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Here is another Idea how we can use the Internet into our classroms.
Ask them to go to the Internet and find you a good hotel in London, near the HydePark, price range between 50- 90 Pounds, has a car parking, all rooms have direct dial phone, cable tv, minibar.
After you give this assignment just give them a clue how they can reach these information. ( Write "Hotels in London" in the window of a search tool and get a list of hotels in London) You can even add road description in this exercises, because mst of the hotel's site there is a map. Ask them how to get to the nearest metro station from that hotel.
That is a wonderful exercises I ve done that several times, Of course I asked them to find me a hotel in Istanbul it worked very well.
Have great Day,
If you have any questions write me I have tons of Internet ideas.
Have great day
Deniz Tore

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