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Literature and Writing Teacher Needed in Shanghai

Posted By: Studio Education
Date: Wednesday, 31 July 2019, at 11:51 a.m.

Job Description – Literature and Writing Teacher (Full-Time)

Title: Literature and Writing Teacher (Full-Time)
Scale: Teacher Salary Scale – RMB 309,000 to 400,200
Start Date: August 2019
Duration of Contract:One Year
Supervised, Evaluated by and Reports to:Headteacher

【Position – Literature and Writing Teacher (Full-Time)】

Teachers with at least two years of primary, middle school, or high school teaching experience are needed to teach an advanced literature and writing program that's based on the most distinguished classic and contemporary chapter books, early children's novels, and young adult novels in English. Learning focuses are reading, vocabulary, comprehension, literary analysis, and oral presentation. The writing portion of the course includes stories and essays. Weekly sessions are typically 3 hours long. Each weekend class will have a maximum of 8 or 9 students, while online classes will have a maximum of 5 students. The ideal teaching candidates will have distinguished academic and work records, and will be highly professional in personal presentation, communication skills, and work ethic.

【Hours and Location(s) 】

The teaching locations are in the Hongqiao area of Puxi and/or the Century Park area of Pudong and and/or the Hua Cao are of Shanghai (near Shanghai American School – Puxi).

Weekend School:
• 30 Standard Semester Weekends (last weekend of August 2019 – Mid June 2020)
• Mandatory working hours: Friday 1:00pm – 9:00pm,

Saturday 8:30am – 7:45pm and Sunday 8:30am – 4:45pm

Holidays School:
• During winter breaks, holiday breaks, and summer breaks.
• 12 weeks of 5 consecutive days, 6 teaching hours per day.

【About the School】

Our weekend school was started by an Oxford educated British schoolteacher who has lived in Shanghai since 2008. He started teaching privately at the weekends in 2013, teaching in small groups in privately rented classrooms. He was joined by three partners in the summer of 2014. There are currently more than 100 teachers and staff and the school has a presence in Australia, China, the UK, and the USA. The school does not advertise and is majority owned by partners, most of who teach part-time and full-time. The school has grown almost entirely by word of mouth – the students' parents like our work because our teachers not only care about the progress of the children in their classes but because progress has been reliably consistent.

【Students and Parents】

Our students attend local and international schools and range in grades from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Their parents are primarily highly educated business professionals and intellectual elites who expect their children – not just to meet – but to exceed the academic expectations at the best international schools in Shanghai. The vast majority of our parents plan to send their children to rigorous, private middle schools and high schools abroad.

【Philosophy Statement】

We educate students to become kindhearted and open-minded human beings of integrity, tolerance, and self-discipline who are committed to independent thinking, creative expression and a life lived for the common good. The heart and soul of our school is a combined partnership with families and community to provide purposeful, rigorous education that balances intellectual and creative development with moral integrity. At our school, all students sit at round tables, in small groups of nine students or fewer, where each student’s face can be seen, where each student's voice can be heard, and where every student can think critically, inquire, discuss, imagine, solve problems, and create.

Our curriculum, born out of the classical tradition and looking to the years and centuries ahead, embraces the Socratic spirit which has inspired the greatest thinkers, from past to present, spanning several millennia – from the philosophy of the Ancient Greeks; to the Arabic numeral system of the Middle Ages; to the art and literature of the Renaissance; to the scientific method and human purpose of the Enlightenment; to the machines of the Industrial Revolution; to the physics of the Atomic Age; to the coding of the Digital Age; and in the Age of Automation to the possibility of humanity’s creative, intellectual, educational and moral fulfillment.

We strive to teach our students to learn to think logically, independently, confidently, and imaginatively. We explore the historical context of the subject matter, while at the same time, studying the implications of the actions of our predecessors and contemporaries on the human experience and on the human condition. Honorable character arises from a kind heart and an open mind; leaps of imagination and innovation are propelled by a critical understanding of the past and present, and by a new vision for the future; our school embraces all three, boldly asserting an educator’s duty to focus on learning for the purpose of each student’s transformation into a purposeful, moral human being.



1. A four-year university degree from a prestigious/top ranked university (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States).
1. A four-year university degree.
2. A state/government issued teaching license/credential which qualifies an individual to teach at regular schools (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States).

Related Work Experience

1. Graduates of prestigious/top ranked university (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States) need some teaching experience.
2. Candidates holding a four-year university degree; AND a state/government issued teaching license/credential which qualifies an individual to teach at regular schools (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States), need a minimum of two years of full-time teaching experience (at an established international school or at a school in the teacher's home country).

Computer Skills

1. The teacher will possess proficient skills in Microsoft Word in order to generate and/or to fill-out lesson plan templates successfully.
2. The teacher will possess basic Excel skills in order to successfully use basic Excel functions such as opening Excel files or entering and saving information on spreadsheets.
3. The teacher will possess proficient skills on the use of an Apple iPad.
4. The teacher will possess proficient skills, or will be able and willing to independently learn, how to use video conferencing software.
5. The teacher will possess proficient skills, or will be able and willing to independently learn, how to use an online learning management system in order to deliver the content of our online lessons, as well as to download and upload students’ assignments.
6. The teacher will possess proficient skills, or will be able and willing to independently learn, how to use Microsoft SharePoint in order to view, upload, and download documents.

Personal Qualities

1. Reliable
2. Flexible
3. Culturally aware and sensitive
4. Impartial, diplomatic, yet firm in upholding the school’s goals, values, and beliefs
5. Highly organized
6. Outstanding communicator
7. Intellectually curious
8. Team player
9. Able to work independently
10. A passion for learning and a willingness to instill this passion in students

【Partial List of Teaching Duties and Other Responsibilities】

The teacher will perform all duties and responsibilities listed in this section as well as any additional duties and responsibilities that are assigned by the Headteacher.
1. Curriculum

• The teacher will be able to teach our challenging and ambitious curriculum which is different and more rigorous than commonly used state, national, and international curriculums such as IB.
• The teacher will be a proponent of the philosophy that it is possible to teach non-native English speakers/bi-lingual students using native level materials, and that non-native speakers can be guided to perform at levels far beyond what are considered standard grade level expectations. Ideally, a track record in this area will prove this commitment.

2. Classroom Management

• The teacher will demonstrate outstanding classroom management skills.
• The teacher will ensure that the students are safe at all times.
• The teacher will establish a quiet and productive learning environment.

3. Punctuality and Attendance

• The teacher will be punctual and reliable.
• The teacher will schedule nonemergency doctor’s appointments outside of teaching hours.
• The teacher will give advance notice, of at least 24 hours, to the immediate supervisor when an unavoidable absence from teaching duties is required.
• The teacher will lead a clean and healthy lifestyle that will enable her/him to function at high levels at all times.

4. Professional Dress Code

• The teacher will wear professional attire during teaching/tutoring sessions, and at all times when working at our school, whether offline or online. The complete dress code is detailed in the Teachers Handbook.

5. Lesson Planning

• The teacher will submit completed lesson plans to the headteacher and/or the department head by set due dates.
• The lessons plans will meet the requirements set by the school.

6. Parent Communication

• The teacher will provide parents with his WeChat contact info OR email address and will answer the occasional questions, which parents may have, after teaching hours.
• The teacher will proactively and regularly contact parents in order to inform them of their children’s progress.
• The teacher will reply to WeChat or email messages from parents within 72-hours generally, but as soon as possible when involving time sensitive assignment/homework related questions.

7. Correcting Homework

• The teacher will make careful and detailed corrections, and will provide written and timely feedback, on all story and essay writing assignments. (within 1 week)

8. Student Portfolios

• The teacher will ensure that all student maintain high quality writing portfolios.
• The teacher will monitor students to make sure that their writing portfolios are kept current.

9. Staff Meetings and Monitoring by Headteacher

• The teacher will accept being monitored in person and/or directed electronically (usually via email and/or WeChat).
• The teacher will reply to electronic messages from direct supervisor(s) within 72 hours.
• The teacher will attend meetings with supervisors, as needed, for the purpose of coaching and/or for periodic performance reviews.
• The teacher will submit students’ writing portfolios and/or exemplary essays and stories as requested by the headteacher and/or the department head.

10. Additional Teacher Responsibilities

• The teacher will only use the school issued email address when using email to communicate with parents.
• The teacher will perform all duties and responsibilities listed in this section as well as any additional duties and responsibilities that are assigned by the Headteacher.
• Additional information will be provided in the Teachers Handbook, during new teacher induction meetings, and during periodic training sessions.
11. Disclaimer

• This description is intended to indicate the kinds of duties and responsibilities that will be required of the teacher position. It is not intended to limit, or in any way to alter, the right of the Headteacher, or designated supervisor, to assign, reassign, or direct duties and responsibilities at any time.

【Compensation and Benefits】

A full-time contract for teachers is based on 30 semester weekends and 12 holiday weeks outlined in the aforementioned section “Hours and Locations” on Page 1 of this job description.

1. Total Gross Annual Package Including Benefits:RMB 309,000 – 400,200
2. Benefits Included in Gross Package

-Housing and Utilities: RMB 6,000 to 10,000 per month – official government receipts (fapioas) are required.
-Annual International Return Flight to Home Country: RMB 8,500 per year – official receipt is required.
-Medical Insurance: school with purchase a group medical plan on the teacher’s behalf.
-Holidays: paid Chinese national holidays

3. Additional Benefits Not Included in Gross Package

-Chinese Work Permit – all costs will be paid by the school.
-Medical Insurance: school with purchase a group medical plan on the teacher’s behalf.
-Compliance Bonus – teachers are eligible to receive the equivalent of one month of their after-tax salary upon complete compliance with Studio punctuality and class attendance policies. Tardiness and missed classes will result in fixed deductions from the annual compliance bonus (deduction table provided in official contract). The compliance bonus will be paid annually at the end of the contract.

【How to Apply】

If you are interested in applying for a teaching position, please follow the steps below:

1. Send your resume/CV to the email address below.
2. Include a cover letter of no more than 250 words.
3. Inquires without full resumes/CVs AND cover letters will not be considered.

Email: [email protected]cation

In the SUBJECT LINE, please copy and paste: Literature and Writing Teacher (Full-Time)

Please note that only candidates who meet the minimum experience, requirements, and qualifications will be considered for teaching positions – and only short-listed candidates will receive a reply.

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