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Dennis Oliver's Idioms: D


Don't count your chickens until (before) they hatch (they've hatched).: Don't assume
that something will happen until it has happened.

A: I'm sure that I'm going to win a lot of money in Las Vegas."
B: "Don't count your chickens until they hatch!"

dicey: uncertain; taking too much of a chance.

A: A friend of mine says I can make a lot of moneyif I buy stock
in the XYZ company. Should I do it?

B: I wouldn't if I were you. The chances for success are too dicey."

ditch class: skip class/play hookey.

"You shouldn't have ditched class yesterday. We had an unannounced test."

do a bang-up job: do a very good job; do very well at something.

"Have you seen Frank's home page? He did a bang-up job with it."

down in the dumps: depressed; "blue."

A: "Is something wrong?"
B: "Not really, but I feel kind of down in the dumps."

drop someone a line: write to someone.

"I haven't written to my parents for a long time. I'd better drop them a line
today or tomorrow."

drag one's feet: delay; take longer than necessary to do something.

"Joe should have finished his project a week ago. Why is he dragging his feet?"



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