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Are you British? This is the school for you in in Chengdu, China!!

Posted By: Earls Education <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, 19 August 2019, at 1:01 p.m.

ESL Teacher

About us

The unique aspect of our school is that it is a British owned and registered company so from the moment you apply for an ESL job with us, you will be in safe hands. We are one of the leading providers of education in Chengdu, China. We are looking for native British English speakers, if you are looking for change the best time is to apply now. We will take a look at your CV, and should you meet the visa requirements; we will be in touch to schedule an interview.
After your successful interview, we really hope that you accept the job. Weíre always keen to hire like-minded teachers who love to travel, explore and share their knowledge with students. It would be great to have you on the team, and weíre sure that you will enjoy working with us.

Teacher support from us

We care about our teachers, thatís why we work hard to make sure our teachers are happy and feel the full support we give. From the initial arrival support (like a two-week hotel stay) to ESL teacher training, and weekly social events, weíll do our best to make sure you feel like part of our family. With the newest technologies and resources, youíre going to have everything you need to teach English abroad with confidence. Want to improve your teaching performance? Whatever you need, we are here to help you improve professionally and enjoy your new ESL job.

Arriving with us

Itís important that you feel ready before landing thousands of miles away from home. Earlís Education helps you prepare every step of the way. Weíll give you all of the details about the visa process, step-by-step. Then, weíll help you get acquainted with Chengdu. You will never be on your own in this city we have thousands of people in Chengdu from all around the world. Also you will have other British teachers as all our teachers are British, that will be teaching alongside you. From the moment you join us, you will be introduced to your coworkers who have already walked in your shoes and experienced life as a newbie. They will be able to answer questions and help you settle in. The team dynamic makes sharing new ideas with your colleagues and managers very easy. We love to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit! That means if you want to try something new, speak to us and see how you can make it happen. We provide legal teaching jobs in China with correct working papers. We pay for and arrange all visas for your arrival to your new job. Based on Chinaís foreign employment regulations, teachers are required to obtain a working Z-visa prior to their arrival. A visa is necessary to enter the country and can be easily obtained at the Chinese visa centers in the UK. Attaining this visa can take up to 2 months so it is best to plan accordingly.

Learn Chinese

You may be interested in picking up some Chinese. Although you can get by using English and the occasional gesture, many of our teachers find that learning some Chinese makes things a little bit easier.

As soon as you accept a teaching position with us, you can start learning straight away. You can go ahead and book your first class and continue with us for as long as you are with Earlís. Chinese classes are held for all levels from beginner to advanced, and you can take face-to-face classes when you arrive.

Job Requirements

Degree. In order to educate Chinese students, we need you to be educated as well by at least possessing a Bachelorís degree. We arenít picky about what your major is or what subjects you studied. As long as you have your original degree from your 4-year university (or equivalent), weíll consider your application.
British. The reason why we ask you to be British is our philosophy is one consistent accent and all our materials we use are British etc.
TEFL. This position requires a 120-hour TEFL certification in order to consider your application. Donít have one? Donít fret Ė EF offers full sponsorship for a 120-hour online TEFL course for you to take advantage of. Are you more experienced and have a PGCE, CertTESOL, or equivalent? Weíll compensate you for having higher qualifications and putting in the extra effort!

1. Do I need to be able to speak Chinese?

No. We never use Chinese in the classroom, donít worry if you think that sounds strange, when you do our sponsored TEFL course it will become clear how we do this. Most cities in China have English road signs and English metro stations. Most restaurants have food in English, and if they donít they generally have pictures. Learning some basic survival Chinese when you arrive, such as addresses for taxis and some food is recommended though just to make things a bit easier. In Chengdu you can order food using apps in English.

2. I donít have a teaching background. Can I still apply?

Yes. Previous teaching experience is not necessary but is valued if you have it. We will give you all the skills you need to help you feel confident standing in a classroom. As long as you have a bachelorís degree in any subject we can help you with the rest.

3. I have never lived abroad will it be difficult to adjust?

It shouldnít be too difficult to adjust, we have a community thousands of foreigners in Chengdu who help and support each other.

5. Do you offer 6 month contracts?

Due to visa regulations, we can only hire teachers on 12-month contracts. To teach English with Earlís Education, you must be willing to live and work abroad for at least a year. We have also found that is will also give you enough time to travel, explore, learn about the local culture and settle in!

6. What will my work schedule be like?

If you teach English to kids and teens or adults, you can expect to teach up to 30 hours per week. These 30 hours will be spent in class teaching, and you will spend the rest of your time in school lesson planning, providing student feedback and sometimes helping students. Your working week is usually five days, with two consecutive days off. In your first year, you will also have 7 days of annual leave, as well as 11 days of national holidays. This will give you enough time to take short trips on your days off, and travel during your vacations.

7. How far will my salary go?

This depends on your lifestyle. Your salary is paid in the local currency which is way above the local average. You should have enough to save money, pay student loans, travel and eat out a few times a week and enjoy a good social life. Take a look at the cost of living in China to learn more. If you share an apartment with other teachers and eat Chinese food, you will have more left than if you have your own place and eat western style food every night.

8. Do you provide housing?

Yes, We can if you like. If you prefer to live alone, you can live alone. If you prefer to save money and live with roommates, you are free to do so. You can choose where you live, who you live with and choose to live in the part of town that you like. When you arrive, we will provide two weeks hotel stay for you, so that you have time to house hunt.
During your onboarding training, you will have a session on housing, so you know what to look for, and weíll put you in touch with English speaking housing agents so that you can find the right place for you.

9. Do you offer insurance and what does it cover?

Yes, we do. Earlís offers three types of insurance. We work with two companies to provide health insurance to all of our teachers. Our insurers have a standard package, which is a little cheaper. The standard package allows you to use public hospitals and health centers, and you will be reimbursed for any treatment. The premium package requires you to contribute more. However, this insurance policy will cover the cost of most international medical centers. the insurance will be deducted from your salary automatically.

It is a company requirement that all teachers are covered by medical insurance. You can choose to use your own medical insurance, but you will be required to show us that you have one in place when you arrive.

10. I have more questions, what should I do?

Donít worry, everybody has questions itís understandable. The best thing to do is apply so that we have all your details and can make sure you meet the visa requirements. Once we know that, one of our recruiters will contact you for an initial chat before moving to interview. This is the best time to ask those initial questions, others can be asked at interview.

Salary & Benefits Package

From 10,000 RMB Ė 20,000 RMB monthly, based on qualifications and performance.
Arrival flight paid for on arrival.
Sponsored legal Z work visa.
Health Insurance
7 days annual leave days plus 11 national holidays.
Airport pick-up upon arrival.
ESL certification programs including Cambridge TKT, Trinity Cert TESOL, Trinity Dip TESOL and Trinity DELTM.
Free hotel accommodation during your first two weeks.
Free Mandarin Chinese lessons.

EMAIL - [email protected]

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