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Happy and you Know it - refresher

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I find that one of the most terrifying things is when you are completely done with the lesson and you still have 10 minutes to go, and reviewing the lesson would go over about as well as giving an inspirational talk on how marching on the Trail of Tears was great for the Native Americans quads, calves, and burning unwanted pounds... it wouldn't go well.
So what I've found is, or remembered is the Happy and you Know it song... and it works great on young kids and self-conscious teen agers.
You remember: If you happy and you know it clap your hands....blah blah. Well change it around.

I've used:
happy - pat your gut
sad - cry boo hoo
scared - scream in terror
tired - go to sleep (they go crazy when you fall asleep in mid-sentence)
angry - growl out loud
hungry - eat you hand
etc... you get the idea

Start this off with doing variations of the happy faces on the chalk board to introduce the vocabulary and you'll find those last ten minutes flying by like a greased up monkey being shot from a cannon (don't TPR that).

Good Luck

Sean Seidell
Currently of Tainan, Taiwan

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