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TEACH NEXT TO CHINA’S NUMBER 1 SKI RESORT! 50+ days paid holiday, 3 days off per week, excellent work life balance & financial package, very low living costs, 22 hours per week, paid training, sponsored work visa, no boring admin work!

Posted By: Joy English Language School <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, 23 September 2019, at 12:44 p.m.

TEACHNEXT TO CHINA’S NUMBER 1 SKI RESORT! 50+ days paid holiday, 3 daysoff per week, excellentwork life balance & financial package, very low living costs, 22hours per week, paid training, sponsored work visa, no boring adminwork!


Enjoyan incredible work life balance teaching English to motivated younglearners on the doorstep of China’s number1 ski and snowboarding resort Yabuli. Youwill benefit from 3days off per weekand an incredible 50+days paid holiday per year.You will receive our outstanding salary package (15,000– 18,000 permonth), plusa largeannual bonus(equal to 1 extra month’s salary) plus a 500RMB monthly full attendance bonusAND accommodation in private furnished modern apartments in newbuildings with all utilities (including high speed internet) paid.Coupled with incredibly low living costs you will have amazingdisposable incomefor saving and enjoying life. Unlike many other schools our foreignteachers have noadditional boring administrative responsibilities,giving you lots of free time to enjoy the amazing location of ourschool.

Afteryour fully paid, comprehensive training you will teach our fun andengaging curriculum to highly motivated young learners using a wealthof advanced teaching tools. You will be part of China’s leadingEnglish language Education brand Joy English School, with over 500locations in over 100 cities throughout China.

Youwill benefit from lotsof free timeto enjoy your life in China with minimal office hours, short lessonprep time (due to the comprehensive curriculum and teaching tools), acomfortable teaching schedule, 3days off per week,very long paid holidays and noboring administrative responsibilities.

Youwill achieve veryhigh disposable incomewithan excellent financial package, fully paid private accommodation andextremely low living costs. Our city enjoys some of the lowest livingcosts for a major city in China. Our teachers enjoy an extremelycomfortable life, typically travelling extensively while still savinga large proportion of their earnings.

Youwill receive a high level of support to adjust to living in China,with dedicated support staff to help you acclimatize and getoriented, regular freeChinese language lessons,sponsored social and cultural events and a highly supportive team.

Webelieve that taking excellent care of our teachers and providing themwith opportunities to grow and develop is the key to a successfulschool. As a result we go far above and beyond the standard in Chinato ensure that our teachers are satisfied with their career with Joy.As a result ouraverage length of service is typically over 3 years,which is almost unheard of in a Chinese language school.

  • Our excellent training, fully developed curriculum and great support network make us an ideal choice for new teachers

  • Our admin free schedule and 3 days off per week offers unmatched work life balance for experienced teachers tired of grinding office hours, doubling their workload

  • Our structured career development program offers a true career path and is open to all

  • Our outstanding earning potential, coupled with our city’s low living costs and extensive paid holiday make us a great choice for anyone

Mostimportantly, unlike many schools in China we always support and treatour teachers fairly and alwayskeep our promises.

Shangzhi– Our City

Shangzhiis a clean and peaceful medium sized city in Heilongjiangprovince. It has several distinct advantages. It is right on thedoorstep of China'spremier ski resort Yabui (noother city is closer) and another excellent resort Maoershan. Yabulihas outstanding skiing and snowboarding facilities for all abilityranges, multiple resorts and public slopes. Skiing and snowboardingas well as a host of other winter pursuits are incredibly cheap,making it incredibly accessible to take up as a hobby, especiallyconsidering you have so much free time. There is even a luxury,five star Club Med resort.Yabuli has volcanichot springswhich have been turned into sparesortsand a wide range of activities for the winter as well as becoming awonderful hiking areaof natural beauty in the summer.Find out more about Yabuli here:

Shangzhiis only 45-50 minutes on the high speed train from Harbin. Harbin isthe provincial capital and the 8th largest city in China, worldfamous for its winter Ice and Snow Festival. Originally a Russiancity it has a unique mix of Russian, Korean and Chinese influences.Harbin has a very large western community and great nightlife, easyto enjoy with your 3days off per week.The climate has 4 seasons, with a long hot Mediterranean summer,mild spring and autumn and a cold winter, similar to a Canadianborder city. You would be almost guaranteed a white Christmas, butcan wear T-shirts and shorts all summer long.

Shangzhistill has all the western conveniences you would expect from anymajor city, but the city is much less crowded and has excellentaccess to nature right inside the city. There is a beautiful mountainand river right inside the city excellent for walking and cycling.Joy English School in Shangzhi has 2 branches and over 1000 students.There are about 50 Chinese staff at the school as well as a smallteam of foreign teachers. Shangzhi enjoys an incredibly low cost ofliving (one of the lowest for a Chinese city), much less than halfthe living costs of major cities like Beijing, Shanghai or anywherenear the south coast. This means your money will go a long way,affording you a wonderful lifestyle and real financial independence.

Shanzhiis in the heart of historic Manchuria, birthplace of both the Manchuculture and the Mandarin language. The most standard form of Mandarinis spoken in Shangzhi, so it’s the perfect place to study Chineseand to benefit from our freeChinese lessons.

Michaelthe owner of the school is a really nice guy who speaks excellentEnglish and takes very good care of his team. He even has a gym andpool table inside his branches for his staff to use for free. Foreignteachers who have spent years working for Michael in Shangzhi reallyenjoyed how livable the city is. Michael pays for his staff to travelas a team during holidays, which you would be welcome to participatein. They have taken trips throughout China and even to Thailand inthe past. Shangzhi has few foreigners in the city so getting agenuine Chinese cultural experience and immersing yourselfcompletely in the culture would be very easy to do here. However,should you long for a large Western Crowd, just hop on the high speedtrain and in 45-50 minutes you will be in Harbin, able to enjoy beingpart of the social network of 50 other Joy teachers and the large funloving western population.


  • Joy classes all follow a structured curriculum. All materials, books, teaching guides, flashcards, props, etc. are provided at the schools. There is no need to search the internet for class ideas or materials.

  • Most of our classes use interactive smart boards, with pre-designed lesson content and fun classroom activities already built in, making lesson planning much less of a chore

  • You will receive comprehensive training on our curriculum and teaching methodology from our experienced training team

  • You will have the opportunity to observe other teacher’s classes, have assistance preparing your lessons, and practice teaching before you start your first live classes

  • Your trainers and the rest of the management team will provide a high level of feedback, coaching, and ongoing support to enable you to excel

Theatmosphere here is very light-hearted and fun in the classrooms, butwe are dedicated to providing the best education for our students.Joy's motto and approach to teaching is: “Learning is Fun”. Weincorporate lots of activities and games while teaching English toour young students. Class sizes are small and focused to ensure ourstudents receive a high level of individual attention.

Ourcurriculum and methodology achieves outstanding results for ourstudents and we believe in building long term student teacherrelationships, so you can really see the positive impact you aremaking with your students over the course of your career at Joy.

Salaryand Benefits:

  • Starting salary between 15,000-18,000RMB per month (depending on experience).

  • Annual contract completion bonus (equivalent to additional 1 month’s salary)

  • Additional 500 RMB Monthly full attendance bonus

  • Free fully furnished private modern apartment with all utilities paid

  • Comfortable teaching schedule 22 hours per week

  • Minimal office hours and no additional admin work

  • 3 days off per week

  • Three fully paid long holidays each year totally 50+ days plus all Chinese public holidays

  • Free medical and accident insurance

  • Free Chinese lessons – Free Chinese text books and subsidized HSK exam.

  • Fully sponsored legal working visa and support throughout the visa process


  • Our Senior Teacher Management Development Program is available across our school network.

  • Senior teachers are trained to take on additional responsibilities such as; training, curriculum development, coaching and management.

  • Opportunities to develop into management positions throughout the school network across China.

JoyEnglish School guarantees a supportive working environment, excellentfinancial freedom, a great work life balance with plenty of free timeto enjoy your new adventure, while making a real difference in thelives of your students. We have built a high performing and dedicatedteam many of whom have chosen to make Joy and China their long termhome, settling down, marrying, having children and purchasingproperty here. Picture yourself on the slopes with a healthy bankbalance and a smile on your face. Make the right choice for your ESLcareer and apply now.


  • Native English speakers from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, or South Africa

  • Teaching experience is preferred but not required as full training will be given to selected candidates

  • Bachelor's degree

  • 120 Hour TESOL/TEFL (Or 2 years of teaching experience)

  • Only NATIVE English speakers should apply

Candidatesmay apply by emailing a cover letter, resume, college degree,TESOL/TEFL certificate and recent photo to:

[email protected]

Pleaseinclude when you are available and outline any previous teachingexperience you have or experience with children, as well as anyquestions you might have at that time.  Initial contractsare for one year.

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