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I teach a group of hyperactive 5 to 10 year olds. This was a game I used to keep them entertained while learning directions. First I had them marching(and marching each other) around the room to "Go left", "turn right". Once they got the hang of that, I produced the blindfolds. The students were divided into teams and one team member ws blindfolded. Now there are a number of options.
- You can make an obstacle course where the teams have to race their player through the maze using only oral instructions. This can also be a relay race.
- You can scatter a number of objects around the room (toys, pens - stuff they've already studied). Yell out a object (or number of objects) eg "two red pens and an elephant". The winner is the (blindfolded) player who finds those object first (following the instructions of their team).
- If you've taught "up' and "down" you can also play "Pin th Tail on the Donkey" with the team giving instructions on where to put the tail. I actually use parts of the face cut out of cardboard. This way it's a race and everyone gets a chance to give and follow instructions.

These games are all fairly chaotic, but that's what kids like and they seem to be actually enjoying spaking English.
Alison Myers, Bangkok

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