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English Bingo (for Review)

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Almost all of my students love Bingo. After teaching a few lessons, I play Bingo with them. I can use simple things like numbers, dates, American names (distinguishing between male and female) to test listening & teach pronunciation or I can use class material. In one of my more complex Bingo games, I ask questions requiring students to know nations/nationality, mapping (peninsula, island, North, South (and so on), conversation responses, time (today, yesterday, tomorrow, two days ago, four days from now), months and so on.

I group things together in an organized fashion so students can quickly and easily find them. For example, Nation/Nationality are all together under the N's. At any rate, any matieral that you teach can fit into the Bingo game. It becomes a good review for students who want to learn English and a good lesson for students who want to win the game. I reward the winner with extra points. I don't penalize them for telling the answers because students (hopefully) are listening and learning. I try to make some of the topics easy so everyone can play and some more difficult contingent upon familiarity with previous class material.

In addition to a Bingo game (about $6.00), English Bingo requires a key for the teacher and a sheet of paper with the answers for the students. For my first lesson one semester, I required students to pick an American name and took care of other administrative matters. I didn't have time for a full fledged lesson so we played Bingo. I used the list of names, said a name and the students had to find it on the list of names separated by male/female. The names were numbered B1-15, I16-30 and so on. They learned pronunciation and beaome familiar with American names.

Good luck.
Chinju, South Korea

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