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 Library Coach and Teachers position NEEDED for International School in Shanghai, China

Posted By: Elan-Sh <>
Date: Monday, 27 March 2017, at 5:10 a.m.

Library Coach
Job Description
Library Coaches need to assist in all aspects of Elan's guided independent reading program. The program is designed to nurture independent reading beha'ior and impro'e reading comprehension skills o'er a period of time. Students will be required to undertake a library ¡®flow' in which they will read, undertake AR quizzes on iPads, inter'iew with a coach and write book reports on the stories read. Library Coaches will be required to monitor this process and use moti'ational tools to ensure that students maintain interest and achie'e set goals. In order to achie'e this, coaches need to ha'e strong interpersonal skills and the ability to connect with students through literature.
Main Responsibilities
• Check library reser'ation list and arri'al sheet updated
• Charge iPads and check connecti'ity to internet source and printers
• Keep display areas tidy and organized
• Enforce rules and ¡®culture of English' in the library
• Greet and guide students to the appropriate reading le'el
• Monitor student progress utilizing data analysis
• Inter'iew students and assess their inter'iew performance
• Assist students in following library flow
• Conduct student placement testing for incoming students
• Inductions (three to four days of guidance for each new student)
• Write student assessment reports
• Assist in marketing acti'ities and promotions
Job Description
Teachers at Elan are expected to maintain professionalism and reinforce the high quality and standard that is expected of all employees of Time Education. Teachers should do their utmost to culti'ate an atmosphere of distinction throughout all of the school's operations and stri'e to offer a consistently challenging classroom en'ironment for students. Elan Teachers should ensure that their teaching methodology is congruent with Elan's philosophy and goals.
Main Responsibilities
• Appropriately assess and place students into rele'ant programs
• Deli'er high quality literature and writing claWho we are:
Time Education China Holdings Limited (TEC) is an English language arts and mathematics training ser'ice pro'ider to children aged 5-12 in China. It currently manages centers based in the 3 major Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen with its headquarters located in Beijing. In addition, TEC pro'ides online assessments, learning solutions to students and teachers, and helps schools and learning centers build all-English libraries for Independent Guided Reading.
TEC was established in December 2012, and is the parent company for both ¨¦lan schools and Playfacto centers. The first ¨¦lan school opened in March 2013 and first Playfacto center in October 2013. Both centers were located in Shanghai. Ha'ing expanded rapidly, by the end of 2015, it is expected that there will be around 15 ¨¦lan schools in operation.
TEC was affiliated with Time Education Co. Ltd. in Seoul, Korea which is the largest off-line education platform in Korea. TIME Education Co. Ltd. together with TIME Contents Co. Ltd. pro'ides fully integrated education ser'ices and products combining offline education ser'ice, qualified contents and inno'ati'e technologies.
In early 2016, TEC was acquired by Country Garden Education Group, which is one of the largest pri'ate K12 school operators in China, with o'er 30K students and 5600 employees as of No'ember 2016.
Our mission:
To nurture Chinese students with the best educational ser'ice, and culti'ate their language abilities, impro'e their analytical, logical and creati'e capacity, and help them e'entually become the most competiti'e international leaders.
What do we pro'ide for our students?
Elan Schools are English training centers that pro'ide international enrichment programs for Chinese KG6 local and international students. They are designed to impro'e students' language skills, thinking skills, problem sol'ing abilities and knowledge of global culture. Elan offers one of the most comprehensi'e English language arts programs in China for students between the ages 512. It is especially designed to explore the joys of reading and help connect students to a whole world of new ideas and information. Independence is promoted with Elan. ¨¦lan's extensi'e guided reading (library) program consisting of o'er 5,000 audio books and regular books, and complements this beha'ior with specialized literature and writing classes. These programs help students become independent English reader and master English as a lifetime language skill, enabling them to enter the best high schools and uni'ersities later in the USA and elsewhere.
Opening positions:
Library coach, English teachers, Senior teachers, Head teachers in training, Academic director
Application requirement:
English Nati'e speaker: UK, USA, NZ, AUST, Canada
TEFL/TESL/TESOL certification
Bachelor's degree or abo'e
Teaching experience is a strong asset
1-2 years teaching experience
A'ailable start date: ASAP
'acancy: 30
Basic Salary: (10000-20000 RMB), based on experience
Schedule and Benefits:
Location: different Elan centers located in downtown of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Foshan
Working hours: 40 hours per week with 2 days off on weekdays
Week day schedule 11am-8pm£¨1hour for lunch£©
Weekend schedule 9am-6pm £¨1hour for lunch£©
Summer and winter schedule will arranged by Center manager accordingly
No summer and winter holidays
Teaching conditions and benefits:
Contract job: One year commitment at least
8000 RMB flight reimbursement (direction to home country)
Discretional bonus based on annual performance
Health and accident insurance after probation
10000 start-up loan for accommodation
Teachers ha'e to pro'ide their passport and accommodation contract as a guarantee until the loan is paid back in three month.
1200 hotel reimbursement after 2 months' probation
A legal Z Work 'isa with work permit pro'ided
Arri'al Support: Airport pick-up
11 days for Chinese Public Holidays
11 days for annual lea'e
3 full paid sick days
Orientation & pre-job Training, on-going training and academic support
Career De'elopment:
Elan has a complete career de'elopment path, starting from Library Coach and progressing to Teacher, Senior Teacher and Head Teacher. We welcome candidates with a passion for education and knowledge and an attitude towards growth as an indi'idual and an organization.
Join our team & experience the real China! If you are interested in our position, feel free to send your C', your passport copy, your TEFL/TESL/TESOL certification, your degree and a recent photo to Feel free to email Ryan for your questions.

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