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(WATCH VIDEO) An AWESOME Teaching Experience awaits 1.5 hours from Shanghai - Minimum Monthly Salary 10k RMB!

Posted By: Lovely English International <>
Date: Sunday, 9 April 2017, at 7:53 p.m.

Just so you don't miss it I'm starting this post to a link of a YouTube video of my life and teaching experience in the exact city and at the exact school I'm about to talk about. The video link is below and if youíre seriously considering this job please also read this entire (long but useful) post before applying.

Hey guys,

I'm Nathan, an American from Arizona, USA. I taught English in China for a year, and I had one of the best years of my life. Itís hard to believe Iíve been back in the States for over two years now but Iíve been able to visit China four times since! I didn't expect to ever be recruiting for the school, but they treated me so well I'm doing this as a favor to them. The school isnít perfect, but Iím confident that itís about as good as they come, and Iíll be sure to get you in touch with other teachers Iíve hired so you can see what itís like from teachers who are currently there. I donít know that thereís any real reason to disclose this, but the school does pay me 1000 USD per teacher I hire. The money in no way influences me in who I hire. Iíve never had problems finding quality teachers for the school, and hopefully youíll be one of those quality teachers! SoÖ. to get this job you'll be dealing with me. We'll jump on Skype together, and assuming I like you I'll set you up with a Skype session to say hi to the owner and manager of the school, Elaine and Terry. No dealing with the sketchy recruiting companies or awkward interviews with random Chinese schools!

My promise to you is 100% honesty and transparency. The school wants you to be happy, I want you to be happy. If the school invests time and money in you, the last thing they want is for you to not like the job and want to leave. That's just bad for everyone involved. Thereís always going to be negative surprises during your time in China with any city and any school you choose, but my goal is to keep those surprises to an absolute minimum.

If you know much about teaching in China, you will know that the visa situation can be complicated and itís always evolving. The truth is that the Chinese government has taken steps to only allow Z working visas to citizens of Native English speaking countries WITH four year university degrees. If thatís you, great! Please apply, weíve had many teachers who meet those government requirements. BUT, I and the school do understand that these ridiculous government requirements often leave out the potential for excellent teachers. For example, about 1.5 years ago I hired some teachers from the Ukraine (non-Native english speaking country) but their English is probably better than mine and they have been great teachers and they are super happy with things in China. Most situations vary depending on where youíre from, your qualifications, age, and experience as to your chances for a Z working visa.

Currently the school is asking that I hire two teachers, and COUPLES ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY. We are looking to have you in China mid-June. I am sure the school can be flexible if you need to be there a bit sooner/later than mid-June.


Lovely English International is a private, family-owned English language school in Haimen City, Jiangsu Province. It's a 1.5 hour drive from Shanghai's city center. Haimen is "small" in terms of Chinese cities, but since I grew up in a small town, I thought Haimen was huge. Wikipedia says it has a million people - not small in my book.

The school is relatively new, opened about 7 years ago. Currently they have 1 part time and 7 full time foreign English teachers from America, Ukraine, New Zealand, Netherlands, and Canada (and they have dozens of Chinese English teachers and teacher's assistants). They don't use any recruiting companies. One of their American teachers at the time found me through job boards much like this one, and I have since hired my uncle Kevin (you'll see him in my video but he came home after a year spent there already), as well as 8 other teachers who I am pleased to say ALL had/are having a great China experience. Iíll put you in touch with the teachers currently there (actually I basically will force you to talk with some of the teachers there) so they can tell you their honest opinion on the city and the school.

The school has 2 campuses (about 2 miles apart from each other). The kid's campus has students from age 3-13, and the adult campus has students from ages 14 and up. My oldest student was in his forties. It's nice to have different age groups so you can mix things up. And if you end up really liking a certain age group you may be able to request to spend most or all of your time at a certain campus. I taught mostly adults, but I ended up really liking teaching kids (check out my video for that!)


1. Stick to the agreed upon contract (I will make the contract for you and walk you through it)

2. Do all we can to provide you a Legal Z working Visa. Let me break this one down further...
- If you are 24 or older, have a 4 year degree, and are from a native English speaking country...

I can promise you the school can get you a Z visa. The Z visa is always our goal.
- If you are NOT 24+, DON'T have a 4 year degree or ARE NOT from an English speaking countryÖ

We'll still try to get you a Z working visa, but the government makes it tough without meeting these absurd requirements. It used to be easy up until 2014 but the government has tightened their restrictions in waves ever since. You should still apply for this job if you donít meet these government requirements. Every situation is different so I can recommend your best options and if you are hired the school can guarantee your safety, even if you have to get another visa type. I wonít get into all the details in this post but there are other visa types such as tourist or student visas that can and do work out for people who donít qualify for the work visa. I wonít make that decision for you but in my experience it has been no problem.

3. Give you a minimum starting salary of 10,000 RMB/ month - possibly more if you have experience. 10,000 RMB is a great salary. That's a salary you can expect in a big city like Shanghai, but you'll have 1/4 the expense in Haimen. Being a small city, Haimen is cheap. The cost of living is super low and at that salary you'll be making over 4x the average worker there. I actually started at 7,500 RMB, but that was in 2014 and Elaine has raised the starting wage now. At 7500 RMB I still lived like a king. If money is a big deal to you then there is opportunity to make more. I ended up getting a raise after around 8 months up to 10,000 because Elaine recognized I was doing a good job and I was taking on more hours. In the busy summer months (July & August) there is potential for taking on overtime hours past your 20/hours per week. I make it very clear to Elaine that those hours are only optional for teachers who want to boost their salary.

4. Pay you on time. Lovely English pays you in cash every month, on time, every time. It's actually humorous to get a huge stack of 100RMB bills each month. Weird feeling for sure! Since that begs the questionÖ yes, someone can help you set up a bank account.

5. Give you two (consecutive!) days off per week. I'm sure I averaged at least 3 days off per week, but my uncle told me he was getting two days off for the most part over the summer when he worked. It will depend on how many teachers are there at the time and the time of year. But at a very minimum expect 2 days off per week.

6. Provide a clean, modern, and FREE apartment. You won't need to share a room or bathroom, it will be completely yours. (watch my video for a tour of my old apartment)

7. Provide free food if you want it. Elaine owns a buffet across the street from the school that all teachers can dine at for free. It's called Dong Fang Yan, and is one of the more famous restaurants in Haimen. I last visited Haimen in May 2016 and Dong Fang Yan has been remodeled. Itís way nicer and tastier now than the year I taught in 2014.

8. Round trip airfare paid for upon completion of the one year contract. Sorry people, that doesn't mean you can buy a first class seat, please try to find a reasonably priced air ticket there/back.

9. Airport pickup. I didn't get airport pickup, but the guy I mentioned earlier who recruited me was kind of an asshole. I'll make sure if you want it the school's driver will come and get you at the airport in Shanghai. Their driver picked up many of the other teachers Iíve hired no problem. If I was you though I'd spend a couple days touring Shanghai when you arrive, then hitch a ride to Haimen, but I understand you may just want to get settled in right away.

10. Easy access to the owner and upper school management. Unlike a large chain school where it's all a bureaucratic mess, it's easy to get in contact with the school's decision makers if you need anything. You'll actually get to know them, work with them, and go out to fancy dinners with them (I did anyway).

11. Max of 20 teaching hours per week (25 total working hours). If you teach anything over 20 hours per week, you'll get overtime pay. On another note, there's a big difference between teaching 20 hours to kids vs adults in terms of physical exhaustion and preparation. You should keep this in mind when applying to any school. We'll discuss this in more detail during the Skype interview.

12. Paid holidays. There's so many Chinese holidays I can't keep them straight but a couple big ones are National Holiday from Oct. 1-7 and Chinese New Year in Jan/Feb which lasts two weeks. Your monthly salary will be the same even if you were to only work two weeks in a month. So essentially you have paid holidays!


1. A good attitude. This is number one on the list because it's the number one requirement.

2. An open mind to new experiences. This and the first requirement are my own requirements of you! I won't hire you unless you're ready for a life experience like you've never had. You're going to see, eat, and unfortunately smell things like never before and I want to make sure youíre up for that adventure. (again, watch my video to see what life is like there)

3. If you want a Z working visa (recommended), itís best to have a 4 year university degree, be from a native English speaking country, and be 24 or older. BUT still contact me if you donít meet these requirements, just know there's potential youíd need to work on a different visa than a Z working visa.

4. Teaching experience is preferred, but not required. If you have experience, your starting salary may be increased, or potential raises will happen faster.

5. TEFL certificate would be a bonus but certainly NOT required. I had neither experience nor a TEFL, but I had a 4 year degree. I honestly donít know where the government currently stands on tefl requirements but it has never been as issue in the past for us.


I would add a sample contract to this post but itís already too long and thereís nothing in the contract I havenít discussed here.

Best of luck on your job hunts everyone. I know it can be overwhelming but do your research and you'll find something good. Dave's ESL Cafe is a great place to start. Iíd recommend collecting dozens of emails from job boards and mass emailing with your resume, nationality, and recent photo. Set up Skype interviews and take the best offer you get, which will probably not be the first offer!

If youíre interested in this job, contact me by email at with your NATIONALITY, RESUME, AND RECENT PHOTO and letís get things rolling!

The school's website is really only meant for Chinese people, but a lot of you tend to ask me so here's a linkÖ

Thanks for reading through this post!

Contact Email:

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