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Where is He/She?

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Simple activity
Helps to practice "She is at the shopping mall" etc.

Before class write up a whole bunch of English names and cut out. Bring sticky tape to class.

In class draw a simple town on the board. Big boxes with the names of the place eg. The Doctor's/The Supermarket/The movies.

Go through the names-is this a he or a she?
Go through the places-what is this? what do you do there?
Help them with pronounciation

Lastly in divide into teams. With 42 students I have 4 teams. They are split into 4 teams(4 rows). 2 rows race first then the next 2.
The winners and the losers can race eachother.

One member from 2 teams takes a name card and asks the student they sit next to "Where is Michelle/Tom/Keri" etc. The student sitting can choose any place "She is at the bakery" questionee runs to the board and places it in the correct shop. as soon as one student from the team finished the next member can begin. Which ever team finishes first wins. I hope you get the idea. Its easy and enjoyable.

Nerissa Je-cheon, Korea

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