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The Craziest Monster in the World!

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Ages: Children up to the age of 11 or so
Language: Body Parts revision
Time: 15-20 minutes
Preparation: Slips of paper with body parts written on them (enough to make up a whole body), in a bag. A piece of A4 or B4 paper per student.

Method: Introduce monsters (if the kids don't already know). Are monsters cute or scary? How many eyes, ears, legs, etc do they have? Do they know about any monsters in their culture? etc.

Give each child a piece of paper and have them name it. Then, the first child draws a piece of paper out of the bag, and everyone draws that body part on their paper (remember to put it in the right place!) Remember too, this is a monster, so get the kids to use their imaginations! (The crazier, the better). Then, when all have finished drawing, everyone passes their paper to the person on their left. And the next person draws out a slip from the bag. They draw that part, pass their papers and so on. Once all the slips have been used, there should be complete monsters drawn. Then give the papers back to the original owners.

This is such a funny game! The kids just laugh and laugh as each new paper is handed around to them, and each drawing at the end is a true team effort. The 'monsters' created are amazing as well! A sure-fire winner in every class I've tried it in - great body-parts revision too!!

Liz Jones
Ansan, Korea

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