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†GEPIK, EPIK Korean Public School Jobs Available --- Private School Jobs Also Available!

Posted By: Korea Immigration Recruiting Service <kirsrecruiting@gmail.com>
Date: Sunday, 22 December 2013, at 9:57 a.m.

KIRS has been selected as the GEPIK recruiting agency for the year 2014.

SEOUL: Korea Immigration Recruiting Service contractspublic school teachers for Seoul and the surrounding Gyeonggi Province for March of 2014. There are also emergency fill positions available throughout the year. These schools contact us with brand new teaching positions.

OUTSIDE SEOUL: There are thousands of GEPIK, EPIK public school positions, and private school positions in the provinces outside Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. Many of these positions offer both higher salaries and lower costs of living. They are an excellent place to save money and enjoy Korean culture.
Do you want to be considered for these positions? Please contact Mr.John Kim (KIRS Application Supervisor) at kirsrecruiting@gmail.com. Make sure you have all of your paperwork ready! (Donít know what that means? Read the rest of this ad!) If you have any questions you may contact Mr. John Kim anytime!

Need more information before you contact us? Read on!

GEPIK Teaching Positions!

What are they?
You will work with the Korean English Teachers as a member of the teaching staff (a government paid position). You will be teaching three to five classes a day, five days a week. Hours typically start at 9AM and finished by5PM. Optional after-school programs are often set up by the school (pay varies according to the school's budget) for middle schools and high schools. Class size can range from 12 students to 35 students depending on the school. The studentsí English ability will vary and class lessons are usually flexible (you can teach materials you are comfortable with, provided you present the material in a standard ESL format - subject to your co-teacher's approval). Co-teachers will encourage you to teach in a style that suits you. Facilities are typically new and well maintained, and all classroom materials are provided by the school. Classrooms typically have a television, computer inputs, and other facilities for a multimedia lesson style. Additional budget money for other materials for special lessons (such as teaching English with cooking) is sometimes available.
What are the schools looking for in a teacher?
1.Schools love fresh faces who are eager to work with the Korean EducationSystem.
2.Korean Administrators want teachers who are polite and respectful to Korean culture.
3.Korean Public school teachers (your direct co-workers) are often receptive to new ideas and lessons, provided that the students enjoy the class and you are willing to cooperate with the Korean staff.

GEPIK, Pertinent Info:
Location: Across Gyeonggi-do (surrounding Seoul, including its major suburbs)
Teachers needed: Dozens; this will be a major recruiting effort for the new semester!
Start date: March 3rd,2014 (Canít start this year? Start preparing your documents and contact us anyway! There will be more public school openings for next year, too! Be Prepared for the traditional hiring date next year, March 3rd)
Student level: Elementary, Middle & High schools
Teaching hours: 8 hours a day (traditional office hours, no evenings or weekends!), Monday-Friday. 22 classes of 40-50 minutes per week; overtime contractually guaranteed for teachers whose schedules exceed this amount.
Salary: 2.1-2.7 million KRW/month, depending on qualifications:
1.Educational level, field of study, teaching certifications & prior experience
2.Salary levels are guaranteed by the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education!
Benefits: Need more reasons to work for GEPIK? How about these!
1.Accommodation provided by the school
2.2,000,000 KRW renewal bonus
3.1,500,000 KRW entrance flight allowance and a 1,500,000 KRW exit flight allowance paid upon completion of contract
4.Severance pay upon completion of a year contract, equivalent of one month salary.
5.20 days of paid vacation to be used during school vacation periods
6.50% National pension fund and health insurance contributions.
7.Wages during the first two years of employment are TAX FREE (except for Canadian teachers - sorry guys!)

Visit the official GEPIK website at https://cge.ken.go.kr/eng/skin/layout/sub_02/teaching1.asp for detailed information. These positions are great for novice teachers looking for their first job in Korea, or veteran teachers looking for stable, well-compensated jobs where their experience is appreciated. These positions offer the stability of a government-backed contract and a guaranteed pay scale depending on experience and certifications.

GEPIK not right for you? Interested in a higher salary? Howís this!
Uljin Teaching Position
There is currently one elementary school position available in Uljin. A city on the eastern coast of Korea, Uljin is great for a teacher who wants to be closer to Korean culture than what you may find in a larger city, such as Seoul or Busan.
No experience required for these positions, but the administration would prefer a North American teacher with an Elementary Education, English Education degree.

Uljin, Pertinent Info;

Start Dates: March 3rd, 2014
Student Level: Elementary
Teaching Hours: 9:00 am Ė 4:30 pm
Salary: 2.3-2.9 million KRW/month (Above Average Salary!)
Benefits: Severance pay; Paid Summer and Winter Vacations;
Air flight to Incheon(Seoul) AND return flight(Total:2,600,000KRW); Settlement Allowance(300,000KRW);Health insurance; National pension fund; overtime included if you teach more than 22 hours a week.
Other Benefits: Working in Uljin is great for saving money, learning the language, spending time near the ocean, and exploring the nightlife of a mid-sized Korean city. Itís a great place to start your teaching career in Korea. Seoul schools want Korean experience so working here for a year would provide a strong foundation for your Korean teaching career wherever you wanted to work after this assignment.

Bundang Famous Private School Position

No experience required for this position, but the school would prefer a North American teacher.
Start Date: January, 2014
Student Level: Elementary, Middle and High School Students
Salary: 2.3-2.5 million KRW/month
Number of Foreign Teachers:7
Daejeon Metropolitan Famous Private School Position
No experience required for this position, but the school would prefer a North American teacher.
Benefits: Severance pay; Paid vacations; air flight to Incheon(Seoul)AND return flight; Health insurance; National pension fund

Daejeon, Pertinent Info:

Start Date: January,2014
Student Level: Elementary 3rd-Middle 3rd grade
Salary:2.3-2.4 million KRW/month
Number of Foreign Teachers:7
Benefits: Severance pay; Paid vacations; air flight to Incheon(Seoul) AND return flight; Health insurance; National pension fund

Want to be in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Busan, Incheon, Suwon, Daejeon,or Daegu? Do you want to teach Kindergarten?
KIRS has the contact for you!
There are currently positions in Seoul,Gyeonggi-do, Busan, Incheon, Daejeon,Daegu, and Ulsan for North American Female teachers(preferably someone with an Early Childhood or Elementary Education degree) who is active, friendly, and outgoing.
Pertinent Info:
Locations: Seoul,Gyeonggi-do,Busan, Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu,and Ulsan
Starting Date: March 3rd,2014
Student Level: Kindergarten, elementary
Teaching Hours: 8:40AM-5:40PM (Mon-Fri),9:00AM-6:PM (Mon-Fri)
Salary: 2.2-2.4 million won/month
Number of Teachers: 5-10 North American female teachers
Housing: Furnished Studio
Benefits: Severance pay (equivalent of one monthís salary),Health insurance and National pension fund, Employment insurance, Round trip airfare

Want to enjoy a great culinary experience while you're in Korea?

Planning for the future and want to know whatís available on the horizon?

KIRS can help you get a position in Seoul with SMOE, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education,or elsewhere in Korea!
Seoul teaching positions are in high demand. Seoul is an exciting, modern, cosmopolitan city. Itís a fun place to teach and live. Most teachers want to teach in Seoul so competition is heavy for positions. Many SMOE teaching positions will never be placed on job boards.
Our agency, KIRS, has access to these teaching positions because of our favorable connections in the Seoul educational community.

There will also be jobs available outside of Seoul in cities like Busan, Incheon, Suwon, Daejeon, Gwangju, Daegu, and Ulsan

We can introduce you to teaching jobs that you would never find by yourself. Email us your resume (kirsrecruiting@gmail.com) and we can get started.

Why use KIRS?

KIRS is an agency to help well-educated English speakers find high-paying employment in Korea as ESL teachers. KIRS has a staff of both Koreans and Americans that will be able to help you prepare your resume so it will get noticed, and prepare your documents for your Visa.
The founders of KIRS have decades of experience in public service in Korea Immigration Service and managing academies. They have worked with hundreds of ESL teachers and Korean education institutions.
KIRS has up-to-date databases of teachers and schools, and expertise at quickly getting prospective teachers through the Korean E-2 visa application process.
In addition, we provide consulting service to our clients by working with lawyers and certified public labor attorneys who specialize in working with foreigners in Korea in order to appropriately resolve various labor related issues and difficulties that might arise between our client schools and teachers. When teachers are employed through our agency, we stay involved! We help resolve teacher-school issues with our in-house legal talent. And we guarantee the contract. We want our schools and teachers to work with us again and again.

KIRS will help you in Three Key Ways:

1. We match enthusiastic English teachers with public schools, private academies, and universities in Seoul and other parts of Korea.
2.We help teachers get their E-2 visas quickly (Our agency employs former Korea Immigration Officials. We can process your visa faster and with fewer problems than other agencies)
3.We help teachers and schools get acclimated to the foreign teacher experience
The one important question:How do I get these jobs?
Are you qualified? Here are some things to consider:
1. Some positions require a TESL / TESOL / TEFL / CELTA Certificate. Other jobs pay their teachers extra if they have a certificate
2. Most positions pay more for English Literature / English Education / Elementary Education / Early Childhood Education / Linguistics Degree
3. Schools typically pay extra to teachers with a Teaching Certificate and/or a Masters Degree.
4.Prior teaching experience is rewarded by year of teaching experience; EPIK and GEPIK positions can pay as much as 100,000won/month (approx. $100/month) per year of prior teaching experience in any school.
5. Some schools look for teachers with History / Debate / Journalism / Economics backgrounds; these schools may have teachers oversee school projects, such as Debate Teams, School Newspapers, and Economics or History Clubs.
6. Applicants with Creative Writing / Editorial / Peer Review / Public Speaking experience are sought after for High School positions.
7. Some High Schools specialize in Technical fields and Business Education or even Culinary arts! Interested? Let us know.
8. BA/BS is required for almost all teaching positions. A select few positions are available for teachers who have not finished a BA, although some college is required.
9. A criminal background check (for Americans: From the FBI) is REQUIRED, and must show that the applicant has no criminal record in order to qualify for anyteaching position.
10.Teaching experience required for some GEPIK positions.

Next step? Teaching in South Korea requires specific paperwork to get your work visa processed by the government. This can create a long delay if you arenít prepared. Here are some useful tips to expedite the hiring process so you can come and teach here:
1.Send us your current resume (kirsrecruiting@gmail.com) if you are interested in a position. We can help to make sure you get all of the correct documentation going forward, and assist you with preparing a resume that will catch a Korean directorís attention!
2.Order an official criminal record check from your country. You need to have one conducted within the last six months. This can take 4-8 weeks (so plan ahead). This needs to be Apostilled in order to be accepted by the Korean Immigration Service (http://www.apostillepros.com/ is a reliable, fast service for this complicated process).
3.Get your original diploma apostilled. It's easy to order a copy of your diploma from your university. Then get it apostilled using a service such as Apostille Pros. Your university may also provide this service.
4.You will need a passport (of course).
5.You will need some passport sized photos(get at least 4).Theyíre easy to get at any photo studio/shop. Wear formal attire for the photo!
6.When you have all of the paperwork, send us an email (if you have not already)
7.You are ready to start immediately!
If you have any questions about this process email us at kirsrecruiting@gmail.com and we will be glad to help!

Who is KIRS?

In Korea, connections are everything! Thatís why we have built our staff with two purposes in mind. One is connections with great schools so youíll have a pleasant work experience. Second, our staff is formed with the purpose of getting you a Visa so you can be employed legally in South Korea with no problems. We are fully licensed and recognized by the Korean Government which means fast and legal processing for all your Visa needs.

Primary Point of Contact (kirsrecruiting@gmail.com) Handled By:
Application Supervisor and Recruiting Consultant
Mr. John Kim
* 30-years experience managing language schools in Korea
* Expert knowledge of Visa processing and troubleshooting
* Expert knowledge of Interview processing

East Coast USA Recruiting Coordinator
Keto Huston
* 5 years teaching experience in Korea in both public and private schools
* 2 years Foreign Teacher Coordinator responsible for interviews, hiring, and curriculum

KIRS Administration and Staff:

In Dong Kim, CEO and Recruiting Consultant
* 3-years experience managing language schools in Korea
* Expert knowledge of Visa processing and troubleshooting

In Soo Seo, Recruiting Advisor
* Educational Chief of Science and Industry at Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education
* Superintendent, Gyeonggi do Seongnam Office of Education

Seung Gi Kim, Recruiting Advisor
* Director of Border Control Division at the Seoul Immigration Office
* Chief of the Daejeon Immigration Office

Gyu Geun Cha, Legal Advisor, current position
* Representative Attorney at Law at Jeon, Cha & Lee law firm
* Former experience at Korea Immigration Service

Bong Soo Jung, Labor Law Advisor, current position
* Certified Public Labor Attorney
* Representative Labor Attorney at Kang Nam Labor law firm

Sung Hyu Choi, Recruiting Consultant
* Head of Investigation Division at the Seoul Immigration Office
* Head of Social Integration Division of the Korea Immigration Service
* Chief of the Chuncheon Immigration Office

Hong Uk Kim, Marketing Director
* Faculty Member at the Policy University
* Recruiting and Supervising Faculty Members at the Policy University

Roger B. White Jr., KIRS West Coast USA Coordinator
* 10-years teaching in Korea
* 5-years Academic Director
* Marketing Director, Novell Inc.
* MIT,Chemical Engineering graduate, MBA

Jeffrey R. Cahak, ESL Instructor & Consultant
*University of Texas at Austin, History graduate
*2-years editing experience
*Current ESL teacher in Uljin

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