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Nazo's Pre-reading Activity 7

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For this activity a text with a story line is most suitable. E.g., I had used a text which contained information about a woman who suffered from insomnia.

1- Teacher(T) reads the text from the course book and writes a guided fantasy story. E.g., Now, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Imagine a beutiful house with a happy family.... One night something terrible happens.
2- In this way ss visualize the whole text with the help of the guided fantasy activity.
3- After the visualiazation, T asks the following questions:
*Was it easy or difficult to visualize?
* What did you visualize?
4- Ss talk about their answers to a partner.
5- Finally, T asks ss to read the text in their books and put ticks in front of the lines that were the same as their visualizations.

P.S: I would be grateful if you could write feedback to me how this activity went in your class.
Thank you very much.


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