a tight knit community of expats who are supportive and looking to make the most of their Korean experience. Korean transportation is incredibly easy to use, so weekend getaways / vacation trips are easy to arrange; the KTX (high speed train) is right outside the city, and cheap bus tickets can take you to most cities in the area. Whether you are a nature loving hiker or just looking to make some good friends, Ulsan has something for you.

* STUDENTS: there are generally 5-10 students per class, ages 8-16
* DUTIES: 35 hours per week of teaching English to elementary and middle school-age students, and developing curriculum and supplemental course materials.
* HOURS: 2:00-9:00pm, Monday through Friday. Classes are 40 minutes long, with a maximum of 9 classes per day. You have a 5-minute break between classes.

Co-director Leo Kim, B.A. Business Administration, M.A. Applied Linguistics, Adelaide University, Australia
Co-director Jinny Kim, M.B.A. Ulsan University, Korea

-Bachelors degree and strong writing skills required; additional degrees, TESOL certification, and education experience preferred.
-Debate skills/experience desirable.
-Enthusiasm, patience, energy and compassion a must. :)

Kate Croft from New York,
My name is Kate Croft, and I'm proud to be a teacher at Princeton.
I feel that Princeton offers a unique learning environment because we believe in teaching creativity and independent thinking as well as English. Whether debating, discussing world issues, or learning the building blocks of the English language, I have two jobs in the classroom: to teach our students fluency and confidence in a foreign language, and to encourage them to cultivate and share their own ideas and opinions. Our school embraces a range of teaching strategies to engage kids on every level - intellectually, socially, and creatively.

An education at Princeton isn't just about English vocabulary and grammar - it's also about culture, creativity, and growing up. I feel so lucky to have the support of our passionate, open-minded directors to give my students the opportunity to express themselves - and the fluency and confidence to do it.
Leo and Jinny are without doubt the best employers I will ever have in my life. Their understanding and support extends far beyond the classroom - they are communicative, trustworthy and helpful on every level, and have made life in Ulsan fulfilling and virtually problem-free. I feel privileged to be employed by such skilled teachers and generous, reliable people.

Ulsan may not have the biggest segment in the guidebook, but it's a gem of a city and it's growing every day. There's lots to see and do, plenty of interesting cultural events, and a close-knit foreigner community here that you can become a part of (check out Ulsan Online for more information). It's also very close to destinations like Busan and Gyeong-ju, as well as a number of nice beaches, and a travel hub with easy access to many parts of Korea.

I highly recommend Princeton to any teaching applicant with a heart for kids and a passion for education.

* Sam Burnett from Canada :
To whom it may concern,
I can highly recommend Princeton to any applicant because they are an excellent teaching oriented school who allow for creativity, independence and fosters teamwork in a friendly environment.

The owners of the school, Jinny and Leo, are two teachers who became academy owners. This sets them apart because Princeton is a business that focuses on teaching and on the students. The bottom line is not measured in dollars and cents but in the kind of education and experience that they can offer to students. As an employee I felt that the two of them genuinely cared about how children are taught and it was obvious to me that this was a learner focused environment. I have seen Leo often working late to ensure that the information he gives the students (in preparation for debates, essays, speeches) is as helpful and as accessible as possible.

As a new teacher I was unsure of what the expectation in the classroom would be. Leo helped me to develop my own style that let me interact with the students on my own terms. This included having the freedom to plan my own lessons, bringing in outside material and suggestions, and to work through coursework in a manner that was comfortable and fun.

When Leo made suggestions for the classroom they were specific and detailed. I never felt like I was been given vague directions. He is very clear and encouraging when he offers guidance for the classroom. Leo also showed me how to become a better teacher by helping me in developing goals and strategies to achieve those goals for myself and for the students. At no time, while I was working at Princeton, did I have the feeling that someone was looking over my shoulder. Leo and Jinny gave me the tools for the classroom and a general outline of their expectations they and then let me develop my own teaching method.

I have enjoyed working at both Princeton campuses. They have intimate office spaces that encourage teachers to talk and work together when it comes to developing classroom curriculums, teaching styles, worksheets etc. I always felt like the people I worked with were my friends because we were cooperating on a daily basis. Jinny and Leo would regularly buy us lunch and encourage us to socialize. It made working at Princeton very easy.

I can say from experience that Princeton is a fun, creative place to work and that it is an intimate workplace with a very human face.

As an addendum for foreigners coming from overseas,
Leo and Jinny have done everything in their ability to make our stay in Korea as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. They are full of suggestions for things to do during time off and are happy to share what they love about Korea. On a personal level they understand what it is to move so far away from home to start a new life (Leo was in Australia for a number of years). They showed us sensitivity and compassion while we worked for them. I got quite sick at one point and Leo was there to take me to the hospital.

Also we had a personal tragedy and they were understanding and supportive in the need for time off to fly home back to Canada. They organized a free Korean class for foreigners in order to help us learn the language as well as meet new people. Throughout our stay, they have treated us well beyond what is typical for an employee/worker relationship. I am confident they will continue to treat their teachers in a similar manner and can sincerely endorse them as having given us a superior professional and personal experience.

Malcolm Skinner from England, Princeton teacher :
Before I came to teach in Korea, I reviewed hundreds of jobs and talked to what seemed like an endless number of schools and recruiters looking to find the best job possible. And eventually I landed upon Princeton with Leo and Jinny.

One of the first things that attracted me to them was their honesty, instead of just saying yes to any question I asked, they were open and frank about what could and could not be provided.

I had read many horror stories of people facing problems in Korea and so was still worried when I boarded the plane.
I can now say after nearly a years teaching at Princeton that its easily one of the best private schools in Ulsan and that me and my partner get treated better than most, if not all, of the other English teachers we have spoken to.

What sets the school apart from the others are the directors, Leo and Jinny. They are constantly bending over backward to make sure we are comfortable and happy, whilst giving us the freedom to try new things in the classroom and be involved in decisions about what and how the children are taught.

This makes the job truly rewarding and entertaining. Many other foreign teachers are constantly referring to their contracts to ensure their schools honour their promises whilst in our case we have never even read our contract since arriving, as Leo and Jinny have always provided much more than we originally discussed and are always rewarding us when we do a good job.

Some of the other perks of the school are the working hours, class sizes and equipment.
The class sizes range from 2-10 and range from early level English to nearly fluent level teenagers and children.

As Princeton is a well renowned school there are several high-level "ace" students.
Having these student means classes can become much more interesting, covering areas such as debate, current affairs, newspapers and recently even a cooking class!
The working hours mean you are free to do what you want with your mornings and lunch times and as Korea is quite a late night environment you still have lots of free time after school for activities, eating out or socialising.

My personal favourite perk is the fact that I no longer have Monday mornings as I sleep right through them!
Leo is the resident technical guru and is always helpful for bouncing new ideas you may have for lessons or teaching.
Whilst working at Princeton any issues we have had have been promptly resolved with a minimum of fuss and there were no problems with pay, flights or accommodation.

Ulsan itself is rewarding place to live, at first we were shocked by the size of the city and its urban feel but you quickly realize that there are lots of good places to go near Ulsan as well as lots of fun attractions within the city. It is great to have the benefits of a major city but the prices of the countryside. Definitely a plus if your aim is to save money in Korea.

Working for Princeton has been a pleasure and I hope to return one day. The rewards are excellent, however they deserve dedication.

If you choose to work at Princeton you will be making a great decision and you should be committed to doing your absolute best.
If you are willing to try hard you will be supported, encouraged and rewarded all the way. Best of luck!

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