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English Teaching Company in Beijing Seeking Teachers

Posted By: Beijing BOTO Education Consulting Co., Ltd <lrenelv@sat.cn>
Date: Wednesday, 4 June 2014, at 12:14 p.m.

BOTO Education (Chinese: 博图教育), a startup education company based in Beijing that specializes in helping Chinese high school students prepare for the SAT, is seeking teachers. Applicants must want to work in China for at least a year, care about our students and want to master the craft of teaching English.

Job requirements:

1, Native speaker over 22 years old

2, Bachelor Degree or above

3, SAT, SSAT Training experience is preferred.

4, A TEFL or CELTA certification is preferred

5, A passion for learning, teaching and meeting new people

Your BOTO benefits package:

During your interview, your recruiter will be happy to go into more detail about the specifics of the position.

1,12000 - 20000 RMB monthly, based on experience
2,10000 RMB annual flight allowance
3,Sponsored legal Z work visa
4,First Month salary paid in advance for stuff overseas.
5, Health insurance

6, Mandarin Chinese lessons
7, Airport pick-up upon arrival

If you are interested, feel free to contact us at : lrenelv@sat.cn

Hours/Work Schedule

Standard 40-hour/week. When a teacher is not in the classroom he or she is usually in the office preparing for classes or developing curriculum. We strive to keep active teaching time under 60 hours per calendar month (15hr/week) to prevent burnout, but we do pay 200 rmb/hour in overtime for each hour of extra teaching that can arise. When classes fall on weekends we try to make sure it is for either Saturday or Sunday—not both--and that a Friday or Monday is off to provide a two-day break.

Most classes are 3-10 students in size, but we also teach one-on-one classes from time to time. Generally the students are highly motivated and rewarding to teach.

We senior partners at the company have all been teachers ourselves, so we want an organization that serves our students well, and helps our teachers thrive.

About BOTO:

Beijing BOTO Education Consulting Co., (Referred to as BOTO Education) is an Academic English Organization based in Beijing. Our mission is to better prepare Chinese high school students to attend and succeed at American Universities by providing them with a progressive and interactive, globally focused academic English curriculum.

BOTO Education is not another “Test Prep” or “ESL” organization. We focus on preparing students with the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to not only get into, but also succeed at top American Colleges and Universities. Our American Test Prep Programs focus not on teaching students how to memorize “tricks and gimmicks” in order to score well on the test, but rather focus on providing them with broader skills and cultural awareness—things that will stick with them after they have left the testing room. Our American English Language-Arts Program combines these American requirements and teaching pedagogies with the specific needs and expectations of Chinese students, resulting in a truly comprehensive curriculum that is best suited to address the issues Chinese students often face in the classroom.

Outside of the classroom, our offices truly reflect the culture of an Education Joint Venture, with a highly diverse and cooperative staff. We value motivated individuals and are always on the lookout for those who are capable of developing strong leadership and managerial skills. Individuals who stay with us longer than a year are in good standing to be promoted to leadership roles which will reflect strongly on resumes, no matter your future career goals.

About the program:

BOTO SAT-Training Program is one of our cornerstone programs.

“The SAT is a basic test of Academic Ability, specifically testing what a student already knows and how well they are able to use that knowledge to solve questions they do not know. Naturally, the cultivation of critical reading skills, academic writing abilities and logic skills are necessary to not only succeed on these tests, but also to meet the most basic entry requirements of most American Universities and Colleges.” -College Board

BOTO SAT-Training Program is one of our cornerstone programs. It has taken above as our guiding philosophy in the classroom. We have designed an SAT preparatory curriculum that builds a student’s Academic English level in a holistic way—our classrooms target Chinese students’ specific deficiencies in grammar, critical reading, academic writing, and, at the same time, seek to cultivate their general critical thinking and analytical skills.

One of the true strengths and what makes our program as a whole unique is our focus on a student’s perspective. The SAT, as a widely accepted entrance requirement for many U.S. colleges and universities, has an unavoidable cultural bias if a student hasn’t grown up or received education in the United States.

To address this issue, our SAT Training curriculum, and our entire curriculum approaches instruction by incorporating lessons on the background, context, culture, current events, and history behind the materials we teach in class. Our teachers are all young, highly motivated graduates of top U.S. colleges and universities, which ensure that from the very start, instruction and insights given to students during class are up-to-date and culturally relevant.

BOTO- English-Language Arts Program

English-Language Arts Program and corresponding curriculum is the result of nearly five years of extensive research, assembled by our team of experienced teachers and experts on the Chinese and American education systems.

This complete program of courses spans from Chinese Middle School Grade 7 through High School Grade 12 and is designed to meet the requirements established by the widely used and accepted Common Core Standard Curriculum. Our American English Language-Arts Program combines these American requirements and teaching pedagogies with the specific needs and expectations of Chinese students, resulting in a truly comprehensive curriculum that is best suited to address the issues Chinese students often face in the classroom.

This curriculum fulfills the Chinese Education System’s English Language Requirements and steers students onto a path more competitive and comparable to their American counterparts through the use of original, unedited American textbooks often seen in high-performing U.S. classrooms, classic Western literature, and discussion-based classrooms.

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