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ESL Specialists / Kindergarten Teacher / Very Young Learners - September 2019: Moscow, Russia

Posted By: 365ee - Everyday English <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, 18 July 2019, at 12:56 p.m.

Video about Moscow and our school - https://youtu.be/WoYCW6bqBLU 

Please send applications to [email protected]

Applicants MUST list the position(s) that they would like to apply for from the following list:

Lessons with adults may be offered to teachers holding any position

1. General ESL teacher to school-aged children 7-15 years old

2. Young learners specialist - Children 2-6 years old

3. English Kindergarten teacher - Children 2-6 years old

4. Exam prep. specialist - All ages (teens and adults)

All applications must contain the following items:

C.V., Reference contacts, recent photograph, university degree and teaching certification scans.

Добро пожаловать в России!

Everyday English (365ee) is hiring new ESL teachers for the 2019 academic year starting in September.

Children are divided into two main groups aged from 2-6 and 7-13. You will be working at least one of these age groups as a teacher, so if you are not interested in children education, please do NOT apply.

Everyday English is a growing company located in the South-West of Moscow. Our teachers come from all over the world to teach English here in what we consider one of the best cities ever, Moscow! 

365ee is dynamic and has a constant flow of new ideas. We are looking for people who would like to be a part of a team, feel appreciated and have their inputs and their abilities be put into application. Most of all we are looking for true, dedicated teachers.

We are still however a small company, and that means that every one of our employees plays a key role in the development and growth of the company. If you are someone who would like to make a visible difference in the lives of the students you work with, as well as in the company on the whole, then the opportunity to do so is right here.

We are not looking for simple 9-5ers, not looking for people who are interested in having a job just to have a job or worst of all, people who are looking for an express ticket, no-responsibilities pass to Russia. We are educators and we are creative people. Our mission is to teach English, get results, share our linguistic and national culture with Russians as well as to create a wonderful place to work for all of our employees. 

Now for the nitty gritty:

FULL TIME work position - September 2019

Schedule: 5 consecutive work days / 2 consecutive days off per week.

exact work days may be any combination of 5 consecutive days.

Possible lesson times vary depending on the position of the teacher and the age of the students, but are blocked within the following blocks - 9:00-19:00 / 12:00-21:00 (9 hours with a break for lunch)

Lessons are located in one general area of the city (service zone). That being said teachers may be required to commute between lessons held outside of our school’s premises.


Obliged to hold 98 lessons per month (60 minutes per lesson) approx. 21-25 lessons per week

Kindergarten teachers teach in 4 hour blocks 5 days per week.

Staff meetings held on a regular basis

Career teachers with education and pedagogy degrees are preferred.

Candidates with experience/knowledge of early childhood development and early language acquisition will be selected first.

Standard contract period - 9 academic months for each teacher.

Native speaker of English with passport from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, South-Africa, Malta, Ireland
***Our company employs staff of all nationalities and has a rich multi-cultural background, however for teaching positions we will not consider teachers who do not hold passports from the above-mentioned countries or those who cannot demonstrate cultural knowledge typical of people who have roots in the countries listed.

CELTA or TEFL certificate of teacher training (not required if university degree held in education).

Minimum Bachelor’s degree from accredited university.

Minimum 1 year experience in the teaching field
Passion for working with children

Communicative, open, and optimistic personality

Willing to work in team environment, take part in team events and discussions - No lone wolves

Take part in periodic professional development courses, seminars, trainings and other professional development sessions (many times these occur outside of work hours)

Willing to teach lessons in groups, one-on-one and at client’s homes.

Visa requirements - Absence of HIV test - 3 months, Police background check - 6 months, absence of narcotics test, absence of serious communicable diseases and psychological disorders (We work with children and the governmental standards are very strict)

Benefits and renumeration:

Our company shall provide employees with a full package of benefits to allow for a comfortable standard of living in Moscow. Along with the employee’s benefit package, monetary renumeration shall be provided according to standard renumeration policies.

Benefit Package guaranteed for all Positions:

Flight reimbursement to Moscow (approx. $500)

Year long unlimited public transportation pass

Paid visa support (initial costs approx. $300)

Paid shared accommodation in school flat (alternatively 20.000 Rub. provided monthly if living in own flat
Paid governmental holidays

Paid vacation package

Airport Pickup

Paid medical insurance for one year

Payment of governmental registration in Russia

Personal teaching equipment provided - Tablet, Bluetooth speaker, Printer in home

One printer cartridge refill per month provided

Full teacher support and emergency hotline

Vibrant package of social activities and in-house events

Yearly Christmas party

Renumeration plans:

Salaries are subject to personal income tax and are listed in gross figures.

Standard teacher (1+ year experience / non-pedagogical diploma)

Benefit package + Guaranteed minimum monthly salary 50.000 RUB + up to 48.000 Rub monthly

Teacher with extensive experience and additional certifications:

Benefit package + Guaranteed minimum monthly salary 55.000 RUB + up to 52.800 Rub monthly

Kindergarten Teacher

Benefit package + Guaranteed minimum monthly salary 69.000 RUB + up to 48.000 Rub monthly

YLE Specialist (2-6 years)

Benefit package + Guaranteed minimum monthly salary 50.000 RUB + up to 57.600 Rub monthly






Contact details:

Aaron Figurski

[email protected]

+7 926 667 15 20

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