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Article Jeopardy--with questions!

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Article Jeopardy

I used this Jeopardy variant with Korean university students last year and it was a big hit. I had been noticing a lot of problems with using articles and determiners (a, an, the, some, this, these, those etc.)--this is common for Asian students including Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese, so I particularly recommend this game for teachers in those countries. Prior to the game, I had given them a lot of textbook homework (Grammar in Use) related to article usage, and explained that it was to prepare for the game, so they were well prepared. The game proved to be a good way to enhance their interest in a topic that can otherwise be difficult and tedious.

Divide the class into 3-4 teams (best for small classes, but can be played with larger ones). Choose a team to start. The team can select a question (any question); the more difficult the question, the more points they get. After question is presented, first team to raise hand, slap desk, etc. gets to answer, BUT: after volunteering, they must answer quickly (start talking within 2-3 sec) or they will LOSE that number of points. (This deters premature hand-raising to "pre-empt" other teams.) Also, if the answer is wrong, they LOSE that number of points.

Choosing the first team to call in and keeping score yourself is unwieldy--I recommend having a student do it. I've done this several times and it has never been a problem--usually they are happy to help and do a great job.

If they answer correctly, the team can pick the next question. But remember, ANY TEAM CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTION.

As far as the mechanics of presenting the questions, you can just draw a grid with numbers on the board and read the questions yourself (erasing squares as they are used). Topics are written above each column of questions. However, since listening comprehension is a real hurdle for these questions, I chose to use pieces of paper with the number of points written on one side and the question written (upside down) on the other. Then, I taped these on the board in the usual grid arrangement. This makes it a lot more like the TV show. When a team selects a question, you just lift the question up and the question appears--then you remove the paper as it's used. This also worked well. (Make sure the questions are written big enough for the students to see.)

As with the show, you use the single jeopardy questions first, then go on to double jeopardy (more difficult, more points). (No daily doubles or final jeopardy.)

When I played this, I actually used real money for prizes (the winning team received a number of Korean won corresponding to the number of points)--not as outrageous as it sounds, since 1200 korean won=1 US dollar. I have to say though, this definitely enhanced their interest!

Single Jeopardy

Countable or Uncountable?

100 banana C
200 excitement UC
300 information UC
400 experiences C
500 view C
600 software UC

Fill-in: Uncountable Nouns

100 He ate ___ bread. (the, some, his, a lot of)
200 She doesn't have ___ experience. (much, any)
300 I have ___ headache. (a)
400 I love ___ bananas. (no article)
500 ___ doctors smoke, but most don't. (some)
600 Bob's father is ___ doctor. (a)

A, an or The?

100 London is ___ capital of England. (the)
200 What ___ nice jacket! (a)
300 Picasso was ___ artist. (an)
400 Would you please turn down ___ music? (the)
500 There's ___ bug in my cola! (a)
600 It takes 10 hours by plane to cross ___ Pacific. (the)

Find the Mistake

100 The man is looking for an job. (A job)
200 Seoul is largest city in Korea. (THE largest city)
300 I love the bananas. ( no article)
400 Jupiter and Saturn are two biggest planets. (THE two biggest)
500 Will you have a dinner with me? (no article)
600 We enjoy watching the television. (no article, TV is exception to "the movies, the radio" etc.)

Fill-In: General

100 My favorite flower is ___ rose. the
200 ___ Service at the restaurant was good. the
300 Are you interested in ___ art? no article
400 Bob went to ___prison to visit his brother. the
500 Last year I had a vacation in ___ Virgin Islands. the
600 I've been to ___ good concerts lately. some

Double Jeopardy (more difficult)

A, An, The, or no article? (2 blanks)

200 For dinner I had ___ hamburger and ___ Coke. (a, a)
400 My hometown is ___ Manila, in ___ Philippines. (no article, the)
600 My favorite team is ___ Chicago Bulls, but my brother is ___ Boston Celtics fan. (the, a)
800 Indiana Jones found ___ Ark of the Covenant while in ___ Egypt. (the, no article)
1000 That hooting sound you heard was ___ owl. ___ owl is a large, predatory bird with big eyes which flies at night. (an, the)
1200 My cousin wanted to be ___ surgeon, but he fainted at the sight of ___ blood. (a, no article)

Fill-In: General (2 blanks)

200 I forgot ___ address. Do you have___ paper? (the, some)
400 I will see ___ movie with you, on one condition: ___ movie must star Cameron Diaz! (a, the)
600 ___ of my friends want to meet my brother. He's ___ famous writer. (some, a)
800 If you want to go to ___ sea, you must get ___ permission. (no article, no article)
1000 Like ___ Earth, Pluto also has ___ single moon, Charon. (the OR no article, a)
1200 ___ skyscraper is ___ type of building; ___ tallest one is in Malaysia. (the, a, the)

Find the 2 mistakes!

200 What time is the lunch? I want to eat hamburger today. ("is lunch", "eat a hamburger")
400 Picasso was painter; he painted the "Guernica". ("a painter", "painted Guernica".)
600 I love the rock music; my favorite group is Beatles. ("love rock music", "is the Beatles")
800 Her sister is the travel guide; she is in the Japan now. ("A travel guide", "in Japan".)
1000 Could you turn off a light? I want to go to the bed. ("the light", "to bed")
1200 We wanted to go to movies, but instead we stayed home and watched the TV. ("to the movies", "watched TV")


200 ___ Jordan is a country in ___ Middle East. (no article, the)
400 My brother is ___ mountain climber; he has climbed ___ Mount Everest. (a, no article)
600 ___ Rocky Mountains are ___ tallest mountains in North America. (the, the)
800 ___ Museum of Modern Art is on ___ 53rd Street in New York City. (the, no article)
1000 ___ Hague is ___ city in ___ Netherlands. (the, a, the)
1200 ___ Dominican Republic is on ___ island in ___ Caribbean. (the, an, the)

Grab Bag

200 What ___ nice dress! ___ color really suits you. (a, the)
400 I like ___ salt on my food, so could you please pass ___ salt? (no article, the)
600 Yesterday I donated ___ blood. They will use ___ blood when I have an operation next week. (no article, the/my/this)
800 I want ___ information about ___ Hawaiian Islands for my vacation next month. (some/no article, the)
1000 Mr. Smith goes to ___ church every Sunday, but he went to ___ church Wednesday to repair the roof. (no article, the)
1200 ___ computer has changed modern life; but remember, ___ computer can't do anything without ___ software. (the, a/the, no article)

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