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Looking For English Native Speaking Graduate Teachers For One Year Or More, Starting Autumn 2014 in Cangzhou City, Herbei, China

Posted By: Dawn International English Language School <km.jarvis@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Monday, 7 July 2014, at 10:27 a.m.

The Cangzhou Dawn International English School in China is looking for English native speaking graduate teachers for one year or more, starting autumn 2014. Preferred teacher nationalities: UK, Eire,USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia

This is a small and friendly school that offers English classes to young children 3-12 years in Cangzhou City with up to 8 small classes taught by native English speaking graduates. It is set in a modern and pleasant area with beautiful parks, international martial arts arena, olympic class swimming pool and other sports and cultural facilities very near. Cangzhou is one hour South from Beijing by high-speed train with a station just a few minutes from the school and accommodation. Tianjin and Qindao are equally accessible with Shanghai 4 hours by train.

The ethos of the school is not for profit but to enable as many children as possible to learn English regardless of background and ability to pay. Children from poorer families are encouraged to learn with financial support from the school where possible. With classes kept to a maximum of 10 students for effective interactive learning, the main factor influencing the number of children that can be taught is the number of native English speaking teachers available and willing to support the school. For pictures see the school website http://www.dawnlanguage.com/

Salaries range from 7000 - 8000 RMB per month, according to experience, for 25 hours contact time mostly evenings and weekends. A generous package includes free accommodation and a number of optional language, music, gym and other classes most of these are included free. A 5000 RMB Bonus is provided on completion of 12 month contracts. Accommodation includes: Private Apartment, Heating, Air Conditioning, Gas, Electricity, Internet, Private Bedroom (one per teacher), Kitchen, Bathroom, Phone, Furniture, TV, Filtered Water, Washing Machine, Refrigerator.

Successful candidates will be provided with documentation to obtain full work Visas (Z Visa) before traveling to China.

To apply for teaching positions in the school from August 2014, please provide a phone number, facetime or Skype ID to “Kevin” at: km.jarvis@yahoo.co.uk with a short resume, photograph and a brief description of any relevant experience in teaching young children and any other expression of your interest in the post that you may wish to provide. If you are living in the UK, then a phone number contact would be convenient. If you are already working in China then you can contact the school director: Mrs Wei Shi Hong (Shishi) Phone Number 86 13582748406 Email wsh2724@gmail.com

Comments from Dawn International Teachers. Contact with current and past teachers can be arranged prior to accepting an offer.

Sarah (GB) – This is a fantastic school. I had such an enjoyable experience at the school and living in Cangzhou. The school has a creative structure where teachers follow a guideline scheme of work [DD Dragon method]. However, I was able to put my own edge on my teaching making it interactive, creative and fun. The students thoroughly enjoyed learning in this way and they were motivated and excited to learn new things. Cangzhou is a small city but has plenty of culture to explore, I even joined a gym [paid by the school] to use in my free time, which although my Chinese was limited the locals made me feel very welcome and at ease there. This school is perfect for enthusiastic and exciting teachers. I have brilliant memories of the students and families I met so I would definitely like to go back.

Chris (Australia) - I started teaching at Dawn Language School from September 2013. During this time I have enjoyed teaching a wide variety of classes, from children as young as 3 years old, to teaching English to the adults of some of the children! I have the freedom to be creative in the classes and there is never a dull moment. Getting to know the students and watch them progress is a very rewarding experience. The staff and owner of the school are very supportive and friendly and go out of their way to ensure you have a comfortable experience in China.

Ali (UK) – I consider my time at Dawn English school to be one of the major moments in my life. In Cangzhou I discovered a new skill-set I wasn't aware I even had and this school was the perfect environment for me to explore and develop these skills. The atmosphere in the school was excellent and I always felt welcomed and valued by Shishi and her team. I visited the school recently and found the same friendly atmosphere. Not to say it wasn't before, but the school now feels very professional and official and is a very established operation in Cangzhou as the school has essentially tripled in size. You'll need a bit of patience teaching kids at times but it will nearly always be a fun and rewarding experience working here!

Gail (UK) - Working at the [Dawn] School in Cangzhou was a mix of fun, challenging and interesting experiences. Teaching English as a Foreign Language definitely wakes up the creative creature in you. The students are lovely and adorable. Of course there will always be a few exceptions but you still learn to love them anyway. If you are new to teaching, fear not. Both the foreign teachers and the Chinese teachers are full of ideas to help you get you started. You only need to ask. They don't bite. The materials for the lessons are provided; you only need to squeeze some of your creative juice and game ideas to make it more fun for you and your students. Cangzhou is a small city so you have to be prepared not to find everything you want but it certainly has everything you need. If you also want to challenge yourself in learning the language which could take you far in the long run (literally as well if you were bitten by the travel bug), then Cangzhou is a nice place to do it as not many speak English compared to bigger cities. You learn to pick up the language quicker as it's a matter of survival. If not, the Chinese staff are only a phone call away.

Edwina (UK) - I decided to teach English in China after taking beginner Chinese classes at university. I wanted to be totally immersed in the culture and have the real Chinese experience. I saw an advert for Cangzhou Dawn International School and from reading the description, I immediately felt like this school was small and had a personable feeling. I was really drawn to the way that Shishi wanted the school to be a place of love for the kids and it didn't just feel like a business. During my whole year there, I was well looked after by Shishi and was provided with a modern furnished apartment, medical care, kung fu and piano classes (because Shishi knew how much I wanted to be Chinese!) and on occasion, group trips. She even looked after my family and friends when they came over to stay! The wage is excellent and due to the cost of living, you manage to save up a lot to go travelling (Beijing is only 1hr away). For example, you can get delicious street food for 50p! I found that I saved up more teaching in China than I do with my graduate job here in the UK! The hours are also great and would be classed as part-time in the UK.
I had a TEFL qualification but no official teaching practice so I was terrified that I would have a bunch of children staring blankly at me. However, the class sizes are small (15 max) and the teaching assistants are bilingual and highly experienced and can provide assistance if necessary. You find yourself learning quickly. The kids are really accepting too and due to the DD dragon curriculum which encourages learning English through fun activities, the kids can get practice team work and you can really be inventive with games. I was so attached to my kids that I even tried to teach when I had lost my voice! I really miss my children so much and the teaching assistants and Shishi especially who was my Chinese mother. All the English teachers make such a strong bond as well and we are all still in good contact and meet up even though we are in different corners of the world!
I always think about my time in China so positively and would really recommend Cangzhou Dawn International School. I've talked to so many people teaching English is China and it has made me feel so lucky to have chosen this school. Some experiences sounded horrifying! …Don't be swayed by one bad review which was from one ungrateful former teacher spamming the EFL sites. If you want the real Chinese experience, you want to feel part of a family and you genuinely like children then please apply.

Zoe (UK)- Teaching is hard work and will definitely leave you feeling exhausted but it is also one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. I learnt so much while teaching at this school and met people and did things that I will never forget.
The city of Cangzhou is considered a small city in China and has very few English speakers. Although this may seem a little daunting if you are like me and know little to no Chinese but you will find that the people here are very friendly and willing to help you as much as they can. You will also take part in Chinese lessons every week at the school and you will find your Chinese language skills improving very quickly as you will be forced to use them when you go to a lot of places in the city, like shopping or out to restaurants.
The children you will be teaching are really just like children all over the world they like to play and mess around and can be just as naughty as kids in England , Australia or America but you will also learn to love them. The kids can be hard work and tiring but it is so rewarding when they remember a word or grammer point you have been teaching them. I have many kids that I taught that I still think about now, 6 months after I have left the school and wonder how their English is progressing and wishing I could see them again. If you choose to teach at The Dawn International Language School you will have an amazing an experience that I’m sure you will never forget. All the staff at the school are kind and friendly and will help you with anything you need to make your time their comfortable.

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