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“True Learning” Job Opening: EFL Part Time ONLINE Instructor

Posted By: True Learning <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, 13 November 2017, at 12:18 p.m.

We are seeking experienced PART TIME native English-speaking ESL/EFL teaching professionals to join our expanding team to deliver high quality, fun, and interactive online classes to two target segments:

1.Chinese students (age 6-15): Instructors are responsible for “performing” ready-made lessons and providing periodic structured, written student feedback and evaluation. Lessons are 30 minutes/day, 5 days/week (Monday through Friday), except for Chinese and American holidays. All lessons occur during the early morning to coincide with evening China time. Teachers are free to choose from one to four classes.

2.Chinese adults, including college students: We offer both high-impact Business English modules and customized, topic-based adult English classes. The Business English track focuses on the 8 most actionable business English topics, which ultimately enables students to perform like a pro in the business world. The customized, topic-based adult English classes, with real-life language context, enables adult students to acquire the vocabulary and sentence structures needed to communicate fluently on a wide variety of topics.

The position is work-from-home, but requires a professional setting and fast internet to support on-line video streaming.

Additional details are below.

For Chinese Students Age 6-15:
Position Summary:

1. We are offering levels 0-6, with 0 for children who have very limited English exposure (typically aged 6-7), to Level 6, where children can handle daily as well as topic-based conversations proficiently (typically aged ~15). Age groups will likely be 6-15 years old.

2. Our format is a 30 minute/daily program for all participating children to provide an environment of "total immersion." Lesson time is Monday through Friday, except for both Chinese and American holidays.

3. Class format: 1 (teacher) to <=4 (kids), offered via video conferencing, with all lesson plans pre-prepared, but with enough leeway for teachers to add their own individual creativity. The electronic platform is user-friendly and requires only a good high-speed internet connection (full training provided). Teachers are able to use the technology platform to interact with web pages and lesson plans using annotation functions provided on the platform. Our intent is that the same teacher and students can stay in the Program throughout the year.

4. All lesson plans are customized and cater to topics of interest for the target student population in China.

5. Teachers can teach at home by logging onto the technology platform, so there is no commuting hassle. Since lesson plans are already made, teachers only need to spend a few minutes to ready themselves for each class.

6. Since the US and China are in different time zones, we are targeting teachers that are available for any 30-minute increments between 5:00 am - 8:00 am CST (or the CST equivalent for EST, Mountain time, or PST). Teachers can sign up for as few as one class or as many as four classes. The rate of pay is $25/hr.

7. Our special features, compared to other online China-based schools, are 1) custom-made student-group specific lesson plans, with each student tested into any of our given level classes; 2) high quality customer services for students and parents, with weekly to monthly feedback loop; 3) high quality classes enabled by highly experienced teachers, and 4) structured and customized teaching materials, delivered on a versatile technology platform for online interaction between teachers and students.

For Chinese Adults Including College Students:

Position Summary:

For adults and college students, we offer two tracks, both intended to be 1 teacher to (max.) 4 students, delivered by the same versatile technology platform.

Track 1: Business English Express for Adults, offered as 10 one-hour sessions, conducted over 10 weeks (10 total Hours). Class time is typically at the weekend, and customized to teacher and student availability.

Track 2: Total Immersion English for Adults, offered as 10 one-hour session/modules, conducted over 10 weeks (10 Hours) for each set of 10 topics in each respective module. Class time is typically at the weekend, and customized to teacher and student availability.
Both tracks require some mutual flexibility to enable schedules to match.

Key EFL instructor responsibilities include:

1.Make the virtual classroom as fun and interactive as possible; capture and maintain student attention for students to learn optimally.

2.Use full sentences during class, and encourage students to do the same.

3.Incorporate both “teacher to individual student” as well as “student-group-interactive-practice” to create a friendly, encouraging environment, to help students let go of inhibition and speak out. Songs and other interactive activities/games are encouraged.

4.We provide basic lesson plans to ensure consistent core framework curriculum. For each topic, teachers ensure students have proficient command of the core vocabulary and core sentence patterns. If students are ready for more complex work beyond core materials (in your judgement), incorporate extended vocabulary creatively to expand and enrich the student learning experience. Leverage Google for additional age-appropriate images/pictures for the students as needed.

5.Incorporate daily greetings as much as possible in every session/class, to encourage students to talk about their days. Examples include: how are you today? What did you do today? Did you go to school today? How is weather in your city today? … Adjust the greetings to the English proficiency level of your student group, and build over time.

6.Incorporate at least 5 minutes of review for core content from prior session in all your classes/sessions.

7.To create an intuitive context for your students, leverage images/pictures instead of words as much as possible, to enable a “real life” setting to facilitate organic language acquisition for students as much as possible. Note that spelling is not the focus or priority, especially for students that are at lower level classes.

8.Often ask conversation starters like “do you like…?”, "what's your favorite...?", "what is this?" to create situational context and encourage students to speak up and answer as much as possible.

9.Praise students often, but also grasp opportunities to show students correct pronunciation and sentence patterns by repeating in friendly, non-critical way to gently “nudge” students to self-correct.

10.Provide feedback to our customer support personnel if disruptive student behavior is observed in class, so that we can step in and work with parents to resolve issues timely where applicable.

11.Provide individual student feedback in bullets at the below regularity:
a.Student-specific comments on how each student is doing in class after initial 5 sessions
b.Student-specific comments on how each student is doing in class every other week for month 1 after the first week
c.Student-specific comments on how each student is doing in class every month from Month 2 onward

Required Qualifications:

1.We would like the teachers to be based in North America (Canada and US primarily), with current teaching responsibilities for these target age groups, optimally with some ESL/EFL certifications and experiences, and ~2-5 years of teaching experience.
2.Teacher certifications desired
3.Bachelor's degree in Education, English (ESL-focused), or related disciplines required; advanced degree in related discipline is preferred
4.Proven track record of effective classroom instruction; experience with online virtual class delivery a plus
5.Business English teaching experience a plus for applicants interested in Adult EFL Program

How to Apply:
1.Email [email protected]
2.Include the following attachments:
a.Brief Cover Letter, which also indicates which areas you are most interested in (Program for Chinese Students Age 6-15, and/or for Adults including College Students)
b.CV or Resume (include email addresses or phone numbers of two references, recent phone preferred).
3.Email [email protected] (Phil McCarthy) if you have any questions!

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