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Teaching a TOEFL preparation course, there is the need for more than just 'intensive' listening, i.e. listening specific to the test, but also 'extensive', or general listening comprehension activities. I used the 'audio book' (book on tape) of the novel 'Disclosure,' which comprises 4 tapes. This was easily obtainable at the public library. I divided eight sides into two sections each and came up with 16 sets of listening comprehension questions to go with the tapes. If this sounds like a lot of work, it was! But there has to be a way to confirm comprehension, and I personally find that most students hate summary writing and even when they do it, it takes them hours on end. Besides, the TOEFL test doesn't test the writing skill. I assigned the questions as homework and we took them up in class. This can be a nice segue into reading the novel or seeing the movie. Or collecting the bubble gum cards, for that matter. At any rate, my awesomely detailed 16-part TOEFL-style multiple choice question set for 'Disclosure' as read by John Lithgow is available.

Name: David Ayer
Email: [email protected]
Location: Toronto, ON Canada

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