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Grammar Dimensions 1

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I am not trying to sell anything to you, I just want to comment on the book Grammar Dimensions 1 - I love it. It is written with the needs of both students and teachers in mind. It is user-friendly, thorough and does a superior job of contextualizing grammar in activities across all skills.

It is the first in a series. I haven't used the whole series, just Grammar Dimensions 1. Unlike other grammar books I have used, it doesn't need a lot of additional/supplementary material or activities because it is so complete. It is not intimidating to students because of its practicality. Students don't dread the exercises and see the relevance of them.

I am sad to say that I don't use this book at my current school, but I take ideas from it all the time. If you are teaching beginning students, check it out!

Tricia O'Neill

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