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Connect the conjunctions

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This activity is based on a piece of literature you are studying.
Glue onto a LARGE dice 6 pictures taken from the book being studied. One per face.
Onto another LARGE dice glue 6 conjunctions, one per face. Example: because, and, hence, etc...
To each conjunction allocate a point or points, the harder the conjunction the more the points.So that "and" might have 1 point,
and "as a result of" might have 6 points.
In small groups (3-4 players) each child takes it in turn to roll both dice and then make up a sentence concerning the picture using the conjunction.
If the other players think the sentence makes sense then the player gets the number of points attached to that particular conjunction.
The player with the most points when the game is halted is the winner.

Jo Berton
Sydney, Australia.

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