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Choice of Specific location (Haeundae, Gangnam, Mokong, Bundang, Incheon), 9:30 to 4:30 pm blocked hours. YBM company owned/fully guaranteed Great benefits-Housing-Most Reliable Korean ESL Employer

Posted By: YBM PINE Head Office <danny@ybmsisa.co.kr>
Date: Wednesday, 22 January 2014, at 11:18 a.m.

About YBM:

YBM is a multi-million dollar corporation in South Korea, generating over $400 million dollars in revenue per year. By choosing to work for the biggest EFL education service provider, you will be working for one of the most reliable and respected companies in S. Korea.

YBM Corporation Guarantees:
- 100% guaranteed contract backed by the YBM Corporation
- NO LATE PAY - all contracts fully comply with Medical insurance, Pension tax, and severance pay.
- Fully developed curriculum, constantly being updated by the R&D team at the head office.
- Teach among other foreign teachers; YBM schools have 4 -30 English teachers per location
- A comprehensive introduction of the teaching position will be provided before you sign the contract
*Contracts are absolutely upheld by the Multi-Million Dollar YBM Corporation, resulting in the most dependable and reliable teaching positions in South Korea.

Bypass recruiters and apply directly to the HR department at YBM!


About the Opportunity:

Numerous positions are available for YBM PINE & YBM ECC Schools.
Visit www.ybmpine.com & www.ybmecc.co.kr for more information.

*Possible Working hours:
-Schedule 1: 9:00am to 4:30pm/5:00pm
-Schedule 2: 9:30am to 6:00pm
-Schedule 3: 10:30am/11am to 7:00pm
*Teaching Kindergarten students or Elementary school students or both
*Competitive Salary of 2.1 to 2.5 million won + housing or housing allowance (400,000 to 450,000 won)
*YBM guarantees that all contracts will comply with:
-Korean Pension tax refund
-Korean National Medical Insurance
-Severance Pay; year-end completion bonus (extra one month salary)


Starting End of February/March 3rd, 2014

*Busan PSA (5 min walk from Centum City Station (Line 2)) This school located inside Shinsegae the biggest shopping mall in South Korea and is situated in the richest district in Busan known as the Centum City. Centum City is famous for its close proximity to Haeundae Beach, which is known as the most popular beach in South Korea is only a short bus ride away. Centum City location has a huge variety of restaurants, shopping, bars, clubs, fitness centers, and everything near the beach just makes the location much more attractive.

*Bundang PSA (1 min walk from Jeongja Station (ShinBundang & Bundang Line)) This institution is situated in one the premium locations in Bundang. It is a great location for those who do not like the hustling city life of Seoul. Just a few steps away from the TanChun River, a person can take a relaxing stroll or a jog down the river. The building is also just steps away from the subway and situated between two subway stops, one leading to the trendy Gangnam location and the other to numerous Bundang locations. This location is perfect for anyone who likes comfort with options.

Gaepo PSA (5 min walk from GuLyong Station (Bundang Line)) Situated in one our company owned campuses (KIS Building), this position provides the convenience of many YBM staff members as well as a park surrounding the campus. There is also a stream that is a walking distance from the school. This position is located in one of the most affluent areas of Korea and just a few subway stops away from Gangnam Station, the Mecca of Korea nightlife.

Apgujeong 1 PSA (10 min walk from Apgujeong Rodeo Drive (Bundang Line) or Apgujeong Station (Line 3)) Located in of the richest districts in Korea, this position is just a few steps away from Dosan Park. This prime location is for applicants who enjoy night life and appetizing food as Rodeo Drive is just a few minutes away by foot. It is also the closest station south of the HanGang River where many people spend their leisure time picnicking, strolling along the paths, exercising, or just simply relaxing.

Yongsan PSA (3 min walk from NoksaPyeong, a station right beside Itaewon Stn. Line 6) Located in one of the most buzzing districts in Seoul, this position is just ONE stop away from Itaewon station, an area known to attract tons of young people day and night. Yongsan is also very close to Hongdae Station, a location boasting a vibrant university style ambience. This location is in Central Seoul allowing convenient travel times to all parts of Seoul.

Seocho LIA (5 min walk from Seoul National University of Education Station, Line 3 or 2) This position is one of the most popular locations we offer. The institution is located a short walking distance or roughly a bus stop away from Gangnam Station. Gangnam includes all the amenities: movies, bars, clubs, cafes, shops, and popular restaurants. There are also a handful of foreigners, so instructors never feel like they are out of place!

Apgujeong GATE (7 min walk from Apgujeong Station (Line 3)) Apgujeong Gate is in the same building as our Apgujeong-2 PSA location in one of the most affluent districts in Seoul. It is also near the Hyundai Shopping Mall where a person can find all the amenities of a mall back home. The position is just a couple of minutes from Garosu Street where there are trendy stores, cafes, and eateries. It is also the closest station south of the HanGang River where many people spend their leisure time picnicking, strolling along the paths, exercising, or just simply relaxing.

Starting End of March 2014

Seoul - Mokdong ECC (4 min walk to Omokgyo Station line 5) Mokdong ECC is located in the affluent Mokdong area of Seoul, often regarded as Korea's premier apartment district. The school is surrounded by many restaurants, cafes, department stores, markets, and outlet stores. This area is known for its popularity, and prime hang out spots among Koreans and foreigners in Western Seoul. Instructors at Mokdong ECC also have easy and quick access to areas such as Hongdae/Sinchon.

Incheon - Songdo ECC (5 min walk to Campus Town Station Incheon) Songdo ECC is located near Campus Town subway station in Incheon. You can escape the congestion of Seoul while still being able to have all its amenities in this newly developed area. Songdo is considered Korea's most High-tech City. Connected to Seoul by subway and bus, instructors at this location love the fact that they are near the water, near Seoul, and in a modern and clean.



- A Native English speaker from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or Ireland.
- Has a Bachelor's Degree or higher from an accredited University
- Eligible to obtain or has obtained a working visa in South Korea

How to apply:

If you are interested in a position, please email over the following documents to the YBM HR Manager - Danny Kim at danny@ybmsisa.co.kr

1. Your updated resume (MS word document or text file)
2. A current photo(s) of yourself
3. Please state specific locations you wish to target (You can select more than 1 location)

Once an applicant has submitted their initial application, applicants will be updated on the next step to discuss the details of the positions with the HR Manager

Applicants who are currently in Korea will be able to visit our school and meet with the staff and manager.

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