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Nazo's Running Dictation

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Hi Everybody,

Here is an activity that can be used for both grammar practice(past tenses) and as a writing activity. For this activity any kind of a short text could be used. If there is an element of surprise or mystery, it will be better ofcourse. The teacher sticks the story on the board. The class is arranged in groups of 4. In each group students choose 2 secretaries(who will have to write) and 2 runners (who will have to run). The reason for having 2 of each is that the activity will finish quicker.
Here are the steps:
a- The class sits in groups of 4.
b- The secretaries (writers)sit with their pencils ready.
c- One of the runners has to run to the board and read sentences 1-7 and dictate to one of the secretaries.
d- The other runner has to run and dictate sentences 8-14 to the other writer.
e- After the groups have all the sentences, they read the whole story which was in the correct order and try to find the answer which is also written at the end of the paper.
Here is the whole story:
1- One day a man and his son went to a party
2- They had a lovely time
3- The man drank a lot
4- At midnight, they left the party
5- The man was drunk
6_ It was raining a lot that day
7- Suddenly the man saw a dog on the road
8- He didn't want to kill the dog, so he swerved sharply to avoid killing the dog
9- Unfortunately he crashed into a lorry
10- The man died immediately
11- His son was injured
12- The lorry driver called an ambulance
13- The ambulance took the boy to the hospital
14- The doctor saw the boy and shouted: "My son, my son"

P.S: There will be noise in the classroom. If you have a big class you could photocopy the story and stick it on other walls as well. Tell the class that they have to run quietly.

Have Fun!

Submitted by: Nazan Özcınar
Sabancı Universitesi FDP Department. Istanbul-TURKEY
E-mail: [email protected]

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