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Canterbury International TEFL Certificate in wonderful MADRID, SPAIN!

Posted By: Canterbury TEFL <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, 3 December 2018, at 4:28 p.m.

Canterbury International TEFL Certificate in wonderful MADRID, SPAIN!

Canterbury International TEFL Certificate in wonderful MADRID, SPAIN!

(including a Guaranteed EFL Teaching Job with Canterbury Consulting Spain!)

TEFL Course Price: 995 € - 280 € (Paid required internship teaching with Canterbury) = 715 €
(Final price for your TEFL Certificate, the best cost/quality ratio for a TEFL program in Spain)

Canterbury TEFL Course in Madrid


C/ Covarrubias 22, 2 Dcha. 
28010 Madrid,Spain
Tel: +34 918 380 082
[email protected]
(Don’t forget we are 9 hours ahead, west coast to 6 hours ahead, east coast of the US and Canada and 1 hour ahead of the UK. Please call between 10:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Spanish time.)



Canterbury TEFL offers exciting opportunities for English speaking people (native and bilingual) to teach English, while experiencing the thrills of living in a foreign country. We are committed to accept, to challenge, and to inspire people to make a life instead of just a living.

John Bouse, Director Canterbury Tefl


  • A College graduate: Are you a recent college graduate who would like to take some time off before graduate school or starting a corporate job?
  • Interested in a gap year: Are you looking to take a gap year during your University studies?
  • Tired of your job: Have you had enough of the corporate world and would like to start a new career path and life yourself?
  • An English Teacher: Are you already an EFL English teacher who would benefit from specialized instruction?
  • Retired: Are you retired and ready for a new challenge?


  • Do you want to travel and have an international circle of friends?
  • Would you like to learn another language?
  • Do you want to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle in a sunny climate?

If so, then the Canterbury TEFL program is what you are looking for. The Canterbury TEFL Course is the easiest, most affordable and exciting way to live and work in Madrid. This includes our competitive prices, social activities and a guaranteed job WITH US! We also provide security for non-EU members to live in Spain through the sponsorship of student visas.


  • Madrid is the vibrant capital of Spain with a low cost of living and high quality of life.
  • There is a great diversity of people and cultures, endless opportunities for social interaction, wonderful theatres and museums, a great nightlife and all enjoyed in a dry, sunny climate.
  • Immerse yourself in the Spanish language! If you aspire to learn the language, Madrid is the largest city in the Spanish speaking world where Spanish is spoken in its most international version (as opposed to marked regional accents or non related languages).

Madrid night
Madrid at night!


Founded in 2001, Canterbury is one of longest running and most reputable TEFL programs in Spain with Canterbury Consulting Spain, the parent language school, providing English language services in Madrid since 1994 www.canterburyconsultingspain.com

Canterbury TEFL directors are founding members and affiliated professionals of the prestigious Chartered College of Teaching.

Canterbury has been awarded numerous language immersion contracts by the Madrid City Council due to its quality, reputation and longevity as an organization.
Canterbury TEFL provides a wide area of job opportunities, from teaching Business English at companies to tutoring at students'homes.

Canterbury is also uniquely certified in Outdoor education by the Spanish Ministry of Education to carry out language immersion retreats with children and adolescents in the Madrid mountains and throughout Spain.

We can also help place instructors in the Spanish school system as English language conversation assistants.

Our proven track record, professional associations and long term experience are all great assets to our TEFL students and graduates.

Another important element that distinguishes the prestigious Canterbury International TEFL Certificate is that the 20 hour paid practicum, teaching real life students in the field in weeks three and four of the course, allows students to have a direct experience with teaching while still under the supervision of their TEFL instructors.
This helps our graduates decide where they may want to specialize in as far as teaching children, adolescents, adults or business English classes as they go on to join our teaching team.

What about the summer? For our TEFL graduates, Canterbury will offer you excellent opportunities for a summer job, including the chance to teach at summer camps located throughout Spain during the months of July and August. Check out our separate website for our very own English Adventure Camps at www.englishadventures.com

Students TEFL
Canterbury Tefl students, practise teaching session


The 120-hour course is highly intensive, with practical case studies and a learn-by-doing approach. You are given complete support in all of your teaching needs by our director of studies and experienced TEFL trainers, who provide you with essential materials and guidance for your classes.

Our philosophy for training teachers includes both a LEARN BY DOING approach together with A PAID FOR DOING policy! Each TEFL trainee must teach a total of 20 hours of classes with non-native speaking students to fulfill the 120 hour course requirements and obtain their TEFL certificate. This is by far the highest number of real teaching hours offered by any TEFL program and you will be paid for teaching these classes. As a trainee, you will be hard pressed to find a better situation than that!


  • Four Week TEFL Course with all-live classroom training. This gives you real in-person teaching experience that an online TEFL course simply cannot provide.
  • Accredited TEFL Certificate. Accredited at TESOL Advanced Level 5 with Practicum in 2009, a certification standard recognized and valid worldwide.
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Job with Canterbury for all graduates and Lifetime Job Assistance with other schools in Spain and around the world.
  • Canterbury Club Social Activities
  • Spanish lessons with partner language school, Inhispania
  • Housing Support
  • Visa Support

TEFL Training Center in Madrid:
The Canterbury TEFL offices are located in a beautiful, residential area in the heart of downtown Madrid, surrounded by historic buildings from the 18th century and very near to the famous Alonso Martinez Square and metro station.

Spanish Language Studies Overview:
In deciding to train as an EFL instructor and teach in Madrid you should not miss the opportunity to learn to speak the world's second most widely spoken language.
You can learn or improve your Spanish in a variety of Spanish language classes offered by our Spanish partner school, Madrid's renowned INHISPANIA, where discounts are applied for all Canterbury TEFL students. All of which will help you to fully integrate yourself into Spanish culture. For non-EU residents, any combined Canterbury TEFL + Inhispania courses include student visa sponsorship.


TEFL Course
995 euros (TEFL Course Price)
- 280 euros (Paid required internship teaching with Canterbury)
= 715 euros (Final price for your TEFL Certificate, the best cost/quality ratio for a TEFL program in Spain)


The requirement for the TEFL Certificate program and the teaching position (we can only guarantee jobs to students who have completed our TEFL program) is to be a native English speaker or fluent in English. Most of our applicants are over 21, but we will consider applicants between 18 and 21 years of age in special cases as well. In the application process, we will take into full account your higher education and prior work experience.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: See our web page for exact start dates and more details at www.canterburytefl.com

REQUEST AN APPLICATION: [email protected]

C/ Covarrubias 22, 2 Dcha. 
28010 Madrid,Spain
Tel: +34 918 380 082
(Don’t forget we are 9 hours ahead, west coast to 6 hours ahead, east coast of the US and Canada and 1 hour ahead of the UK. Please call between 10:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Spanish time.)


Emily Mulcahey - Henniker, New Hampshire

I arrived in Madrid just over one year ago. Twenty-three, fresh college graduate and no idea what I had just done. Surely, this had been a mistake. What was I thinking?

Fast-forward one year later and I have just gone home to the United States for Christmas. It’s funny how this was such a strange experience, when just one year ago the strange part had been arriving in Madrid.

I have built a client base here and crafted a schedule that I truly enjoy. I didn’t know a single thing about teaching, or evidently, even about the English language. Suffice it to say, this experience would have been impossible without Canterbury. The course and the help they offer after the course are both exceptional. I would have gotten nowhere without them, and largely because of them, I will return home at the end of this experience a far more capable person than the one who arrived here last January.

There is not a shadow of a doubt that this has been the most
rewarding experience of my life. Steve Jobs famously stated, “you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Trust that a year from now, or even ten years from now, you’ll look back and the dots will connect. Despite the fear, the inexperience, the homesickness and the long days, this is exactly where I was supposed to be.

And I am so much better for it.

Sophia Gavrila - Montclair, New Jersey (now a Madrid resident)

On November 11th, 2017, I boarded Iberia flight 1007 on a direct route to Madrid, with nothing but a suitcase and a ferocious belief.  My time was up.  It hit me: “career” was nothing more than a euphemism for waged slavery.  I was thirsty for an experience that would shake up the status quo, liberating me of my American-bred perceptions of the world and launching me into adventure.  I quenched this desire the moment I stepped foot into John Bouse’s classroom at Canterbury.

Back in November, I had a clear plan.  I called it my Adventure Blueprint 2.0: I was to teach English in Madrid to support myself in the city I’d fallen in love with during my year abroad in college. The magnificent towers, the chatter of Spanish bars that drifted into the streets and hung in the air like honey, the vermouth, the gentle sound of guitar and passionate cries into the sky from my downstairs neighbors practicing Flamenco...these were the occurances of daily life that drove me to return to the city I’d fallen in love with.  And Canterbury’s TEFL program was my golden ticket back.

If you’re a prospective student reading this, itching with a desire to escape normalcy and follow the white rabbit into a world beyond your wildest dreams, you’ve been warned: teaching English in Madrid is not what it seems; it’s so much more.

Canterbury’s TEFL program guided me through the pitfalls and curiosities of my mother-tongue, sharpening my verbal-linguistic skills and appreciation for language.  But most importantly, learning to teach was the most valuable lesson I learned. I like to call it my secret superpower. Learning the art of tutelage has brought a transformative perspective to my life in how I relate to others, listen, and learn, myself.  I find it hard to find the right words in any language to justly portray my gratitude to Canterbury for the education that launched a million opportunities.

The TEFL program may have been the most important, beautiful, intricate, patch in the messy, spectacular quilt of my lifetime.  I now travel the world, study languages, and teach where I feel led.  One year later, I’m proud to Madrid my homebase. I’ll always have this skill in my tool belt.

Teaching English is the superpower that allows you to live anywhere on this planet and thrive.  My only desire is that you, dear reader, listen in to that burning desire for something more, and quench your thirst for adventure.  Fate most certainly brought me to discover Canterbury. The TEFL program is the door, but it’s your job to walk through it. Take the right step forward, and get ready for an adventure beyond what you could have ever imagined.  
Thank you, Canterbury, for igniting my path!

Un abrazo fuerte,
Sophia Gavrila

Rosa Conway - New Zealand


I took the Canterbury TEFL course in September 2017. I had already taken the CELTA but decided to take a second TESOL course so that I could teach in Spain. I found that the course effectively built on my existing knowledge, without feeling that I was needlessly repeating qualifications. I found the grammar unit to be particularly helpful and also that many of the teachings echoed that of the well-regarded Cambridge TESOL course. I also liked that there was a diversity in focus, with units on teaching children and business English. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in gaining new skills and teaching in Spain. 

Kind Regards,

Rosa Conway 

Joy Samson - The Phillipines

To All Potential TEFL Candidates:
I am writing this testimonial letter to share my experiences in teaching English at Canterbury in Madrid. I am from the Philippines and I have been living here for eight years. I never expected that I would become an English teacher here. When I researched the TEFL course offered by Canterbury, I thought that it was the best way to experience another type of job market. So I decided to take the course and finally, I passed. While I was taking the course, I was very honoured to meet the very hospitable staff, directors, co-teachers and especially our director and teacher, Mr. John Bouse. He trained us extremely well on how to teach English. He taught us different styles and strategies of teaching English. Finally, the most important experience that I have had with them is that at Canterbury, they are very warm and kind.
They treated all of us as their friends and as a part of the family. They never hesitated to help us regarding any of our problems. Whatever our needs and questions are, they are always there to accommodate us. I really enjoy the experience of teaching English to Spanish students here in Madrid. As of now, I have very friendly, sweet and nice students. Their parents are very well educated and respectful to me as an English teacher, making this profession quite fun and rewarding. So TEFL candidates, I recommend that you to come and experience teaching here in Madrid, Spain because there are many opportunities to teach English to Spanish people. I hope you can experience how great it is to teach English here and take this course as your first step. Let Canterbury prepare you for this wonderful opportunity. I can assure you that you will not regret this. God bless! 
Joy Samson 

Christopher A. Wilson - USA

To All TEFL Candidates: 
As someone who has, ultimately, become a professional English teacher as a full time career, I know that there are unfortunately a lot of less than reputable schools and courses out there all too happy to take your money and leave you unprepared for the realities of teaching, if they ever get you a job at all. That's why I'm more than happy to write this letter recommending Canterbury TEFL in Madrid, which I have no reservations about vouching for, hopefully providing you with some useful information and guidance in the often chaotic world of TEFL and ESL. I moved to Madrid after finishing my Bachelor's in the US in order to pursue a Master's degree, and while that Master's in applied linguistics certainly gave me a tremendous theoretical foundation to language teaching pedagogy and language acquisition theory, it did far less to actually tell me how to teach.
Even so, I came to Canterbury primarily hoping they could find me some work in Madrid and help me to extend my visa, and I can say that they are well worth your time and money. The staff at Canterbury, all of whom I found to be friendly, personable, professional and, most importantly, helpful, managed to help me extend my Spanish visa on two separate occasions, allowing me to stay in Madrid for a total of three years. The actual TEFL course I had with John Bouse was very thorough and useful, combining perfectly with my Master's coursework. It is something I genuinely believe has made me a far more effective teacher than I ever would have been just jumping into the fray straight from the university halls and certainly had me better equipped to handle teaching in Spain and in general. Canterbury was also able to fully deliver on their promise of work throughout my entire time with them. In the beginning, it may be only a few private classes here and there, but I stuck with them and before long found myself with a full slate of group and company classes that provided me with a more than comfortable living in Madrid. Madrid itself is, in my opinion, the greatest city in the world, and I've seen a fair few of them. There are few cities that can match its underrated beauty, vivacity, liveliness (especially at night) and friendliness.
There's something in Madrid for everyone and I'm a firm believer in the idea that everyone should experience this wonderful city and the inimical country of Spain at least once in their lives. As someone who fully intends to ultimately settle down in Madrid permanently, once my wandering days are over, I give my strongest possible endorsement. I would never have been able to experience Madrid for as long as I did without the Canterbury program, and for that, I will always be grateful. For that alone I was more than willing to write all the testimonial letters they could want, but that would do a disservice to the quality of their program and their staff (who continue to be of assistance even now, years after I left the program). If you have any doubts about Canterbury, rest easy. They're the best and choosing them and Madrid is something you'll not regret. 
Christopher A. Wilson

Sarah Ballard UK/Madrid

Dear Future Canterbury TEFL Students, 
Having lived and worked as a secretary in Madrid for more than thirty years, the company I was working for relocated to The Netherlands and I was made redundant. I decided to use the opportunity to take the Canterbury TEFL course with the idea of maybe giving a few English classes here and there until I could find another full-time job. With my school studies many years behind me and grammar rules long forgotten, I was quite nervous when the course started in January, but these feelings soon disappeared once we started --- the Canterbury staff make you feel welcome and there is little time for contemplations with dynamic, participative classes and homework, but still time for those new to this wonderful city to sightsee, enjoy the Spanish culture and have a beer!
The four weeks flew past and before we knew it we were up and running and confidently giving classes ourselves: The Canterbury TEFL course is not only informative and well organized but also practical, so as well as learning from our knowledgeable teachers with their wide experience in TEFL and their ability to make learning fun transmitting enthusiasm, we also learned from our own classmates as we gained confidence and put into practice all the aspects of teaching English as a foreign language plus more specifically Business English and Children’s classes firstly amongst ourselves and then very quickly with Canterbury clients. Almost a year later I am so glad to have taken up this new work opportunity. I love what I am doing, at the moment giving evening classes which suits my present situation perfectly, but with an option to extend to more hours. Canterbury TEFL has an excellent reputation and therefore an endless supply of clients in different areas of Madrid providing a good opportunity to move around the city --- what a super way to mix business and pleasure! 
Sarah Ballard

Maria Luisa Fernandez-Llanio  - Spain

I must admit that the way I got to Canterbury’s TEFL course was not orthodox. I am Spanish so, technically speaking, I could work in Madrid in a job related to my profession (Project Management in Financial Services). Unfortunately, the labour market in Spain is rather inflexible and I did not want to be absent from my home 12 hours a day having just moved my children from London to Madrid. When I came across TEFL, I just thought, why not? This could work for me. I was unsure at the start as I am not a linguist and had zero teaching experience but I can speak English like a native so I gave it a go. John Bouse’s TEFL course was absolutely amazing and fun. It covers all aspects of teaching English as a foreign language in a very hands-on manner. You get to practice as you learn which I believe is the best teaching approach. John makes you feel welcome, capable and valuable from the start. He illustrates his teaching with myriad examples and anecdotes.
He also likes to put you on the spot and gets you out of your comfort zone so that you experience how it feels to learn and teach a new language. For example, a friend of his gave us two lessons in a foreign language that none of us spoke. What an eye-opener! Although I knew from the start that I wanted to use my professional background to focus on teaching professionals to improve their ability to speak in meetings, conference calls, whilst travelling, etc., I enjoyed all aspects of the course. I do not teach grammar but concentrate on speaking and listening skills which are really sought after. Many adult Spaniards have a good command of grammar and a sizeable vocabulary but they will really struggle to communicate in English. I am honoured to be able to help them communicate in a foreign language which, after all, is what a language is for. Best of all, I have managed to reinvent myself whilst keeping a healthy work-life balance and, most importantly, whilst meeting very interesting people and enjoying myself. I truly recommend it. Why don’t you give it a go like I did? 
Maria Luisa Fernandez-Llanio 

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