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A Life Experience as a Teacher in Hengyang, China

Posted By: Canada Frontier International Language School <>
Date: Saturday, 8 July 2017, at 5:13 p.m.

"My experience teaching at Canada Frontier International Language School
has been nothing short of amazing and inspirational.
I've learned so much during my time here,
and been growing as a teacher and an individual".

Andrea, Canada

Starting Date: Year Round
As a Language Training Center teacher or as a Kindergarten language teacher.
The School

CANADA Frontier International Language School:

We are a private Language training center owned by a Canadian.
It is a center that caters to students ranging from 4 to 16 years .
The main language offered is English, followed by Spanish and French.

Canada Frontier Children's House : The Monarchs, is a new project in which the school has expanded. We have a daycare offering an immersion program in English, Spanish, or French, side by side with Mandarin as mother tongue. The children have a daily exposure to the language program they chose, and learn it the natural way.
The program and daycare is a first of its kind in the city.

We are looking for teachers either specialized in Early Childhood Education, or with enthusiasm to make a difference in children at an early age.

We are a private-run training center that focuses on quality and results, yet we are open to and encourage novel ideas from our teachers. Although we follow a planned and structured curriculum, we are enthusiastic about finding and developing the best ways to enrich our students' learning experience. This allows the teachers employed at the school to bring their own ideas to light and make the learning experience better for all. Our school is a great place for growth. 

Starting Package up to 8,000 RMB
6500RMB-8000RMB monthly salary, (based on qualifications),
8,000RMB annual flight allowance
Legal Z Working Visa Provided
Health ĘC Accident Insurance (mandatory),
Statutory Chinese holidays paid
Winter and summer vacations paid as designated by Canada Frontier
Free Accommodation (central large apartment [two in one house])
Free Mandarin Lessons
Pick up upon arrival
Great, caring atmosphere

For the Childen's House the package is similar to the language teacher, with the exception of the working days and hours.
Monday through Friday mornings and afternoons.
Saturday and Sundays are off.
Breakfast, Lunch and Snack are included (teachers eat the food provided to kids by the daycare).

Bachelors Degree or higher.
Possess a TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or the like.  
Passport holders from UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Jamaica for English; Spain and Latin American countries for Spanish/English teachers, And for French teachers, passport holders where French is the official language.

1.Send us CV & Cover letter & recent photograph
2.Passport's photo page scanned copy.*
3.Scanned copies of degree, diplomas and/or other relevant documents and certificates.*
4.If your application is successful then we will contact you for a short Skype/Wechat interview.
* Please, cover important numbers on passport and degree, for security purposes.

Our teachers said:

Patrick, Canada
"Visiting China is a fascinating experience, but coming to work in China is a life changing experience. Nothing can prepare you fully for what is to be expected upon arrival. Many challenges await anybody coming to teach in China for the first time. However, the work grows on you. Learning to work with children and adults in the aim of teaching them a new language has been truly enriching for me. It has made me learn things I never could imagine. At first it seemed a daunting task, but it has made me go beyong my limits, and discover new capacities I never knew I had. Teaching at Canada Frontier School in Henyang has proved to be a moving experience and it is done within a safe and caring environment. The staff at this establishment are very kind and understanding. They contrast with many other schools in China who do not offer a supportive workplace. The atmosphere at the school is very pleasant, and the teachers are encouraged to develop their own creative style of teaching, which has proved most stimulating. Above all, the knowledge gathered while teaching at Canada Frontier school in Hengyang is one which is useful for an entire lifetime."
Andrea, Canada
"Only a few weeks left before going back home!
Where to start! Teaching and living abroad has been a world of triumphs and numerous funny embarrassments.I would say the "HAKUNA MATATA" philosophy describes pretty well the life style in Hengyang since people here live with no worries, no stress and day by day.
My experience teaching at Canada Frontier International Language School has been nothing short of amazing and inspirational. I've learned so much during my time here, and been growing as a teacher and an individual. Collaborating with the Chinese staff has been simply great. Them being so kind and helpful has definitely made all the difference. Operating in a professional environment, meeting new colleagues from all over the world and enjoying great time during special occasions with the team are all things you can surely expect to find in this lovely school.
In less then a year I've been to 6 different countries and about 10 different provinces in China. I come back home richer then ever and full of new friends that are also traveling the world feeling grateful and blessed with this life of freedom.
Take the chance! "

Karla, Canada
"This experience has helped me to grow as a person in many ways. Knowing my young age, there were many things I wasn't use to do. Also, teaching abroad gave me the opportunity to travel in Asia.. I had the chance to see the most amazing landscapes of China, and many other countries.
Now, we only have a few months left here and looking back on time and seeing everything I've accomplished brings me immense satisfaction. I feel very proud of everything I've done and I'll keep many fantastic memories for the rest of my life."

Paola, Canada
"Working at Canada Frontier really was a great experience. First of all as a teacher, I not only had the opportunity to live and work in China but to spend a large amount of that time travelling. The learning materials made class fun and there's a lot of room for being creative in class. I was able to apply many of the techniques and skills I'd learnt during my teacher training course. I have enjoyed teaching Chinese children as they are very interactive. Life in China has also been rewarding but can be a challenge (even frustrating at times due to a lack of communication), but as I was told many times T.I.C. (This is China) so breathe in , breathe out and let go J. A powerful motto.
Overall, my experience working at Canada Frontier has been nothing but positive. Moving to the other side of the world is pretty scary, but the kind staff in the school made all the difference. I'll surely leave this country with no regrets , with a new me because as they say travel far enough, you meet yourself."

Shannon, Scotland

"I have been living and teaching in Hengyang for almost 2 years now and I am truly dedicated to my life and work here. I love teaching and working with children and always strive for new methods in learning and education. A quote from a Witney Huston which I whole heartedly concur and abide by:"
"I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way."

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