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I use food a lot as a topic of discussion, maybe because I love to cook, maybe becasue I live in Italy. One unit that I have found very effective, particularly with adult classes is to start by asking students to name foods that people eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I usually include readings about foods in various cultures (my students are fascinated by British and American breakfasts.) I also include a rousing game of 20 questions, with different foods as the item to guess. I put the students into groups and ask them to prepare a list of foods, the more exotic the better. Then I ask them to prepare a list of questions they can refer to while playing. I also inform them that only questions correctly formed can be considered. A great deal of self-correction goes on. To finish the unit up, I ask students to bring a recipe (in English) to share with the class and then, ask other students to follow the recipes and preapre the food. It's great fun and a real good opportunity for EFL students, particularly those at lower levels, to work with the language.

Mike Thompson
Bergamo, Italy

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