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I try to enforce the positive whenever possible. Stickers are the cheapest,
and quickest way to get results for my elementary and middle school classes.
At the beginning of the term I give each student a little notebook to collect
their stickers in. For every 5 stickers, they get a small candy treat, say five
skittle candies. The student at the end of the session who has the most stickers
gets a bigger treat...a whole bag of candies.
This works well with a reward jar of small toys too. Each toy has a sticker
amount value so the students can see exactly how many stickers they will need
to get that toy. I usually give stickers out very generously for good
behaviors so that each student gets a chance to "purchase" his or her toy at
the end of a two week period. This one is a bit more expensive, so I only
use it for really difficult classes. Towards the middle of the term,
I gradually change over to the candy or just sticker reward system. It helps
with addition and subtraction too.
I also find that the age old star chart is good too, but I go one step further
and enlist the help of the parents. When I send home the star charts every
two weeks, I ask the parents to really make a fuss over them and do something
special with their child as a reward for such great behavior in class. Believe
it or not, parents enjoy participating with their kids. Give these a try
and let me know how they do. Teach from the heart and have fun!

Kimberly Ko
South Korea

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