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Dennis Oliver's Idioms: O


OK: (1) yes (to show agreement--often reluctant agreement).

A: "Come on, Al. We really need your help!"
B: "Oh, OK; I may be crazy, but I'll help you."

OK: (2) neither good nor bad; so-so.

A: "How was the movie?"
B: "OK, I guess, but I've seen better ones."

OK: (3) in satisfactory condition; well.

A: "You look awfully pale. Are you OK?"
B: "Actually, I'm not. I have a terrible headache. "

OK: (4) approve (verb).

A: "Did your boss OK your vacation plans?"
B: "No, but he said that taking them two weeks later would be all right.

on the dot: exactly at a given time.

"We're leaving at 9:00 on the dot. If you're late, we'll go without you."

on time: at the scheduled time.

"It's getting late. You'd better hurry if you want to get to work on time."

(on the) cutting edge: using the most recent technology.

"The university's computer lab is (on the) cutting edge. It has
all the latest hardware and software."

once in a while: occasionally; from time to time.

A: "Would you like coffee or tea?"
B: "Coffee, please. I drink tea once in a while, but I generally drink coffee."

over one's head: too difficult or complicated for someone to understand.

"This explanation of cgi scripting is over my head.
Can you explain it in a less technical way?"



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