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Competition (boys against girls)

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Hi, I have been working in Korea and there is almost total seperation between boys and girls. The seperation only increases the effectiveness of these games. I think it works best with pronunciation, spelling and things like numbers and dates. It's real simple. You have 2 teams, a boys team and a girls team. Then have 1 of each come up to the board and a word. Whoever is fastes and correct gets a point. Pronunciation, whoever says it best gets a point. It's so simple. Works like a charm too. I usually spend 30 min trying to get the kids to learn spelling, pronunciation or whatever. Then spend the last 15 min. testing... uh mean playing a game with them. The next day the kids are asking for the spelling game. Lots of fun. Depending on the level, you see some really... interesting spelling too. Hope this helps, you can use it with just about anything. Please excuse the bad spelling, grammer and punctuation. Chad Davis [email protected]

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