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So you want to be a TEFL teacher?....But no one has told you EXACTLY what you need to do to become one RIGHT?

Posted By: TEFL Heaven
Date: Thursday, 18 January 2018, at 10:11 a.m.

If you do this one thing right, you will become an amazing TEFL teacher and your students will LOVE YOU!

You remember being at school right? Who do you remember the most? (apart from your crush! Haha)

Was it your really boring teachers who practically sent you to sleep whilst you copied line after line after line after line from the board? NO!! Of course it wasnít!!

Or was it the cool, funny, energetic teachers who actually interacted with you, got you off your chair to show you something, clearly gave a damn about your education, and actually inspired you! Of course it was!!

So if you want to be a TEFL teacher, ask yourself, which one of those two do you want to be remembered as? - The boring teacher or the great one? No brainer right?

HEREíS THE THING - If youíre going to be a great teacher, you need to learn from great teachers. Logical right?

OK, perhaps youíre saying in your head, ďwell I know the English language so I already know I can teach it because I speak it everydayĒ - WRONG! Thatís just wishful thinking.

Or perhaps youíre thinking ďyeah but Iím just gonna do a cheap online course because someone online who Iíve never met told me I can get a job with thatĒ - Sure you can, but do you think itíll be a good job, as in one youíll actually like and want to stick at? Huh??

Do you honestly think that a school which is happy to leave the responsibility of educating itís students in the hands of someone with next to no (or actually no) practical teaching experience, and who only has a cheap online TEFL course to their name, actually cares that much about their students!? And if they care that little about their students, how well do you think youíll be paid and looked after whilst youíre thousands of miles from home? Sound like the foundation for a great time abroad? - Just let that sink inÖ.

This is the harsh reality - teaching English abroad is the same as all walks of life - YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN - SIMPLE

If you put little effort by doing some cheap online TEFL course, youíre not going to be a very good teacher and youíre not going to have a great time because youíll be a terrible teacher! - Who wants that going through their mind every night?

If you invest at the start and get some proper classroom based training in the country youíre going to be living and teaching in, youíre going to have the BEST POSSIBLE START and undoubtedly will have the best possible experience with it. Logical right?

TEFL Heaven can make that happen for you!

Having worked in the TEFL industry for coming up 9 years I have seen and heard a LOT! One thing I have heard again and again, is the story of the person who travelled abroad to get a job, sometimes having secured one online before they left, having done some cheap online TESOL/TEFL course, solely for the purpose of showing they have one. Then, only to get in a classroom and in that moment when 30 odd students are expectantly staring at them, suddenly realise they left their confidence BACK HOME!

They donít know how to prepare.
They donít know how to structure a lesson.
They donít know how to control a classroom.
They donít know how to teach!

The worst thing of all is they end up giving up their dream, going back home with their tail between their legs, and telling people that teaching English abroad just wasnít for them (IT WAS!)

Itís a sad story that happens too much, and totally could have been avoided, and could have resulted in the life changing, soul finding, friendship building, career preparing experience they wanted it to be, if they had only just done one thing differently. THE BEGINNING!

If you do one of TEFL Heavenís face-to-face TEFL training programs in Asia, Europe or Latin America, I can guarantee you will;

Actually be a 100% better teacher, meaning youíll be an AMAZING teacher in the classroom and your students with LOVE YOU!

Be able to escalate to the higher paying jobs quickly so you can get paid 30% more after your first 6 months of teaching.

Have comprehensive assistance with organising documents and securing visas so you donít have to sweat it and risk messing the whole process up and wasting time and money.

Feel a bucket load of confidence going into your first job so you can actually enjoy your experience of living and teaching abroad.

Have an established group of amazing like-minded friends to share your experience and meet up with.

Have in-country support that means help is close by.

Learn more about how you can become the AMAZING TEFL teacher you want to be by clicking on www.teflheaven.com

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