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'Not what it seems auction'

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For this you need a set of picture cards with objects,animals etc. Tell the class that you are going to auction these objects, and that each student has 100 pounds to spend. Auction the items and keep a note of who bought what, giving the card to the buyer. After a few items have been sold, tell the students what they have really bought, eg, ' you bought a nice house for 90 pounds, but I'm afraid you'll never be able to use it, it is on the edge of a volcano.' 'you thought you bought a butterfly for 20 pounds, but it really is a miniture robot worth thousands of pounds.'

Put students in groups and give them some picture cards. Tell them to think of a surprise like this for each picture, and write them down. Then one person (an auctioneer) from each group will go to another group with the cards and auction them to members of that group. (Teach some useful phrases, eg Do I hear 10? Who'll give me 20? etc.)

When the auctioneer has sold all the cards he tells the story behind each object. As final stage students from different groups can compare their purchases.

Simon Mumford Izmir, Turkey.

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