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Teachers Needed in Surat Thani, Thailand - The City of Good People

Posted By: Super English <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, 21 November 2017, at 1:22 p.m.

“No joke, this is the best school to work for in South East Asia. In my 5 years teaching abroad, I wished all the schools I worked for would be like Super English.” – John Phelps, former SE Teacher

Super English Language School ( www.superenglishsurat.com ) is looking for enthusiastic individuals to teach English, Math, and Science to the fun-loving children of Surat Thani starting in early May, 2018. The students are well behaved, intelligent, and eager to learn. The working environment is friendly, supportive, and relaxed. We give our teachers the time and space they need to develop at their own pace while offering support any time they want or need it. There is a Thai teaching assistant in every class.

These positions are tailored for those who enjoy being creative while teaching, are comfortable in a professional organization, like to laugh and have fun in the classroom, and are willing to work hard to make sure the students experience an enjoyable and productive time while learning.

To learn more about our school and Surat Thani, please visit our website: www.superenglishsurat.com

To read more from our teachers, please visit their blog: www.superenglishsuratthani.wordpress.com

To read reviews about our program, please visit: www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Super-English-Language-School-Reviews-E645496.htm

The starting date for these positions is early May, 2018.

We offer:
- 35,000 baht per month flat salary
- 20-25 teaching hours per week (weekends off)
- 20,000 baht for the holiday month of October
- 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. workday
- minimum amount of paperwork
- one year contract
- three week travel break in October
- all national holidays paid, as well as a 1-2 week Christmas break
- one and a half month travel break in March or April
- all one year visas provided by the school
- easy access to convenient and affordable housing
- full training
- full support throughout your entire contract
- free Thai language lessons
- monthly school sponsored fun event
- comprehensive orientation

A successful applicant will have the following qualities:
- hard-working, professional, and flexible
- fun and out-going
- patient, interested in learning, and open-minded
- young at heart
- enthusiastic

Most importantly, a successful applicant will have a genuine desire to teach English to the children of Surat Thani.

Due to requirements from the Surat Thani Ministry of Education, we can only accept applications from native English speakers who have a university degree.

To apply for this position, please send an email with your attached RESUME, CURRENT PHOTO, UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA SCAN, as well as RESPONSES to the questions below to [email protected]

What experience have you had in teaching English?

What is your approach to teaching?

What experience have you had living and working in another country?

How do you respond to new experiences, environments and cultures?

What makes you want to live in Surat Thani?

How do you respond to changes in the workplace, such as new educational programs being introduced and teaching new students?

What are some of the things you would like to do in Thailand besides teach?

Have you traveled in Thailand before?

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

When can you begin working with Super English?


Here are comments from our current teachers about their experiences with Super English:

“I’m currently finishing my fourth year with Super English working at Thidamaepra. It’s amazing how one year turns into many and I think that speaks volumes as to the overall experience working at Super English. Peter and the team have always gone out of their way to make sure all the administrative work is taken care of so I can fully focus my efforts on teaching and enjoying my time in Surat Thani. It’s been instrumental to my success and development to have this support and assistance. Super English has always gone above and beyond to help with teaching assistance, Thai language classes, social activities for the team, etc. I think that really sets us apart from other schools. Being so far away from home, it was very important to me to have a company who was there for me, helped me though bumps along the road, and fostered my personal / professional growth and development. Super English has worked tirelessly to make sure we have a great team and a positive working environment. That’s important as it translates over to the kids, which is the most important part! I’ve been blessed to work with my kids from grade three to grade six and Super English was fully supportive and encouraging of the bond I’ve formed with my students.

I’ve always felt like a part of the Surat community. Surat is a very warm and accessible city. Plenty to do around town and a new adventure is only a bus ride or ferry ride away to a new city, island, or town! To me, it’s offered a great way to integrate into Thai culture and feel like an active participant in town. It’s always cute when I’m out and about and I hear, “Teacher!!” with a smiling, bright face. I couldn’t imagine working for a different company in Thailand and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made!" – Keith Mangan, fourth year SE teacher

“The decision to teach abroad was not an easy one for me to make. One reason for this is because life in North Dakota was quite comfortable and easy. I was able to live a life of routine and simplicity! But that kind of life gets a bit boring and mundane after a while. Hours turned into days, which then turned into weeks, and then into months… and before I knew it, a year had gone by and nothing in my life had changed. I needed an adventure. I needed to be uncomfortable. So what did I do? I decided to sign on to teach with Super English for a year!

Since then, my life has changed in so many ways. No day is the same. There are adventures around every corner! What I have found is that being uncomfortable opens up your pathway to so many more opportunities and adventures! All you have to do is make that decision to face your fears and tackle them head on, and trust me, once you do, you will be all that much more prepared to take on harder obstacles in your future.

I say that life here is uncomfortable at times. But I also feel more comfortable here than I have ever felt in any other place. Peter, the owner of Super English, and Jeab, his wife, have a huge part to do with me being comfortable in Thailand. Peter has been there for me from the first time I met him during my interview to just the other day when I saw him at our Super English Company dinner! He is quick to answer any questions I have about teaching. He’s supportive, kind, and he truly cares about his teachers. I had never taught in a school before coming to Thailand, so I was happy to hear that Super English would provide training. Peter’s hands-on training program really helped me understand the elements of teaching.
There are so many pros to teaching with Super English. I will list a few here:
• Generous salary.
• Hands-on training program.
• Monthly company dinner with all Super English teachers.
• Support.
• Peter handles all Visa and Passport paperwork!
• Very well known in Surat City.
• Many vacation days 😊.
It was easy for me to make the decision to teach with Super English for another year. Come to Surat and teach with Super English! You will not regret it.” 😊 – Matt Phillips, first year SE teacher and staying for a second year

“Interested in teaching abroad? Thailand is a nice country to do so, tropical surroundings, and a warm climate and people. Perhaps you’ve come across Super English and you’re thinking, “Where is Surat Thani?” Well, it’s quite near the Gulf Coast, and about an hour’s flight south of Bangkok, a prime location if you want to explore the nearby islands and cities. Maybe you’re thinking, “But I’ve never taught before.” No worries, I didn’t have much experience either when I first arrived. But after receiving in-house training stepping into the classroom is the highlight of my day.

I had many of the same questions before I applied. Each of them, and then some, were answered to the fullest extent by Peter during the interview and hiring process. If you're outgoing, motivated, up for something new and challenging, and hardworking then I recommend applying. I’ve been with Super English as a third grade teacher for two years now and am continuing on for another year as a fourth grade teacher. I can safely say my decision to apply has been super rewarding. Pun intended.” – Tom Pernecker, second year SE teacher and staying for a third year

“I am currently in my fourth year as a teacher for Super English and that is testament to how much I have valued and enjoyed my time working for such a fantastic employer. Teaching at Thida school has given me the chance to do a job which I can honestly say I’ve always enjoyed immensely. To go to school every day in good spirits and looking forward to the day ahead is a very nice feeling. I enjoy every day there so much that it doesn’t feel like work at all! Working for Super English has ignited a passion for teaching inside me and as I look forward to a future in the teaching profession, I’ll always be grateful to Super for helping me realize my passion.

Not only do Super English provide you with teaching opportunities, they help you transition into living in Thailand. I believe this is what separates Super English from the rest. Accommodation, relevant visa and work permits, teacher training, monthly parties and general day to day help is provided. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive and helpful employer.” – William Marlow, fourth year SE teacher

“Joining Super English was a bit of an impulse decision for me. I had been planning to teach English abroad for a couple years prior to coming to Thailand, but I continued putting off any final decision. Once I finally sent out applications, however, I was so determined to pursue my goals that I signed up with the first teaching agency that responded. That’s how I chose Super English.

A rash decision like that certainly could have ended up haunting me once things began going poorly with my employer. It was only after agreeing to join that I started to investigate the horror stories teachers post about negligent employers, late pay, and over-demanding working conditions. Having seen none of these negative reviews about Super English, my fears were relieved a little, but I was finally put at ease when I began the Visa process.

From filing taxes to signing up for insurance to registering a vehicle, I loathe the process of doing tedious paperwork. The more complicated and bureaucratic, the more frustrating. Thai paperwork is both complicated and bureaucratic, but this never developed into my nightmare scenario. After submitting a photo, signing a few dotted lines, and the obligatory Visa run, my work Visa was taken care of. Super English was very organized and efficient, and streamlined the entire Visa process.

My positive first impression did not turn out to be unwarranted. Super English has continued to provide support to me, as well as my colleagues. Thai schools are notoriously unorganized and poor communicators, and having an agency that understands how to navigate these hurdles has been an enormous benefit. The staff at Super English listen to its employees’ problems and complaints, and are willing to make compromises for them or negotiate on their behalf.

Teaching at Thidamaepra has been such a rewarding experience. The children are a delight and classes are fun and energy-filled. Super English runs a very good and structured English program, without feeling the need to micromanage its teachers. You are free to explore your own teaching methods in class, and enjoy the camaraderie with other teachers in the office. What I’ve appreciated about Super English is that they are there to help you when you need it, but will leave you with freedom so that you can enjoy your time teaching in Thailand.” – Benjamin James, first year SE teacher and staying for a second year

“My boyfriend and I came to Thailand together to work for Super English. From the moment we arrived at the airport, we knew we had made the right decision. Peter’s wife, Jeab, picked us up and made us feel completely at ease. She took us to the mall and made sure we had everything we needed. She gave us priceless advice on everything from where to eat and where to get a motorbike to how to handle Thai culture and language. Afterwards, Jeab took us to the Super English Teacher House, which Peter provides to new teachers while we get settled in our new country. This is something I have not heard of any other companies offering their teachers. We are very lucky to have found such a supportive, welcoming company to be a part of.

Once we got settled into the teacher house, the Super English Assistant/Angel/Goddess/Saint, Abby, came to take us to lunch. Abby is a Godsend. She is an absolute delight in every way and truly wants to help us with whatever we need. She handles the entire visa process for all of the teachers and she has done an excellent job for us. We’ve had no hiccups since we arrived and she checks in with us at least once a month to make sure everything is covered. This is another thing that Super English offers which I have not found in any other companies I’ve encountered in Thailand. Beyond that, Abby has become a great friend to all of us. We adore her and you will too.

Now, we’re about 8 months into the school year and I’ve loved every second. Our school, the kids, and the Thai co-teachers are all amazing. Living in Surat Thani really allows you to immerse yourself in Thai culture as there is very little tourism here. Having said that, there is plenty to do and see and the islands are a short ferry ride away. The teacher community here is great, as well. It felt like we had a little family after only a couple of weeks. I am so grateful for this opportunity and to Peter and the entire Super English family for taking such great care of us. I would recommend Super English to anyone interested in teaching in a foreign country. You will not regret it.” – Hannah Watkins, first year SE teacher

“Let’s rewind about three months. It was about 7:00 am on a sunny Friday morning as I hopped onto my motorbike and began my morning route to the school where I teach, Anuban Noonoy. Less than one minute later, though, I was violently thrust onto the pavement with immense impact. I looked down, and saw a shattered corner of upper-arm bone extruding through my freshly bloodied cardigan. I had been hit by a truck.

Fast-forward two hours later. I am lying in a hospital bed, crying, and overwhelmed by well-meaning Thai doctors attempting to communicate with me in broken English: “do you have insurance?”, “do you want surgery, or a cast?”. I don’t know how to answer, but finally, I feel as if a miracle is occurring when a familiar face walks into my room with cheer and positivity: Jeab, Peter’s wife, has arrived.

As Jeab translates the doctor’s requests and my responses and needs back and forth, I think about how I have never been more grateful for anything in my entire life. Jeab also advises me about which type of treatment I should receive, and provides me the moral support I desperately need: she stands in as my mom away-from-home.

Throughout my time at the hospital, Peter and Jeab both ensure that I have everything I need, from food, to moral support, to visitors, to a drive home upon my discharge. It doesn’t stop here, though – the two of them continue to help me communicate with the hospital for the following two months as I sort through the complex insurance process.

The point is this: Peter and his wife Jeab are not capitalistic business operator-owners, they are incredible people who genuinely care about the teachers they hire, and are available to support you not only for teaching but also for the inevitable culture and life aspects of living in Thailand.

This experience greatly contributed in my decision to happily continue teaching with Super English for another year. I’m already looking forward to meeting next year’s new teachers!" – Rhyanna Legault, first year SE teacher and staying for a second year

“I have been working for Super English at Thidamaepra School for six months now. This was my first time teaching English and the team of other teachers at my school have been so supportive and encouraging. There is an awesome culture at the Thida office of collaboration and support. We frequently swap ideas and seek each other’s advice with any difficulties we come across.

Working at Thida is a great way to see a genuine Thai school and I have loved working alongside my Thai co-teachers. It comes with its challenges (i.e. holiday dates shifting at the last moment) but at the end of the day you just have to be flexible and accept that this is all a part of experiencing a different culture! On the plus side, we also get to take part in so many celebrations and assemblies for different occasions and holidays. For example, marching through the streets with kids on Sports Day was an experience like no other! These are the experiences that make the chalkboards and classes without Air Conditioning all worthwhile.

Another aspect I have really enjoyed is the variety of classes/levels I have been able to teach. Three of my classes every day are with my main M.E.P (Mini English Program) class – 21 students with an advanced level of English. I also get to teach 9 beginners level lessons a week to three much larger classes. These class sizes range from 45-50 and they only have English classes between 2-5 times a week so their English ability and the approach needed is very different to my M.E.P classes.

Of course, the best thing about my time at Thida so far have been my students. I have formed a great bond with my class and watching them learn and progress has been so rewarding. Cliché, yes – but true! I will never tire of seeing the ‘A-HA’ moments on their faces, when everything clicks into place.

All in all, my time here with Super English has helped me develop and gain confidence as a teacher and has been a great first step into the world of teaching English overseas.” – Joanna Brown, first year SE teacher

“Greetings Potential Applicant:

Are you thinking of teaching in Thailand? I bet you're thinking about what's important to you in a new city, new country, new employer, new co-workers, new school, new cuisine, and maybe even new climate. These are all important factors; some can be controlled and others, you just have to roll with the punches. Let's start with new city and country.

Place: Thailand is a friendly place, where people innately want to help you and prevent you from embarrassing yourself. As with any new culture, there will be a few speed bumps, but a genuine smile and good attitude will get you further here than most other places in the world. The city of Surat Thani is an excellent place for cultural immersion. The city has few foreigners staying here, so you truly get the Thai experience. That being said, you can hop on a ferry for a few hours to the touristy islands or take a $40 flight to Chiang Mai any time you'd like. Just a little lagniappe... The seafood in Surat is both the cheapest and the tastiest I've had in my travels around Thailand.

Employer: Super English is accommodating and fair. The only other employer I've heard of that comes close to being as helpful as SE is another school that will handle your visa paperwork, but you still pay for it. That's just one other school out of a dozen or so. SE handles and pays for your visa. This is a task you do not want to undertake. Also, if you're fair, honest, and able to manage the very limited requirements of SE, you will be treated as a valued part of the team. Show up every day ready to teach, turn in a couple short emails a month, and work for the kids' interest. These are my interpretations of what SE asks of us.

New co-workers: We've had a great office dynamic this year. Everyone has been able to speak candidly and openly. Though we don't all travel together and hang out every minute outside of work, we are able to have fun and be productive in the office. I'm sure this changes year to year, but I can tell you this year has been cool and comfortable. There's always a chance of running into a real jerk, but that happens in any field. One of those punches with which you have to roll.

New school: There is little I can write to describe to you what school is like. It is nicer than any school I have attended in the States, so don't expect a shanty with shoe-less children. There is a communication gap between administration and teachers, but it is easily mitigated by being flexible and having a good nature. i.e. An unplanned or non-communicated assembly pops up in a period when you were going to have a quiz. Then, quiz on the next available day. There will be a lesson soon that the kids will instantly understand. On that day, move on to the next lesson and you're back on track. Huffing, puffing, and confrontation will only make you your own enemy, as you will never get your desired response. Remember the genuine smile and good attitude. Add patience to those two and you have your weapons of navigating obstruction and hardship in Thailand, as counter-intuitive as that sounds. When at school, you're here for the kids and what’s best for them under the circumstances presented to you. If those circumstances require adjusting your lesson plans/teaching timeline, do it. It’s a pretty simple adjustment.

New cuisine: The food here is just the tops. I have friends that don't like seafood, spice, or nuts and they still have plenty to eat and even have their own favorite dishes. You'll learn quickly how to say what you do want and what don't. In Surat, there are several places to get Western food. Pizza, burgers, pasta, etc. Some are better than others. You'll figure out quickly.

New climate: It’s a subtropical climate. Totally bearable and even pleasant many times. I have several friends from Canada, Russia, and Britain who have been here for years and get along just fine. I even hear them complain about the climate back in their respective homes.
Just a bite off the whole pizza, but I hope it helps. Stay positive, patient, open-minded, and freaking smile... and Thailand will show you innumerable new experiences well worth having.” – Scott Doland, first year SE teacher

"Super English at Thidamaepra: A perfect mix between Thai and Western culture. One of the most enjoyable aspects of working for Super English at Thidamaepra is the perfect balance of Thai and western culture. At Thida, we are surrounded by Thai culture everyday in the classroom. But it is both a relief and a comfort to have a boss and colleagues that are western.

I love the confusion and immersion I feel at Thida on a daily basis. The surprise assemblies for reasons I cannot fathom and ridiculous antics of my Thai kids is what makes this job something I thoroughly and truly enjoy. For example, last week we were surprised by an assembly that was some kind of mix of the biblical story ‘The Demons and The Pigs’, a memorial for the founders of Thida and of course no Thai gathering is complete without a belting solo of the popular 90’s hit song Zombie by The Cranberries. It was in Thai so we were all left a little uncertain about how any of these related, but that is what makes this experience so intriguing for me.

That being said some Thai antics are not align with western working culture, such as sudden holiday changes, or unrealistic teaching expectations. It is the times like those that I am happy to work for a company run with the same western working ideals I grew up with. I have never had to worry about my visa paperwork, was given a place to stay upon arrival in Surat Thani free of charge and given a thorough introduction to the ins and outs of Thai culture from a western perspective. Working in an office of westerners also has many advantages. Since we are all in the same boat in a certain sense, we can swap ideas, share experiences and most importantly we have the support of peers when something Thai rubs you the wrong way- whether that be a lunch that sets your mouth on fire, or an unreasonable request from a Thai teacher. Overall my experience at Thida with Super English has been a wonderfully perfect mix of Thai and western culture, and I give it the highest recommendation to anyone wanting the best of both worlds.” – Shea Lovato, first year SE teacher

Here are comments from previous teachers:

“Working in Thailand has been one of the most important and life-changing decisions I've made in my life. After spending a year teaching abroad in Korea, Thailand and Super English have been a breath of fresh air. I've been able to experiment with my teaching and classroom management in a way that's allowed me to really find who I am as a teacher. SE has given me the flexibility to run my classroom the way I see fit, as well as the opportunity to develop a close relationship with my students and really feel a sense of pride about what I do in class on a daily basis. Super English provided the means by which this part of my life was able to unfold. Through the creative and flexible work environment offered by Super English, I've been able to develop as a teacher, grow as a professional, and find a lifelong passion as an educator.” – Jade Church

“Staying on for another year with Super English is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve been able to develop my teaching style freely. My Thai co-workers are always there to encourage and support me with my fresh ideas and activities. The support I have received from Super English has also been second to none. Living in the jungle, just a few minutes motorbike ride from the city has helped make this year and a half unforgettable, not to mention all the free time we’ve had to explore so much of South East Asia. Moving to Surat to teach with Super English - best decision ever!” – Alison Tidd

“I've been with SE for over two years now and have been really happy with my time here. It is a wonderful place to develop, expand, and tune your teaching skills. You have lots of freedom and support to create who you are as teacher, while you work alongside an awesome team of hard-working, professional teachers. Teaching with Super English is truly one of the best jobs I have ever had. Deciding to renew my contract (twice) was an easy choice and consistently proves to be a good decision. Working for Super English has continued to provide me with ongoing support, a community of wonderful co-workers and friends, and irreplaceable experience both in and outside the classroom. The parties and events hosted by Peter have always been a nice treat and have made my time here in Surat much more memorable than it might have otherwise been. I always feel lucky that I found SE and I'm looking forward to the rest of my time here.” – Kristin Brown

"Working with Super English has been exactly what I dreamed of in terms of being an ESL teacher abroad. We all want the freedom to teach, to have a stress free work environment, and time to travel. Here at Super English paperwork is minimal, supervision is rare, and the teaching is tons of fun. Loads of time off to go traveling and plenty of fun at work - that's it. Don't miss out on an opportunity to work with Super English, you won't regret it." – Kris Reilly

"Moving to Thailand to teach English was the scariest yet best decision I've ever made. In the beginning I was extremely nervous about this life transition. Super English took away those nerves and has made this transition easy. Every step of the way from your arrival, to training, to paper work, Super English is there to help. I love my job and my fellow co-workers so much that I have signed on to stay another year. Super English has helped provide such a fun environment and rewarding experience that I am not ready to leave just yet. I am beyond thankful for my experience here and it would not have gone as smoothly without Super English. I highly recommend this job through Super English to anyone who wants to teach abroad for a reliable company.” – Jenna Devine

"When I moved to Thailand, I knew within my first week that I would want to live here for a while. Staying in Surat Thani to work with Super English for another year was a very easy decision to make, and I'm so glad I did! It has been another great year of living in the Thai jungle, hopping over to the islands any weekend I want, eating lots of Pad Thai, and of course, spending time with the cutest students in the world. Staying on another year with Super has allowed me to experience more and get a taste of everything Thailand has to offer. I went from teaching P5 last year to P3 this year, and I'm so happy I did both because the grade levels are so fun and clever in very different ways. My time spent living in Thailand would not be the same without either of them. Thanks to Super English, I will never regret my decision to leave everything behind and move across the world!" – Allie Groll

"Moving to Thailand to work for Super English was the best decision of my life! My last year here has been a huge learning experience, filled with lots of fun and exploration. With the Thai school year schedule and our comfortable pay, I have been able to see some of the most beautiful places on earth during my holidays! The Monday work day dread is nonexistent here; I really love coming to school every day and work with some of my best friends. Between my amazing students, teacher friends, and jungle bungalow, life is good here!” – Ashton Riester

“I would never have believed that I could possibly feel so comfortable and so at home so quickly. Having been here just over six months, I can safely say that I am in love with Thailand, teaching, and my new home in Surat Thani. My experience has been so wonderful thanks mainly to the amazing people I have the pleasure of working with. Super English is a brilliant agency to work for, and they do their utmost to help and support all their employees. Thanks Super English!” – Adeline Brown

“You wouldn’t believe it’s been half a year! What a fantastic 6 months it has been! Re-fueled and re-charged since the October break, being back at Thidamaepra couldn’t be better. The supportive, flexible and driven work environment that Super English continuously provides makes my ambition to grow as a teacher, role model and dedicated professional expand even further. Super English has given me a solid platform for which I can continue to grow. Surpassing all my expectations, Peter and the Super English staff have done an exceptional job in making this life-changing decision an easy one for me. Surat Thani couldn’t feel more like a home and the thought of continuing on for second school year is a great and comforting feeling.” – Emma Thorpe

"I have had an amazing year working at Thida. This is now my third teaching position in my third country and I have nothing but good things to say about both Thida and Super English. Peter and the team are incredibly helpful. Whatever the query, they have always been available to me when needed. The monthly socials are great fun and allow any concerns to be brought up in a friendly and informal setting. It is difficult not to smile when walking around Thida as the kids are so excited and happy to see you all the time that you begin to feel like something of a celebrity. We have a really great group of teachers who consistently share ideas which makes everything that much easier, especially on those days when inspiration is hard to come by. Surat Thani is also a fabulous place to be and I would highly recommend it. The location is excellent leaving us spoiled for choice at the weekends, having to decide between an island, jungle or city trip. I am so pleased I got the opportunity to come here and work with such a great team in, what is essentially paradise, I would make the same choice again in a heartbeat!" – Michelle Harris

"This is my third year with Super English and I've truly enjoyed every minute of it. The children are a joy to spend your time with, and you are encouraged to be yourself and use your imagination in class. It's a pleasant experience when you are meant to have fun at your job, and even better when it comes so easily. On top of that, Surat is a wonderful place to live. I can't imagine any other place I'd rather be." – David Modini

“I’ve been in Surat for a little over 2 years now with just a few months to go. Looking back, I remember being really excited about coming here and hoping for a great experience, but Super English has surpassed all my expectations. There’s a reason I signed on for a second contract. And then a third. Thailand is an incredible country and after having seen a lot of it, I'm certain Surat is one of the best places to live here. I love my job and genuinely look forward to seeing my students each day. And I’ve felt completely supported the entire time I’ve been here, with Peter and the Super English staff taking care of the confusing visa process, helping with the transition to Thai life, and sponsoring parties to build team camaraderie. I’m really thankful for SE helping to make my time in Thailand so enjoyable, and I know I'll miss this place a lot once I'm gone.” – Eric Brown

“I've been working for Super English for just over a year now. I can honestly say it's been one of the greatest times of my life and doesn't even feel like a year has passed! Because of the excellent professionalism of Super English, I never worry about paperwork being mishandled, something not being ready when it's supposed to be, or issues with communication. Removing that stressful concern from my mind has made my time in Thailand all the more enjoyable. I genuinely enjoy my work and my coworkers. It feels very much like a family, and I'm looking forward to another year with my Super crew!” – Christel Chappell

“Teaching English in Thailand can be a very stimulating and awarding experience. Moving to a foreign country by yourself or with a friend can be a little unsettling as well. Super English was there every step of the way to ensure that the visa process and traveling went as smooth as possible. From the very first time I emailed Peter to this very date he has always responded promptly. This was one of the selling features for me while searching for teaching jobs in a foreign country. Any question or concerns you have about teaching in Thailand and the visa process will be answered accurately and by the next day. The next selling feature was the training course provided by Super English. During the training period Peter breaks down the most efficient way to teach a class of foreign students. You are taught how to manage large classes and how to keep their attention. Without this training the first couple of weeks would have been a lot more difficult. The housing provided by Super English is nice and clean and a great way to meet new friends when you arrive in Thailand. Super English was extremely helpful to me and I’m sure they will be to you. I have decided to stay in Thailand for another year and remain with Super English. The first year has gone by so fast with so many good memories in and out of the class room. For me, one year is not long enough. I am really enjoying teaching and the atmosphere at school. The social life in Surat Thani is also great! I am looking forward to meeting the new teachers in May. If you enjoy teaching and having a good time Super English and Thailand are the place for you!” – Lee Moulden

"A year ago, I was sitting in an office telling all of my coworkers that I was going to move to Thailand to teach English. They all laughed and shrugged it off. My mind was already made up though. I remember pouring over travel blogs and stories dreaming about my future life. I came across the Super English website and that's when I decided that sometimes you need to stop reading about other people's adventures to start writing your own. Living and working in Surat Thani is a blessing- incredible food, incredible people and incredible students. Plus it's the gateway city to some pretty incredible places. Throughout my transition, Super English has been there to help along the way from ordering a taxi to carry my stuff when I moved into my bungalow to checking in every so often just to make sure that everything was alright. So if you're reading this from your office (or bed, desk, couch, etc.), I urge you to take that leap and start your adventure." – Marlana Pawlak

“Moving abroad to teach had been a dream of mine for a very long time before I decided to act on it. When searching the web I stumbled upon the website for Super English. Thailand has always been my number one destination because of the weather, culture and natural beauty. After reading about Super English and talking to Peter I decided that this could be a chance of a lifetime and jumped on the opportunity. As soon as I arrived in Thailand I fell in love with the hot weather, the people and the culture. Thailand made an amazing first impression on me. The more days that pass the more I love this place. Surat Thani is also more than meets the eye, it's the real Thai experience with great prices, friendly people and lots to do. It's also conveniently close to the islands for a quick getaway to the beautiful sights Thailand has to offer. As for Super English - it is an amazing company that is there to help every step of the way! Peter, the staff and all my coworkers have helped me greatly through this huge change and have made this whole experience the best decision I have ever made. As for teaching it is extremely rewarding and the kids could not be any cuter. My first few months here have changed me for the better. I have become comfortable with teaching, made many new friends, and have seen so many amazing parts of the world. I love it here so much I have already decided to renew my contract and stay on teaching with Super English another year to make even more memories.” – Julie Fortier

"Working at Thidamaepra has been one of the best experiences of my professional life. My Thai teachers and Super English co-workers are extremely helpful. They make themselves very available for advice, any questions, and even a lunch or coffee buddy. Working there is a pleasure. After living and working in Thailand for over a year, I definitely know I am lucky to be a Super English teacher." – Susan Devore

“I’ve been very impressed with Super English and have enjoyed my time with them so far. Having taught for a year in Thailand prior to joining Super English, it’s nice being somewhere which tells you clearly what they want you to do. They have provided excellent support and negotiated everything with the school for me. They have organized everything I need for a work permit, without me having to do any of the boring paperwork. Super English has a large group of teachers in Surat, so there are plenty of other people in the same boat as you. We have a little monthly party as well which is paid for and is always a good laugh.” – Patrick Marsh.

“I looked at teaching in Asia as an opportunity to challenge myself. A new home a new job and new experiences is what brought me out to Thailand. I've been here for a little over 7 months and it has been extremely rewarding. I've pushed myself physically and mentally to the point where I am living a life I couldn't have imagined back in Canada. If you are looking for an extended vacation this is not for you, but if you are looking for an adventure and a job that rewards you on a daily basis look no further than Super English.”v Matt Faguy

"After having experienced other agencies I can easily say that Super English is the perfect place to either start or continue your journey of teaching in Thailand. Super provides the tools, resources, and community you need to not only be a successful teacher, but also more easily adapt to the lifestyle of a foreigner in Thailand. Super English is the smart choice to make your big decision perfect." – Alex Rhodes


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