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███ Openings in Shanghai teaching kids - 15,000RMB/mo. - Full training/teaching supplies provided - Let us at Great Wall TEFL guide you the whole way! ███

Posted By: Great Wall TEFL
Date: Saturday, 8 April 2017, at 8:22 a.m.

Are you a teacher that's just starting out? Excited about a year of adventure in China and like being around kids, but a little nervous about whether or not you can actually cut it as a teacher? Relax, you've come to the right place! Kid Castle is a different kind of company - one whose top priority is making sure you are well-trained and supported so you can be confident and have fun in the classroom. I invite you to scroll down a bit where I break things down in detail. But first the obligatory lists of benefits/requirements of the position...

About Kid Castle:

  • An established, growing company with over 50 schools in Shanghai alone
  • Teaches English to kids ages 3-12
  • Extensive training and ongoing support
  • Provides full curriculum and teaching aids
  • 34 hour work week (24 teaching hours max)
  • Schedule: 3-9pm Wed. through Fri., 8-5pm Sat./Sun.

Pay + benefits:

  • Salary: 15,000RMB/mo.
  • Arrival allowance: 5,000RMB
  • Airport pickup
  • Free arrival accommodation - 1 month
  • Contract-completion bonus: 5,000RMB
  • Paid training - 2 weeks
  • Paid national holidays - 11 days
  • Unpaid days off - 20 days total
  • Free Chinese lessons
  • Accident insurance


  • Native English speaker (from native English speaking country)
  • Bachelors degree or higher
  • 120-hour TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification (You can get this after applying.)

Congratulations! You've made it this far, so I might as well write you an extra-special little note here. So just what does set our partner Kid Castle and us, Great Wall TEFL, apart from the masses of faceless English companies in China?

Let's start with our partner - Kid Castle

I've been asked many times what sets Kid Castle apart from its competition and I usually answer this way - that Kid Castle is simply a professional organization that operates like you would expect a professional organization to operate. You will be provided with a legal Z-VISA which they'll patiently walk you through every step of the way, you'll have a 2 full weeks of paid training and ongoing support so that you can feel confident at the helm of your classroom, you'll have a consistent schedule that isn't changed at the last minute, you'll get your monthly salary directly deposited in your bank account on the same day of each month... You know, the usual marks of a professional company that unfortunately can be a little hard to find in the always-interesting English teaching industry of China.

But let's dig into some specifics, shall we? We can start with Kid Castle's curriculum and class structure. None of the teachers ever have to arrive at their branch and think, "What in the world should I teach these kids today? Some verbs, conjunctions, homophones?!" Nope, Kid Castle has already done the heavy lifting for the teachers, providing its own curriculum that covers every level, the material of which is broken down class-by-class. So you arrive at 3:30, pick up the syllabus for the first class and see that you'll be covering these vocab words, that sentence pattern, and this song today in class. Then you pick some games to fill out the lesson plan based on that material and you are all set and ready to go!

Transitioning to the more human-side of things, Kid Castle has an innovative management structure where westerners not only teach, but also participate in leadership positions. Foreign teacher managers are westerners like yourself, but have lots of China experience, so they can not only communicate well with the Chinese school principals, but they can relate to why you might be perturbed that there's no toilet paper in the bathrooms! Their job is to resolve any issues that might arise, make sure you are supported, and ensure all things are right in the world.

Next on the list are Kid Castle's dedicated trainers - they are awesome at what they do or else they wouldn't be in those positions! Let's personalize this a bit and meet one in particular, his name is Cory. Cory is also a foreigner (from Canada), who's been with Kid Castle for over 5 years. He's known for rollerblading to/from work and absolutely rocking it in class. The man's a machine and it's his job to teach you how to be one too. Whether it's writing up lesson plans that would put your 1st grade teacher to shame, filling out your repertoire of sweet games, or keeping the kids engaged and as in line as his skates, he'll make sure you get what you need to be confident from the moment you step foot in the classroom to when you hit the lights on the way out.

I don't want you to have to find out the hard way, as one of KC's current teachers tells his story of the higher-paying job at the large chain he left right before coming here: Their 'training' consisted basically of, on the first day, locking him in a room full of Chinese people who didn't speak a lick of English for 2 hours with the instructions to 'just speak English'. Needless to say, he called us the next day and has been happily at Kid Castle ever since. Thanks again Cory.

Moving on from people to material lets discuss the pay and the schedule. First of all, Kid Castle offers a great salary that is above average even for Shanghai and would be extremely rare in any of the lower-tier cities. Can you find higher advertised salaries? Admittedly yes, but here's the catch: usually their schedule is for 40 hours of work, whereas ours is 34. When you do the math, Company X which offers more per month is actually offering less per hour than what Kid Castle provides. So while your friends may end up making a little more each month than you, you'll already be out for a night on the town, while they're still stuck sitting in a glass-walled office serving as Company X's living advertisement.

What about working on the weekends you say? Glad you asked. That may seem like a weird idea at first, but having Monday and Tuesday off is actually pretty awesome. Here's the secret: in general, when the Chinese do something, they do it en-mass. So you're thinking about heading to the park for a quiet Saturday afternoon stroll? Yeah, you and the 1.3 billion Chinese people that all have the weekends off! You'll find that having your 'weekends' on Monday and Tuesday, leave you that quiet park, the empty supermarket, and even the reduced weekday restaurant prices. Not to mention that they are business days, so before you head to the park you can take care of any errands that you need to like going to the bank, post office, and the dentist... ok, maybe just the bank and post office :)

There's much more I could mention - like the Kid Castle sponsored social events (free food, drinks, and karaoke!), comprehensive classroom management sticker system, or the laid-back atmosphere (just off the top of my head) - but my 'little note' here has already became an essay. If you're interested in Kid Castle, just click the link below and fill out our quick online application form. Looking forward to connecting!

And a final word about us - Great Wall TEFL

About Great Wall TEFL:

  • A New York/Shanghai based teacher recruitment agency
  • We only partner with the best, most reputable, and established companies in China
  • We've helped hundreds of teachers find jobs in China
  • We provide this service to you absolutely free! (We're supported by our partner companies.)

We are a recruitment agency that aims for honesty (no fine print with us), excellence (notice the general lack of spelling/grammar mistakes in this ad?), professionalism (because we and you are worth it), and maybe even a little bit of humor thrown in (just because we can). From the moment you submit your application, you'll be dealing with native English speakers like me and the process will be both organized and efficient. We've already helped hundreds of budding teacher-adventurers transition successfully to China and we're excited to add you to that esteemed list!

I should mention that our standard of excellence does go both ways, meaning we don't accept just any applicant that comes through the pipe. We are committed to passing on only solid people to our partners in China. So what does it take to make the cut? Don't worry, lacking either lots of teaching experience or Chinese language ability will not count against you - our partner schools provide top-notch training and free language lessons to help out with that. Beyond meeting our basic requirements (see bullet-point list above), demonstrating basic people skills (like smiling, being able to converse naturally) is one of the biggest things we look for, as is conducting oneself responsibly (like responding in a timely manner to emails, being on time for interview appointments, etc). Being detail oriented will also be noticed, which makes this a good time to mention that the secret word for the application form is "detail" ;) In conclusion, don't worry or be nervous, just be yourself and put forth some effort. If you are a good applicant, we will find you.

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