40 Great Web Sites for EFL Teachers

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40 Teacher Resource Sites

Compiled by: Christine Canning-Wilson, ADMC - Higher Colleges Of Technology

Christine.canning@hct.ac.ae or chriswilson30@hotmail.com
Contact: Christine Canning-Wilson, POB 25035, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The use of the Internet in the classroom is growing as the UAE continues its pursuit to keeping education on the cutting edge of technology. Below are 40 helpful teacher resource sites to help you with new activities and ideas for the classroom:

1. Dave's Idea Cookbook www.eslcafe.com/ideas/index.html
2. Dave's ESL Cafe www.eslcafe.com
3. TESL Articles www.aitech.ac.jp/~iteslj/links/TESL/Articles/
4. EFL Computer Site www.calico.org
5. Edunet.com www.edunet.com
6. CALL Resources www.writing.berkeley.edu/chorus/call/cuttingedge.html
7. The English Page www.englishpage.com
8. Aardvark Column www.english-forum.com
9. English to Go www. English-to-go.com/
10. Ohio ESL www.ohiou.edu/esl.index.html
11. Learning Page www.sitesforteachers.com
12. Webquest Resources www.davidson.k12mi.us/academic/hewitt14.htm
13. Teacher Library Resources www.teacherslibrary.org.uk
14. Teacher to Teacher www. teachertoteacher.com/
15. On-line Resource Net www.otrnet.com.au
16. WWW teacher resources www.public.asu.edu/~dsalce/sed403/403.htm
17. Teacher Universe www.teacheruniverse.com/home/html
18. PBS Teacher Resource www.pbs.org/teachersource/
19. NOAA Education www.education.noaa.gov/
20. Teacher's Net www.teachers.net
21. The Lesson Plans Page www.lesoonplanspage.com/
22. Integrating the Net www.indirect.com/www.dhixson
23. Internet Tools for Teachers http://tdi.uregina.ca/~itt/
24. Eisenhower Clearinghouse www.enc.org/resources/search/
25. Encarta Schoolhouse http://encarta.msn.com/schoolhouse/
26. Lesson Planning Ideas www.lessonplanz.com
27. Smithsonian Lesson Plans www.educate.si.edu
28. BBC On Line www.bbc.co.uk
29. Email Accounts www.hotmail.comwww.yahoo.comwww.email.msn.com
30. Questions Related to Education Topics www.askjeeves.com
31. General Data Bases of Teacher Resources http://search.yahoo.com/bin/search?p=teach+resources
32. Hot Potatoes www.halfbakedsoftware.com
33. ERIC Clearinghouse www.askeric.com
34. ELT Newsletter www.eltnewsletter.com
35. Blackboard Inc Create Software www.blackboard.com
36. GUMBO www.geocities.com/SOHO/workshop/8405
37. AZ Teacher Stuff (ESOL) www.atozteacherstuff.com
38. English Teacher Assistant www.ETAnewsletter.com
39. NCTE: Writing Ideas www.ncte.org/teach/write.shtml
40. 50 Plus Ideas www.teacherideas.com

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