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Poncho Carrancho

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Poncho Carrancho

(by Ramiro Garcia)

Time: 15 minutes or more

Level: any

Materials: None

Purpose: various review

Instructions: Assign the name of a food to every student and write the names on the board. The teacher is also assigned a food, let's say 'turkey'. Have the students say in a loud voice what they are. The teacher starts the game by saying, "Pancho Carrancho doesn't eat turkey, he eats rice."

The student who is rice has a few seconds to react. Her response should be "No, Pancho Carrancho doesn't eat rice, he eats spaghetti."

verbs: Pancho Carrancho doesn't ______, he _______.
past tense: Pancho Carrancho didn't ______, he _______.
family: Pancho Carrancho looks like his ______
jobs: Pancho Carrancho wants to be a _____.

Name: Ian
Email: [email protected]
Location: Tokyo

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