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Math, Science and Computing Teachers - Harbin, China

Posted By: Harbin Mayflower Language School <[email protected]>
Date: Wednesday, 22 May 2019, at 5:04 p.m.

Job Description 职位介绍
Job Title and Description职位名称 Language Teachers语言外教: 2 Subject Teacher学科外教:4
Job Vacancies空缺数量 4
Teaching Hours per week每周课节数 20
Duration of each class每节课时长 90
Office Hours per week每周坐班时数 8:00-—5:00
Working Days per week每周工作日、工作时间 40H/W(Mon-Fri AM8:00-PM5:00、lunch time 1.5 hour)
Students’ Age学生年龄 Assistant Provided or Not是否提供助教 Yes是
Class Size学生班额 25人
Contract Length合同时间 2019年8月 1 5日— 2020年8月 14日
Start Date到岗时间 2019.8.15
Compensation&Benefits 薪金待遇
Monthly Salary工资待遇 International Course tearcher:
English 、 TOEFL or IELTS、 Business、Science & Social Science
GAC Course tercher:
English 、 TOEFL or IELTS、 Business
14,000-15,000yuan/M(no summer and winter vacations)
Mathematics / Computing 、Science& Social Science General Science、ACT
15,000-18,000yuan/M(no summer and winter vacations)
Tax paid by school?校方是否承担税金? No否
Vacation假期福利(除公休假外) 国家法定假日 带薪休假,寒暑假没有工资
no salary for summer and long vacations.
Travel Allowance旅游津贴 No否
Airfare Allowance 机票津贴 One return,one flight ticket(for every year of employment,after accomplishment one year contract)
Health Insurance医疗保险 Yes(1000yuan/1year)
Relocation allowance安家津贴 No否
Apartment公寓情况 房子或房补? The rent of apartment is paid by school
Utility水电气暖宽带等费由谁支付 Not paid by school
Meals Offered?是否提供工作餐 Paid by teachers themself
Visa签证 Yes 是
Over Work Allowance 超时津贴 150yuan/hour
Other benefits其他待遇 Training provided?是否提供培训? No否
Requirements 任职要求
Nationality国籍要求 Circle of English Countries, Philippine and Russia英语圈国家,菲律宾,俄罗斯等
Sex Required性别要求 No limitation 无限制,无 Spouse allowed, 可带配偶 可以
Age Required年龄要求 Older than 26 years old 26以上
Degree学历要求 Bachelor Degree
Major专业要求 English education and Math education are preferable
Working Experience教学经验 Over three years
Other Requirement其他要求 TESOL required?是否要求TESOL证? Yes是

School Information学校信息
Name of Institution 单位名称(须中英文标注) Harbin May Flower Foreign School哈尔滨市五月花外语学校
The Affiliated School of Harbin Normal University哈尔滨师范大学附属中学
Qiqihar Experimental Middle School齐齐哈尔市实验中学
Daqing Dongfeng Middle School大庆东风中学
Qiqihar Middle School 齐齐哈尔市齐齐哈尔中学
Address地址 Harbin, Qiqihar, Daqing哈尔滨市、齐齐哈尔、大庆
Downtown Area or not? 是否在市区 Yes是
Current Teachers/Talents已有外籍人才数量 9
Name of Contact Person联系人姓名 Ren Jianjun任建军
Cell/Mobile Number移动电话 18645768899
Office Phone 办公电话 0451-82276437 82276427
E-mail, MSN, Skype, QQ 其他联系方式 [email protected] [email protected]


Long term requirement是否长期需要外教? Yes是
除了齐齐哈尔市齐齐哈尔中学,上述四所学校均是美国大学入学考试委员会(ACT)官方授权的GAC-ACT特许教学中心,所开设课程为国际大学预科GAC课程,以及GAC的英语强化FE课程,这些课程均由AES(ACT Education Solutions,ACT的全资子公司)研发并管理。目前,已有四届数十名毕业生凭借优异的 GAC 成绩成功考取了美国、加拿大、澳大利亚等国一流的世界名校。
Harbin May Flower Foreign Language School is a high quality private school permitted by Nangang Education Bureau which aims at foreign languages training. It is the International Curriculum Cooperatively-run School of Harbin Normal University High School, Qiqihar Experimental High School, Daqing Dongfeng High School, Qiqihar High School.
The schools are The Approved Teaching Centers for GAC-ACT Which officially authorized by ACT except Qiqihar High School. The courses include the GAC International University foundation programs and FE courses which developed and run by AES.(Wholly-owned subsidiaries of ACT). At present, four decades of graduates have already successfully passed the world-class universities in the United States, Canada, Australia with the excellent GAC scores.

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